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    want to get the cheaters out I do i cant even get out of the spawn room with out sum aim botr hed caping me so i got sum ideas on keeping them out step 1 make sum servers that u cant join in les u pad into the game over 5 buks ish or have a BR/lvl 50 +. i cant see a cheater paying 5 buks just to go to a clean server just to get busted and pay again and no way in hell they will triy to get to BR 50+ with out cheating. wen u add server switching this will be the right time to do this. just think of all the money u will make of sum dumb rich cheat bag getting busted on the cheater fee servers over and over again its win win step 2 just take hed shots out off the game its cool that u did it but we got helmets don't we. u ever see a olde army helmet u can unload on it with a AK and not even dent it and im sick of cheaters hed popping me. just say we got helmets DEVs. or may be do face shots wen u get the cheat bags out. and i no u r busting them but thay just keep coming back. so pleeessss rolle up sum non cheater server that pepl cant join till they get past BR 50 or playd in over 5 buks. i bin playing snits alfa so sorry for being ranty i got sum pent up rage at cheat bags
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