[Developers] Are there any plans to resurrect Construction System?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RiP0k, May 21, 2024.

  1. RiP0k

    And the Fortification update doesn't live up to its name.
    Straw is a poor material for fortifications.
    We are builders and not sprinters who must run for 5 minutes each time when building a new base.
    Due to the lack of an AI module, nothing prevents Infils from hacking the equipment terminal and destroying the base from the inside.
    Previously, it was possible to install an anti-vehicle turret to keep an eye on the vehicle spawn site.
    Also, the base is not protected from the destruction of Silo by aircraft, when previously the role of protection was performed by a turret with an AI module.
    The new system of modules is garbage while the structures are straw glued together with nanites.
    Why am I, as a builder, forced to leave the game because YOU made the builder's gameplay process literally unplayable.

    Everyone who says that this is ok is not actually using construction for its intended purpose, namely the creation of outposts and bases for the appearance of allies.
    Or they just hate the Construction System itself and, or the builders.

    I'm just upset by your attitude towards builders.
    It turns out that ALapidis simply wasted his time creating new structures, because at the moment they are just garbage.
  2. Gyallarhorn

    You are meant to build fortifications and MAN them, not build auto turrets.

    I wholeheartedly agree that the building system needs improvements. BIG improvements, but not auto turrets. If you want your base to be safe, defend it. If you are always alone, find like minded players, create or join an outfit and defend your outposts yourself, instead of relying on AI.

    I found at many occasions that other players are very willing to protect a base that actually serves a purpose other than it's builder's desire to play minecraft.
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  3. RiP0k

    I'm not saying we need to bring back AI. I'm saying that now nothing prevents you from hacking the terminal.
  4. AuricStarSand

    Mostly everything is stronger.
    your main 2 issues you brought up is aircraft; which my silos almost never die to aircraft, even libs don't shoot my silos ever.

    yet I don't build command centers so maybe aircraft are shooting your command center?
    as far as all the other items, ye aircraft ignore my silos always.

    & hacking terms? which I don't build a vehicle term always,
    so I'm not gonna say much there, other than maybe not allow
    infils to hack silo terms? as the solution.
    else make hacking a silo term take x4 the time to hack.

    fyi bug: sometimes rehacking makes it so now I need 20k cort to use my own air term.

    you still got a ton of items and stronger walls. Also how is 1 guy hacking your term destroying your base? I just was in a vanguard with 2 other vanguards, and 2nd gunners, it took all 3 of us Vanguards; 30 seconds to kill one gate shield.

    one gateshield which doesn't even have a durability module like regular walls do. & still took us awhile to shoot down. How is 1 lightning tank killing your entire base o.o. If 3 Vanguards take awhile to kill 1 gateshield wall.

    Maybe if the guy is using mines + cortium bomb module + bulldog sunderer solo, yet I've never faced a troll like that yet.
    The only time I felt cort bomb module strat was op, was when 3 LA vets jumped my silo once.
    They still had to hide a invis sunderer near a hossin tree, that I coulda found.

    Also the spotting spire tells you the guy is at your base. So you just redeploy when the spire tells you.
  5. Gyallarhorn

    How about YOU prevent it by sitting at your base.

    And if you don't want to do that, because it's boring and nobody spawns at your base... maybe your base wasn't that useful to begin with.
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  6. TRspy007

    I think they should make construction terminals unhackable. And/or add pain spires or something that affects infils and makes them visible. Currently a single infil can torture a base. There's so many hiding spots, and it's just a constant game of cat and invisible mouse which is super annoying. Really the worst part of construction, or actually the game in general is dealing with infils.

    They really need to rework infils or at least add counters for the class in construction. I feel preventing construction terminals from being hacked would be a start, and then maybe something to help locate infils or deter them from harassing a base. That would solve one of the biggest issues with construction imo.
  7. RiP0k

    2+ infils simply start spamming vehicles from your terminal and causing damage to the spawn point, when the vehicle is destroyed they again run to the terminal and repeat all the actions. You will not have time to react to this, and having lost your rebirth point, you lose your base. And when there are 4+ of them, it’s simply impossible to stop. The terminal cannot be destroyed so that the enemy cannot act like this. Or when these 3+ trolls simply take lightning from the nearest base and shoot straight at the CC, from which it is destroyed quickly, this is nonsense. Or do you think that it is necessary that the player is not alone and that you must be at the base all the time? I think this is not correct. The base does not cause damage to the enemy so that it can be destroyed so easily. The bases are simply not able to face the battle because of such trolls, spoiling the game for the builders. I’m already silent about those 3 times when the entire Galaxy landed on my base and destroyed my base in a minute. You will say that the base should not be able to be protected by 1 person. And I will say that otherwise you will not see normal bases, because few people build together. Even fewer are reborn at the base to protect it. The longer the base is destroyed, the greater the chance that more people will come to the defense. No one is defending it because people don't want to be the insides of a piñata.
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  8. RiP0k

    The battles are moving. One way or another, your base will become irrelevant. There are trolls always and everywhere, just waiting for you to leave. The same goes for tanks spamming from far away.
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  9. TRspy007

    Sitting at a base or sunderer to defend it from lone clowns isn't really fun and engaging gameplay. Most people even if the spawn/base is useful won't even defend it. They just spawn, take a vehicle or whatever they need and leave. Especially at a base, people rarely bother to defend it. I'm guilty of this as well, since the gameplay is just so awful I'd rather have fun and lose the base than to waste my time defending it. They need to make the construction gameplay more engaging, in line with the mmo fps experience.

    I have done this before to help since I would pull vehicles (back when they were free) from this guys base. Hours of just searching for infil, killing him easily, then a few minutes later he's back and repeat. Dodging mines and running back and forth to unhack terminals and stabilize modules while searching for something that's invisible. typically these players aren't very good either so it's not even a fun duel when you finally catch them. It's literally the worst mind numbing gameplay ever, practically stat-padding. It's supposed to be a first person shooter, not a hide and seek simulator. Preventing infils from owning bombs and maybe adding a feature where modules can only be overloaded if there's a connected lattice, like generators at a normal base might help as well.
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  10. Gyallarhorn

    Then leave the base once it has become irrelevant. Who cares if they destroy an irrelevant base. Don't get attached. You are a builder after all. A builder keeps building. Build a new base that is relevant. Play building more like a sunderer, and less like minecraft.

    You have taken the base and are moving to the next? Build a new forward base with infantry and vehicle spawns closer to the enemy base.

    There is a base that your guys just can't push through? Build a base between that base and your next base, so your guys can fall back and slow the enemy down, when they come with an armor column. Your base WILL fall, but you will still delay the enemy push, if you do it right. And if people spawn at your base, and the enemy doesn't just drop a whole platoon by galaxy on the base behind you, you might even destroy the armor column.

    War is like water. It changes it's shape constantly. So your base building needs to go with the flow of the water. (Yes... that was losely taken from Sun Tzu)
  11. RiP0k

    The terrain doesn't allow it. Especially now with new placement restrictions.
  12. Gyallarhorn

    The terrain doesn't ALWAYS allow it. But just like how snipers and tanks are not an effective tool in every base, so are builders. That is just a fact of the game. You need to adapt your playstyle to the situation at hand. Which includes abandoning your irrelevant base and being infantry or tanker for some time, before the next opportunity for a relevant base arises.

    But let me add again, that I am still in favor of improving the building system. Wall snapping and less restrictions on the placement of walls (deeper into the ground) would make building a base faster, easier and more efficient at keeping infils out, because we wouldn't have to think about gaps between our walls anymorel.
  13. RiP0k

    Any base cannot now exist in battle without the Citadel shield. Which just makes your layout useless because the damage doesn't go through the kurol. And without it, the same CC is destroyed by tanks in half a minute with heavy repairs installed and repairs from an engineer. In total, taking into account your opinion, the bases are not suitable for existence outside of combat, as well as in combat.
  14. TRspy007

    We're talking about bases here not hardlight barriers. Bases take a long time to build. Harvesting the cortium, filling the silo, placing stuff, putting modules. Really you can easily spend 30 minutes to an hour building a base, that will barely be used 5 minutes. All this time you're vulnerable while the base is being constructed or while you're in your ant looking for cortium. Plus you have placement restrictions for certain deployables like silo or os, and cortium isn't everywhere. So it's really not a quick and easy feat to build a new base, by design they're not meant to go with the flow of battle. It's one of the reasons I don't bother playing construction, you'll spend hours building a base by the time you're done the front lines have shifted completely and your base just ends up abandoned or destroyed by a random infil.

    To play construction like a sunderer, they would have to rework it so it can be quickly setup and moved. This is not the case.
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  15. chamks

    for all those who say that your suppose to baby sit your base you clearly havnt built anything in your life. collecting kortioum 30 mins, building a base another 40 mins, a base that suppose to be a non-objective safe heaven for your empire, that you spent ******** of work and time into, is not something you need to sit in as a stalker, waiting for the other stalker to come and destroy it. its not something that need to be SNIPED FROM 200M by an infiltrator in lighting. its suppose to be tanky, reward you and allow you to move to the next base with your spawn router or sundy. and the chore to build now is just unbearable.
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  16. Gyallarhorn

    It can be set up quickly. You don't even need that much cortium. What would you need so much cortium for?
    Fill your ant, pick a silo, fill your and again, drive to the location, place the silo and start building the stuff you need. Mostly a spawn and vehicle spawner. Add some walls if the area allows it, to have a defensive position... if that takes you 30 minutes, you are wasting time on building pieces you don't need. Flails are useless in many bases. Command Centers don't provide anything and are just a big target most of the time. Turrets can be useful though. As can the router spire. But you can set up all the important stuff in mere minutes.

    And since your base will be obsolete once your faction has moved on, why waste so much time building a big base with all that useless stuff?

    Build a base according to the needs of the battle, which mostly will be spawn and vehicle spawn.
  17. AuricStarSand

    Woah. I totally forgot about pain spires. heh. Kinda miss those. I know they were noob traps. Still sweet.

    I see. Then yes. + vote for unhackable terms.
    tbh we don't need to hack terms, I can just drive there

    As for anti galaxy. guess the silo, spawn tube, and rebirth need more resist to air.
    Since they won't want to give AA turret flak, even tho someone asked. Might deter air too much.

    a reminder to simplify your problems with a system before sayings its all nanites.

    well that's why I want the silo to have 4 module slots, where as the silo is used for the skyshield mod and not the rebirth center for the mod. Since silo is able to be built everywhere. Then they'll just need to buff spawn tube hp.

    Listening to " A Way of Life " - The Last Samurai.

    As for bases like water. I mean I get both of your perspectives. I've been building silos lately and teaching my empire to try the meta of " flash silos " lately. Where they just build a silo, a router, & that's it. Between 3 bases. & they all listened; they built like 6 silos around crossroads right after. *smile*

    On the other hand not everyone wants to play like that & Ripok has neat organized bases years. So his style is fine.
    For now; just build the vehicle terminal outside your walls. So they can't gateshield ability you at least, & have to use LA. Then c4 their bus outside your walls.

    Use your AV turret to shoot Galaxies, with a heavy repair mod. Use ambusher jet to jump to set the heavy repair mod as soon as the gal shows. You can also use heavy repair mod on the rebirth center, to counter the gal, since fortress shield won't.

    Then block the entire silo off with with walls, don't even use a gateshield. Just walls only, no vehicles enter. How to deposit cortium? Just have a 1 foot wall gap corner, to feed the silo. They at least won't be able to lightning shell anything inside the walls. Even if one lightning figures out your gap, 2 won't.
    Also you know which direction to smoke barrel + c4 them if they find the gap.

    if you want to build remotely, and have no team support. You're gonna have to spam invite a 12 man squad, which only takes 30 seconds to get, ez to get 12 guys for a pub squad. I spam invite people few times per day. Then steele rain them to defend when the enemy shows. Solo outfit, is able to save enough blue, to steele rain 4 times per day. & if you join a outfit, you can steele rain up to 20 times per day. Try 1COG outfit.
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  18. TRspy007

    You're talking about a personal cheap vehicle or router pull while we're talking about an actual base for your faction.

    I'm aware you can throw down a silo and a routing spire in 5mins, I wouldn't exactly call that a base though. If you want to put proper defenses and have it accessible to your team, it takes time. Just setting up the modules everywhere takes 10-15minutes lol

    If there's less then 20k in the silo, your team can't pull vehicles. Not to mention it drains the base pretty quick if people spawn in and pull vehicles. That's without even factoring the constant draining from modules, etc and the fact if you've got enough cortium to unlock the silo random teammates can start placing random stuff everywhere which consumes cortium and messes with the base design.

    This is the issue. If you're building a personal base, yeah you can throw down a silo and a spawn tube in a few minutes. It'll be destroyed easily, and is of little use to your faction, unless you're placing a router. A router which has very limited range. If you want to build a base your team can use, it takes a lot of time and effort for little to no reward.

    Like you said half the items are useless, especially if you are building a base just for yourself. The command center is extremely expensive, hard to place and takes years to build only to be instantly destroyed since it acts like a shot magnet. If no one's shooting it there's an infil hiding around hacking and rehacking the terminals. It's absolutely infernal. Why have these items then. I'm guilty of this, but having unlocked every item in construction, it's a bit annoying that I only use the same 4 - silo, air term, router, spawn tube. And while my team does benefit from the router sometimes, it's not a base my team can use and it can easily be destroyed. Also note it has to be rebuilt basically in each hex, due to it's extremely limited range. It's faster to drive a bus than show up with your router at the last few minutes of a fight.

    Basically the issue with construction is that it doesn't integrate itself with the game, and on top of that it's mechanics and the gameplay it generates are extremely stale and annoying. It's a chore no one wants to do, and that typically ends up being useless. They tried to shoehorn it with the outdoor points in empty plot of lands made for pmbs, and I can count the number of fun fights I've had at these bases on 1 finger. It's just not something that fits into the gameplay, but if they're gonna force it on us like on esamir or oshur where half the lattice is just these empty things that never produce fun fights or fights at all for that matter, they should at least rework the mechanics to make construction a bit more enjoyable.
  19. Gyallarhorn

    I agree that reworks are needed.

    What I am saying is that people don't work with what they have according to the circumstances, they want the circumstances to change to favor what they want to do. And that will most likely never happen.

    The little "flash bases" are currently the way to go, if you want to use construction in the game in a way that's beneficial to your team. And often times your team is too effective and they take a base and move on before your base is properly set up. But that's just how the game is. To change that, we would have to change the basic gameplay loop. We would have to make it so bases can't be taken too quick, thus potentially ruining the balance and fun in alerts.

    We could add building pieces that affect it. For example I am in favor of a spire that prolongs the time it takes to take over a hex. But that would potentially only make it so that a tank column has something to do, while the infantry are playing the base normally. Nothing is really improved then. Especially because your own guys won't defend your base, they will be in the hex base, trying to defend it against the enemy infantry.

    The fortresses you want to build are just not... useful. It's fun to build one, yes, but they just don't really help your team. They don't fit into the gameplay and making it so they would, would have drastic consequences and most likely only lead to tank columns spending more time destroying them. And if the bases themselves get buffed, we have the potential to make them too powerful.

    Never forget that this game works very differently depending on the number of players in your hex. An armor column with 12 heavy tanks will obliterate your base. But if we buff bases according to that, then the bases are suddenly an immovable object when there are only 12 players total in the hex and just two of them brought a tank.

    The potential to break things is very big here. So I would implore you to find ways to use what we have in a useful way instead of demanding that what you want to do is made useful.