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  1. BlackTerrier

    if they nerf all nc lmg´s then they are allowed to nerf our lashers not earlyer !
  2. Tiali

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  3. Bostonlethargics

    Have you considered turning the CTF-mechanic into a secondary objective? Activating an in base spawn or disabling a shield by depositing a conduit somewhere could be cool to play around with.
  4. Telifex

    First of all, I love the attitude.

    Secondly, Feedback.

    The last 10 years have had developers trying to add new things to spice up the game, and while appreciated, the lack of polish and integration is planetside 2s biggest weakness.

    I'd propose focusing on 3 areas

    1) Refine the core game loop. Make sure that every base, on every continent is interesting and engaging to play. Consider removing or reducing things like vehicle capture points, and adding more interactive base elements like Shield gates or CTC nodes as in this post. Consider reducing the complexity to focus on the fun.

    2) Get involved in playing your game. Force yourselves to play or stream, even if its just weekends. Even if its just the test server. Make your players feel seen, and feel out your changes for yourself.

    3) Rework Inaccessible Elements. Inaccessibility of content increases player frustration and reduces how deeply invested someone can get into the game. Redo the air controls and combat to make it fun for newer players. Unlock more construction components by default. You will gain more revenue and player investment in the long run.

    Profit relies on a longer term vision than short form content and balances, and player temperaments take a long time to change. Don't be afraid to invest in infrastructure and changes that come to fruition over time.

    Thank you for reading.

  5. CommanderTherius

    Greetings and Salutations Planetside 2 developement team:

    I know you want your veteran players back as much or more than i do. So i am going to do you a big favor, free of charge, and show you exactly how to do so. I watched all of the veteran players leave and i know exactly why they left, since i played regularly with many of them (some of the best harasser drivers and valkrie pilot and small teams operators in the game):

    1. harasser and valkrie nerfs: many vets left the game
    2. nerfs to many well performing and balanced implants combined with many weapon nerfs across all factions (esp cobalt a goto sundie infantry defense weapons: all factions) : more vets left
    3. Ant nerf: more vets left
    4. Oshur disaster: more vets left
    5. not addressing a broken class Main Ability that persisted for years : infiltrator broken cloaking: many vets left
    6. not addressing extreme hacking issues that have persisted for so long: many players left
    7. Max Nerf: more vets left and left angry and if you go and watch the youtube posts of the brutally honest they tell you why they left angry:
    8. because your lead Developer got personal with his development and started nerfing, unnecessarily, according to his playstyle and began not just frustrating veterans but actually enraging many to the point where they wanted planetside and your company to fail and took measures to ensure that. Whether that was intentional on his part or not remains debatable. As well many of these veterans took many other players with them since they were either leaders of outfits or very influential players within their outfit.
    9. removal of land bridge between Ti-alloys where some of the most epic battles the game has ever seen took place: was also very foolish
    10. i hope you see a common theme here: your lead developer was taking elements of the game that not only worked but made the game what it was (that kept veterans coming back for more for years) and ripped them out according to 'favoritism': and the VETS would still be here if someone had put a stop to it sooner.
    11. i could go on and i could get painfully specific, but everyone knows what i am saying and A VAST MAJORITY OF THE VETS AGREE WITH IT (i know because many of the vets i played with left for one or more of these reasons)

    So i am skipping allot of TLDR material and getting directly to the point here (and i know these are not the only reasons vets left): the way you get many vets to return to your game is simple: you have to ROLLBACK-WREL, PERIOD and ADMIT THE MISTAKE TO THE COMMUNITY. and get your content creators back somehow ( i mean they would rather play that trash game battlebit than planetside, come on guys big mistakes here, own it)

    I can also help you going forward with profit-making ideas that would without a doubt make planetside 2 profitable again (having started and successfully run several companies as a ceo prior to my retirement) : feel free to contact me regarding my consultation rates.
  6. MaxDamage

    "7. Max Nerf: more vets left and left angry and if you go and watch the youtube posts of the brutally honest they tell you why they left angry"

    I have hated the steady stream of MAX nerfs, but since they reduced the cost to 350, they kind of work as their more disposable current interpretation.

    I actually don't hate them now. As a former (and much loathed) "MAX main".

    I don't love Oshur, but I was with EVERYONE else in support of Oshur islands returning in some form, and they actually threw in some form of naval combat which was long requested.. since 2003 really.

    They worked hard to give us something different, something new, and let's not forget: requested.

    For me, as a non-sweaty vet, I just want to be able to play Indar or Esamir. If both are out of circulation, so am I.
    Cont rotations are necessary to clear up construction mess, but yeah.

    In giving us more variety, we oddly have less "choice".

    Played a little bit recently for the first time in a while and.. it's still a great game. Still unique.

    What would you actually suggest though? Other than complaining.

    Harasser nerf was so overdue.. they were absolute joy stealers for the majority of players.
  7. SvenC

  8. SvenC

    This could be fixed if they stop the faction that is cut off from taking back any points, effectively allowing the other 2 to battle it out for the base. This would push the cut off faction to secure a new connection after their base is lost!

  9. CommanderTherius

    I don't love Oshur, but I was with EVERYONE else in support of Oshur islands returning in some form, and they actually threw in some form of naval combat which was long requested.. since 2003 really:

    EVERYONE was not supportive of Oshur, inclusive of ALL THE VETERAN PLAYERS that left because of it.

    What would you actually suggest though? Other than complaining:

    My suggestion was clear and concise: ROLLBACK-WREL; and My post was not a complaint but an experiential STATEMENT OF FACT.

    but all is forgiven, since i am assuming english is your second language and the cause of YOUR MISUNDERSTANDING


    Commander Therius
    "choose to opt-in on QUIET AND STILLNESS more often"
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