Developer Thread: QoL Changes

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  1. Rovertoo

    I think that the LA's jetpack animations are a bit rough, they could stand to be smoothed somewhat. (also, QOL for LAs in general could be a buff to Jetpack refuel speed, but I feel this may not be the exact focus of this thread)
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  2. Alarox

    Feature: EOD HUD range scaling when in a vehicle.

    Reason: EOD HUD III only has a 20m range when in a vehicle which isn't enough time to react to tank mines. With all vehicles your stopping distance exceeds 20m and you simply can't turn away in time. Also, I'm fairly certain that EOD HUD's detect range starts at the camera rather than at the front of the vehicle (so the range is actually less than 20m by default).
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  3. Alarox

    Feature: Allow Nanites overflow to auto-resupply consumables OR add manual resupply.

    Reason: When you're in the middle of a fight and hit 750 nanites you can't simply spawn in as another class to resupply your consumables. Any resources passed the 750 are wasted.
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  4. Ascythian

    Feature: More AA Weapons

    Reason: Engineer flak turrets, sams for harassers and laser guided g2a missile launchers, would add variety to aa users and develop new skills in combating aircraft, would also shake up the way aircraft users deal with new aa.
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    Feature :Combine ps4 joystick controls with pc ps2 ( I use xbox 360 controler )

    Reason: Joystick controls have been poor since day 1 . Increase your market to all console @ gamers who dont have a ps4 or cant play with a keyboard and mouse also you can play competitive on two of my characters my kd is scotskickass (6.11) @ (8.18) or maybe im just super human lol. I also have a ps4 and i would be happy to test it out since ive been playing ps2 on day 1 using a joystick for infantry , tanking and flying .
  6. DevDevBooday

    Feature: Being able to blacklist people from a platoon while the platoon is active. or perhaps a 3 strike rule (3 kicks out of the platoon and it isnt listed for you anymore)

    Reason: Sometimes when running a platoon you get someone that comes on and trolls other players in the platoon and sometimes uses the platoon to find specific people and teamkill them. Its really annoying that when you kick them they just immediately join again and again and again. And this can carry on for a while. Then you are forced to push all squads close recruitment. Its really frustrating.
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  7. RANDOMpercentage

    Feature: Ability to apply loadout changes to multiple loadouts. Especially for cosmetics.
    Reason: It's annoying, time consuming, and tedious to go through each loadout to apply a new decal or other change. So it would be nice to have an option to change all loadouts for an entire class or vehicle or all loadouts where the change is applicable.
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  8. DevDevBooday

    Feature: Having the hex location of the Sundies that you can spawn in on the deploy screen. Eg. Saying 'Howling Pass' next to the icon. Would be nice

    Reason: Its really annoying when you have 2 or 3 different sundies you can spawn into all at different locations and you arent sure which one is the one at the location you want.
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  9. DevDevBooday

    Feature: Knowing if the person in a vehicle actually OWNS the vehicle. Perhaps make it a certain colour.

    Reason: When you ask each squad to pull a sundie or gal per squad so you have a spawn point and you notice someone is in a sundie or gal you assume they must have pulled one. Then when you go to spawn you find out they just hopped in a different squads gal or sundie and so you actually have no spawn point. There is no distinguishing between a driver and a passenger in squad listings or on the map. Most people dont have mics so asking isnt always an option.
  10. LightningWolfTigrBer

    If this were implemented I'd like the markers to have a toggle in the settings or in-game. I often fly with engagement radar and usually with only a wingmate or two, so I'd rather not have my screen bloated with information I'm not concerned with.
  11. AdmiralArcher

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  12. Zapon

    Feature: Full color palettes on Thermal and IRNV scopes- even more so than the early version of the scope which did have this, (it currently does not show the range as well- and also, for example, people show up as white, not red anymore)

    Reason: The color palettes being increased would allow them to not be blinded out by terrain, and they would serve their role easier.
    Link: goes into detail.

    Feature: Revamped Communication channel system which runs smoother than the current one, and is easy enough and feature-full enough to actually make the multiple outfits out there want to use it over things like teamspeak

    would include
    custom settable channels
    a vehicle channel
    customization ducking for certain channels
    a channel for the upcoming companies to speak across an entire company
    Possibly a separate Command Channel so we have one that speaks across one's faction while on a continent, so it'd be like [Esamir] [Command] along with the usual server wide Command Chat channel we already have

    Reason: Companies are being introduced,

    Also , several outfits prefer using 3rd party systems. This hurts the game because when outfits do this- they then often won't respond over the game comms, and that's forces of a faction that can't easily be called upon for assistance at times- many outfits mute command chat, and end up hurting comms...
    Also, the current system is buggy where the name of the channel you're pushing the button for, suddenly dissapears- and in some big battles , your squad chat might cut out, or your platoon- it needs to be sturdier.

    Link: This one pertains to me bugging others to use the in-game comms more.

    Feature: Allow a modified version of unlocking for vehicles so when you unlock it in a certain way, people NOT in your squad or platoon can drive it- as of now, Unlocked lets only YOU in the driver seat, and ANYONE in the passenger seats- Squad/Platoon let any friendly hop in any set, if and ONLY IF they are in your squad or platoon, and locked- at which point no one can hop in.

    So when I am working with people and want to give my tank to someone in a separate platoon from mine- I can't do it currently.

    Reason: To make it easier to find people to help out when you go tanking or flying or whatever/make it easier to let someone use your vehicle for a bit, etc. Recommend adding this in with re-instating a despawn feature

    Link: No link for this one, but it's out there on the PS2 boards.

    Feature: Frago system similar to the one used in Sony Computer Entertainment's MMOFPS knowns as MAG for the Playstation 3. So, when you put your waypoint at an objective, and people do it- (I would like to see this for PL's and the coming Company leaders in a way, not just Squad Leaders), or select a generator or point and tell your people to go to it, either by putting a waypoint on it, OR holding Q and aiming it and selecting it like the game currently lets you do(which also gives the audio cue to friendlies)

    - when your squad/group/buddies actually cap the point, they get extra points- maybe a percentage- for following orders. Just something that makes it significant to keep going after objectives rather than lone wolf- unless they want to. Another idea along these lines is also something for the leader who issued the order, in some manner- i have not put too much thought into that one- although leaders do need rewards also, as Mapside2 doesn't pay certs too well.

    Reason: To encourage tactical and smart leading , and encourage people to stick together and use teamwork.

    Link: No link for this one either but there's several posts about using something similar to MAG's Fragos- where you get a boost for actually going after objectives selected/near waypoints
  13. AdmiralArcher

    holographic display for Galaxies and Sunderers and liberators and valkeryies

    these would describe the following
    • destination
    • style (casual, objective, competitive, drunk....jk :))
    • Time until lift off
    • objective once at destination (bombardment, tactical insertion, and point recapture)
    this i think would encourage people to use galaxies more as a nub and a lone wolf because you will actually know where they are going.
  14. AdmiralArcher

    grenade phsyics really need to be fixed, currently they bounce all over the place, and if you are in the process of throwing a grenade while getting shot and killed, the grenade will often not throw but you will still loose the resources

    i dont know of any links of this

    id also love a retro liberator skin
    ....i have a lib re-work thread somewhere....but its not really what i have in mind...i just want a lib that looks like the old lib :)
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  15. FBVanu

    Feature: Let Battle Ranks continue, eternally.

    Reason: Why stop at BR100? What are looking forward to after we achieve that?

    Feature: Let Auraxium Medals continue.

    Reason: Why stop at 1 medal? Why not achieve Auraxium 2, or 120 ?? There is something to achieve.

    Feature: Install ADR

    Reason: KDR is nice, but Achievement Death Ratio would actually be better indicator for "value" of each player.
    Link: oh well, there is an old thread, over a year old, somewhere here in the forum.. will look for it and post again.

    Feature: Provide Ribbon/Certs for certain number of vehicle class kills
    i.e.: 10 tank kills = ribbon, 10 ESF kills = ribbon or whatever number you like.

    Reason: There used to be a place called "achievements', on our player website.(where did that go?). achievements keep the player base engaged. SOE already has all the data, this should be quick and easy to implement.

    Or, make it even easier: Ribbon for Ground Vehicle Kills, and another for Air Vehicle Kills..
    No matter how you blow it up, if occupied or not. Kill 10 or 15 vehicles, earn something.
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  16. Lilium Atratum

    Feature/Bug: Spawning at wrong place

    Reason: It was supposely fixed, but it is not. People still spawn at wrong places rather than expected. Moreover the spawn system often prevents you to respawn where you were before, often leading to a series to respawns required or picking a vehicle just to get there.

    Feature/Bug: More spawn options.

    Reason: Current spawn system is unintuitive from the user's perspective. "I can spawn there... or, now I can't"
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  17. FBVanu

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  18. Iridar51

    Here's some ideas, from most important to least important:

    1) Bug: Light Assault's Jet Pack sometimes disables itself for a couple of seconds when throwing a grenade. Tapping the spacebar during throw animation seems to trigger the bug.

    2) Bug: Smoke Grenade sometimes disappears and doesn't produce smoke when thrown too far.
    Video: link.

    3) Feature: reduce Flash Grenade detonation delay from 4 seconds to 1 second.

    Reason: current Flash Grenade is considered weak, useless and unreliable. Because of how long the detonation delay is, it's nearly impossible to blind the people that you want to blind. You can only throw it in the building and hope that somebody stumbles near it by chance. Concussive grenades explode on impact, and it makes them one of the best non-lethal grenades in the game.

    Flash Grenade still should have a short detonation delay so we can bounce it off doorframes and stuff.
    This should be a very easy fix and I don't understand why it wasn't fixed in two years.

    4) Bug: Underbarrel Shotgun (and possibly other underslung attachments) animation bugs: sometimes reload animation doesn't play out. Switching to another weapon right after the UB shotgun shot seems to trigger the bug.
    Video: link.

    Animation of switching from UB shotgun is clunky, jerky and twitchy.
    Video: link.

    5) Feature: allow us to disable implant drop notifications.

    Reason: This is an unnecessary distraction that doesn't change anything in my decision making process.
    Example: I get notification: "S-AMS you last spawned is under attack!" I think: "I must return and protect". I get notification: "Implant dropped!". I think: "So what?".

    6) Feature: give vehicle passengers a simple crosshair so they can spot enemies easier.

    7) Feature: allow the player to preview the outside situation before spawning in a Sunderer. Or make it so the first time player spawns in a Sunderer, he spawns inside, as a passenger.

    Reason: spawning near a Sunderer being bombarded by HE tanks and with Infiltrators running around deploying mines to cheese easy kills is frustrating.
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  19. Inex

    Feature/Bug: Vehicle certs for new players

    Reason: The NPE which gave BR1s a few starter suit slots worked very well to make sure that new players aren't at a straight disadvantage in infantry combat. Given them some of the basic vehicle Defence/Utility/Performance certs can eliminate one of the few disadvantages that remain.

    Feature/Bug: New players need reliable AA

    Reason: It is incredibly difficult for a new player to take part in AA. The most effective options are either very expensive or have steep learning curves, and some of the weapons which are billed as such do a horrible job.


    Feature/Bug: Faction ID is broken for some camo/armor combos.

    Reason: NC have a teal camo, VS has a blue camo, TR 'secondary' camos are white, and generally trying to ID players based on color can be completely eliminated with the "neutral" camos (e.g. Grey Scales)
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  20. Stopper

    Feature : Dynamic indication of attachment's effects on a weapon's stats.

    Reason : So we can precisely know - and thus clearly decide to use it or not and when - how a suppressor effectively reduces velocity and damage or range on that particular weapon ; or what really adds that kind of ammo (i.e. Is the increased velocity worth her increasing recoil ?)...

    We can have the stats of the weapon and see, by clicking a box in front of each attachment, how the numbers change (with colors maybe).

    Links : asked for by community since launch.
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