Devs aren't engaging with the community

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  1. Tasogie

    it would be funny if SOE saw just how Square-Inix talks to its fans constantly every day on forums an weekly in video talks. Even the Square-Inix customer support is leaps an bounds Superior to SOE :(...
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  2. LordMondando

    If you were a developer, during PS2's fairly hetric development cycles, what would you gain exactly from coming into the vipers next that is forumside. I do want more engagement as well, but at the same time over time and usage of this place, i've come to realize that blow by blow arguments between the dev team and the community of forumside, is simply not going to happen. Why?

    90% of threads are 'make game so I die less' or 'the game is dying unless you make game like I like'. The other 10% occasionally have some sort of constructive discussion going have to do it around some of the most entitled needy ********, the internet is yet to see. Its the complete lack of positions presented rationally and fallible. You want higher TKK (just one example, you might as well name any section of game mechanics), well then that's the way the game should be, anyone who disagree's is an idiot and/or just wrong. And that's a 'discussion'. Its like 'polemicist: THE GAME' where any admission of fault or consideration of the opposing position looses points and any sort of retort however, vapous so long as its out there gains points.

    Moreoever, Patch 20 minutes late, severs not up yet. Lets start a thread to ***** about it!

    Community on here needs to behave a hell of a lot better. Less trolling, more civility. Occasionally admitting your wrong. If all of these were to at least be attempted by more than a handful of regular posters, maybe they would wander in more often as opposed to engaging with us, in a manner that normally makes like a Stalin era public denunciation look pleasant.
  3. Jex =TE=

    Forums slow down when people don't play the game.
  4. WalrusJones

    Square Enix is basically one of the top studios (Well, Umbrellas really) for being chill.

    Not fair man.
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  5. Bloodwod

    At least this isn't GW2. The Dev's there only answer questions on Reddit.
  6. Gavyne

    Planetside 2 devs do a good job I think. On the forums we've gotten good insight from Cycles & Code monkey with regards to the technical aspects of the game. Every friday night there's FNO, which I've been watching every Friday since I saw 1 episode way back when the game launched. Not many games have devs that stream live shows, showcasing the game, interact with Outfits, answer questions, and give sneak peaks of upcoming things. I would recommend watching FNO if you want to interact with the devs.

    Now what's lacking a bit is the communication from design & balance teams. I think people want devs to talk to them about game's balance. Also while I dislike twitter myself, I can understand why they use it. For one, twitter is growing, it's not going anywhere. Twitter will get their words out to thousands more people instantly if people follow their twitter feeds. Secondly twitter keeps responses short, so they can ask a question, and don't have long winded answers to read as twitter limits your responses to 140 characters. So personally I accept their use of twitter. But I do wish they would communicate on the forums a bit more often in addition to twitter feeds.

    One thing I greatly dislike following people on twitter is that they tweet things unrelated to the game, when the only reason I'm following them is to get planetside 2 news. Higby's known to make comments unrelated to the game, and it's times like that when I wish I wasn't following his tweets.
  7. Suroped

    Can we have some info on other NS weapons? Looking forward to heavy pistol footage in Command Center.
  8. KodanBlack

    I like the idea of making IR/NV "goggles" a utility cert. I mean, this is 2013, and damn near all of our troops use NV goggles in low light conditions. I would think that IR/NV would be a common ocular implant in military forces four centuries from now. However, that would DRASTICALLY change the way that the game plays.

    I'm not saying it should be implemented, I'm simply saying that I like the idea.
  9. Wobberjockey

    hey, i said most, not all.

    for it's size SOE interacts with us far more like a indie game dev than it's size would indicate it should
  10. Rhinzual

    I'll give you that.
  11. Trucky

    This is the current state of aircraft. And then they're adding more rocket launchers. gg
  12. Bill Hicks

    What ? I have gained new appreciation for sony over these past couple months. Now they may not be all cuddly and joking with us like say Ghostcrawler at Blizzard, but seem to listen to our suggestions.
  13. Josh Developer

    Yep, we're listening. And no, legal doesn't review every post :).
  14. Jaes

    Go play games like Combat Arms or games from Perfect World International. SOE is doing a fantastic job at keeping engaged with the community. While it's sad they don't post nearly as much on these forums as they should and pretty much force you to get Twitter or pay attention to Reddit for news, it's a helluva lot better than most companies do for their player base.
  15. Ash87

    Yeah, I see much more interaction from SOE than I do from many others. Most of the games I've played the devs pull support by saying absolutely nothing for 4 years.
  16. NinjaTurtle


    They are a lot more vocal about things than companies like Bethesda. They seem pretty open to me
  17. HellasVagabond

    All things aside we all know you "lurk" here Matt but come on man you are ruining the game....Nerfing things that you should is fine by me but you end up nerfing everything, even things that were UP to begin with (just check the MBT/ESF stats and you will see how much you are killing the NC)......I know that at the end of the day whether your people do a good job or not they will get paid (unless the game gets so much FUBAR that we all stop playing) but do think of our nerves a bit as well......I know it's not easy to fix such a complex game but some things are just black and white.
  18. Javelin

    I don't think there has been a single dev post in the suggestions section.
  19. Trucky

  20. Cowboyhomer

    Why not lurk the other forums and post here instead of the opposite?