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  1. Eerean

    Continent lock alert timer and alert rewards are messed up

    so an alert just triggered on Amerish, with the VS having 77 points already, so there was no way you could prevent a continent lock within 30min. Realizing that neither NC nor TR actually started to fight on that continent. If that is intended...well then it just sucks.

    Some notes on the alert rewards..
    - i was dead at the time of continent lock..and didnt get any rewards even though i was playing the full alert
    - i just redeployed to a base with no enemies 2 min before continent lock and also didnt get any reward even though i was participating the rest of the alert

    if that is really intended then at least give us a head up.. its really frustrating to play the alert..never knowing if u get anything or not

    It also seemed when the alert started a lot of ppl just switched factions (more then 10% server pop difference) so they might get a loot box. Seems to me thats the way to do it now which is really sad.
  2. AkumaTora

    After hotfix, the game doesn't even load at all... This is getting too unstable, just wasted my membership time because i couldn't login. I do not think I will be spending any more money on this game. I suppose it's time to look at a new game....
  3. Blam320

    Ouch. You do realize warping to another continent stabilizes the game, right? It might take a few tries, but leaving just because of this is a bit extreme, don't you think?
  4. TheMerc

    Mepps, Aug 16, 2017 Report Alerts tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo . Short.. 1 hr plz
  5. AtckAtck

    There is nothing messed up, the system works the way it was intended.

    To me it seems like you don't understand how the system works yet, as do many other players from what i have seen live until today.

    There are always two conditions that have to be fulfilled:
    - gain at least 41% territory.
    - refine 25000 Units of cortium with active hives.

    Then an alert will trigger and you then must hold at least 36% of the territory until the 30 minutes are over.
    If you fail your refined cortium gets deleted and there will be no lock.

    So if you have 77% already but everyone is too stuipid to build an effective hive, then of course there will be no alert until the 2nd criteria is met.

    Taking the time to read the patch notes really helps, it is all explained there.
    It i really a shame to humanity as a whole, that even this simple system seem to still be too complex for a lot of players.
    Pure stupdity at its best...
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  6. Asic

    The end effect after winning the alert is disappointing - it only lasts some 30 seconds, if even - it should stay permanent after the continent locks. Secondly, I've not seen a carrier even once in 10+ won/lost alerts. As for the tanks - now are much worse, e.g. main gun dmg output can be exactly the same as harraser, and trajectory drop is pretty useless now at distance (especially vs said harraser), unless you are Vanu, of course, you can be as quick as harasser, and what is gravity drop anyway? This means Only Vanu gained advantage of being able to snipe away other tanks that can't respond with fire because these magriders scaled Olympus Mons some most remote and inaccessible peak in sight.
  7. Who Garou

    Not sure what the light show and fleet carriers are all about if they don't actually do anything.

    Is there any reason that the fleet carriers aren't targeting all the enemy troops and destroying them?
    At least all the enemy vehicles and infantry that are above ground?

    Heck, I wouldn't feel to bad if I was killed in the splash damage of orbital strikes taking out the remainder of the enemy forces on the continent.

    To hard to target?
    The game already knows where all the enemy targets are.
    Hit the highest population areas first and then take out the rest, if it takes 10 minutes for the game to 'eradicate" all the enemy on the continent then at least the fleet carriers would be doing their job.

    I'm all for running around on a locked continent from time-to-time, but ...
  8. Blam320

    The lasers raining down from the sky are all Orbital Strikes. So they do actually do something, but you were probably too far away for any of them to deal damage.
  9. Who Garou

    So maybe they DO something, but my point is that they should DO more and make it seem like more of a complete victory.
  10. Who Garou

    Do silos simply stop refining Cortium when the Alert limit is reached?
    -or- do they continue to consume Cortium in the refining process?

    If they Silo's continue to burn Cortium after refinement is completed, I think it should be of some benefit to the refining faction.

    I'm unsure of what this should be because I understand that the intent of the new update is to push "territory control" back to the forefront of Alerts and, therefore, game-play in general.

    One idea I had as that once a faction has generated 1000 or 10,000 Cortium per faction character on that server that one ISO-4 is generated for each faction character in-game.
    Maybe that is too much of a reward. Maybe that would put too much focus on building bases or destroying them.

    I just think I faction should get something if the Silos are still burning Cortium in the refining process if it is no longer working toward attaining the victory conditions.
  11. Gavlad7

    Vanu weapons are broken, suck I never pay in this game, the balance suck!!!!
  12. Blam320

    Salty new player who just died to a C4 fairy, and probs got on the wrong end of a BR 120 VS HA with a lasher. Get used to dying, soldier. It's going to happen to you. All. The. Time.
  13. Eerean

    And to me it seems like u dont even take the time to read comments carefully since u completley missed my point.

    I talked about and already started meltdown alert (meaning the two criteria were already met).
    My point was that when a faction starts the meltdown alert with 77%+ territory points a win becomes near automatic in the 30min you have to prevent it. This is also the very reason the alert timer was now set to 45min.

    So next time u bash people for *their pure stupidity* make sure you are the one not failing completley.
  14. Drsexxytime

    This has been the same way since the game launched. VS has always had EZ-mode no skill weapons and vehicles. Daybreak games, smedley, highby, and then SOE refused to listen to 2/3s of the player base and this is why the game is in the state it's in now with poor PoP. PoP dropped like a rock after launch because of it. VS had PoP advantage all the time because people were sick of losing and would quit, or play VS.

    But DBG screwed up, allowing VS to go unchanged, sentencing the game into a premature mediocrity that it's been in since launch year.

    Anyways. Really enjoyed playing on Esamir all day, and I mean all day. It was fun. So fun. Not once did I think "I'm so sick of this map already." Not once. Nope. Not, once.. at all.
  15. jplustosa

    You have to fix the bug when it is going to change the gamemability of the game buga is at the maximum there does not have to pack needs to tidy up?
  16. roger0

    cortium refinement should reward more points to make the base building system more prominent. Battles are usually fought over territory, which gets boring after awhile. It should be split 5 points cortium and 5 points territory.
  17. kriotip

    I do not know where to ask a question, so I'll write it here. How can I transfer my account with a character from one server to another?
  18. bilal

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