Developer Thread: Auto-Turrets

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  1. FieldMarshall

    Some of this may have already been answered but posting it anyways.

    1. How much do the turrets cost (if anything). Cert wise. Im guessing 1000certs/700sc?
    2. Does anyone know their TTK against a 500health/500shield target?
    3. Do they have any passive cert upgrades like the AV/AI turrets have?
    4. Do they fire as soon as they spot an enemy or is there a delay? In PS1 they would instantly shoot at enemies within range.
    5. Can they be deployed on walls/ceilings? I also heard rumors that they hover ~10m above where they are palaced.
    6. What sort of health do they have? How easy (or hard) are they to destroy with standard automatic weapons.
    7. Do they fire on cloaked infiltrators?
    8. Do turrets blow up violently when destroyed? In PS1 an explosion from a destroyed turret would be the equivalent of a PS2 C4 (ie. instant death for nearby players)
    9. Do turrets do damage to friendly players. For example if a player stands between a turret and its target.
    10. Do they have unlimited ammo?
    11. Are turrets on a despawn timer, or are they the same as their slot equivalents (AV/AI turrets)
    12. When is this next update? This thursday, or is that just "scheduled downtime"?
  2. Demigan

    Not to mention that I'm intending to add "Turret Tuesday" to the outfit agenda to see how fast it can break the game... Just imagine: automatic turrets that always see everything except for cloakers, you could be instakilled the moment you step into a room!
    Not to mention the benefit of having a distraction/some extra DPS on your side... Even when you are alone, this thing is a massive help as either bullet sponge or reducing the TTK on targets. Just imagine a group of these near the entrance of a biolab. You kill the opposing force, storm inside/outside... and are greeted by a hail of automatic, pinpoint bullets.
    The only advantage I've seen so far is that EMP/decoy grenades will get a whole lot more useful in these events, perhaps even by abusing the fact that these turrets will gladly shoot through friendlies to kill a decoy grenade.
  3. TheKhopesh

    I want to see this happen!
    Even if they just keep the NS spitfire for the immediate release, and add an empire specific color one as a secondary option. ^_^
  4. Dotz0r

    1. Will they be re-packable (I.E able to be moved elsewhere?)
    2. Can they run out of ammo / Heat
    3. Will they become self aware and cause a Planetside Skynet to take over auraxis?
    4. Will there be different "Levels" of them, like Spitfire turret 1,2,3,4 - To increase its stats. (by level 5 it should be able to move about :p *cough skynet*)
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  5. TheKhopesh

    The Phoenix is a "vehicle" according to the engine, and besides, that's infantry's job.
    No tanks running around with a 100% empire specific AV ability counter.

    Not unless we all get an NS injection that makes us immune to 50% of damage from weapons that hold more than 30 rounds in the mag and immune to 50% of damage from all 0.75 ADS movement speed weapons.
  6. TheKhopesh

    This is a brilliant idea.
    They should be something the engie can come back to, pick up (reuse the infiltrator hacking circle progress bar, at the speed of about 1-1.5 seconds), and haul off to the next location.

    Also, the engie utility pouch should allow you to hold 3 turrets by the final level (Same number as it does for AI prox mines), but only deploy 1 at a time (deploying 1, then another would despawn the first like regular turrets, dropping your supply).
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  7. TheKhopesh

    The main counter is infils, with cloaks (Stalker especially!), decoy grenades, and EMPS.
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  8. Camycamera

    iirc, Higby said on Higby plz that the turrets were meant to float so there wouldn't be any issues with putting them down, he even showed concept art about what they were to look like.

    but the ones currently on test, and the ones that are probably going to be in the game dont float, and have stands just like the MANA turret. what happened to the floating designs?
  9. caboMcpawnz

    I guess this thread is more about the technical aspects of the turret but I'm still going to ask:

    What was the initial idea behind adding the autoturret to the game?
  10. Prudentia

    well for VS and TR the counter is Infils. for NC it's Heavies with Pheonix missiles.
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  11. TheKhopesh

    As the turrets are, they're ineffective outside CQC.

    If a shotgun won't kill your target in one mag without slugs, neither will the auto turret before they kill it with small arms fire.
    The Phoenix takes at least 50m before it's got full mobility, and why waste a missile on it anyway when there are higher value targets that won't succumb to Gauss Saw ammo?

    As someone with about 3,700 Phoenix kills (NC15 and AE combined), I guarantee you it's a waste of a rocket in 99.9999% of situations to hit an unmanned turret (as the xp isn't worth the time, effort, and ammo) unless it's physically blocking your only missile path to the enemy infantry/armor.
    And even then you have to be reasonably certain you can land follow up shots before they can run or repair away your damage, or else you're just guaranteeing your one immediate chance to kill the target is wasted.

    The only reason to do this is either trying to dumb fire (they have no AI shield though, so any RL we have but an annihilator would do infinitely better), or unless the enemy engie put it down right at the front of a bowling alley of an entrance with a good +40m or more so you can curve the shot into the entrance (that way you're not in line of sight for the enemy to mow you down during your 3.0-7.5 second missile flight) because your side needs to push through that one door.
  12. Prudentia

    well the most efficient counter will be AV nades, but especially on Biolabpads Pheonix will make it impossible to use Autoturrets against NC.
  13. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Phoenix in bio-labs :eek::eek::eek:
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  14. shaql

    questions from reddit, part 2:

    what's the SC/cert cost?
  15. Tuco

    They're useless against defending a sunderer against C4 fairies, or anyone else that happens to drop from the sky
    They're useless for defending sunderer against vehicles
    They're useless against vehicles
    They're useless for helping smaller number players defend against a larger number of players
    They're useless for combating redeployside^^
    They're useless for helping to secure an area
    They're useless against anyone cloaking
    They're useless against enemies standing behind it
    They're useless against enemies standing further than 40 meters away

    yeah, playing it safe. Don't want to do anything too radical that might upset the delicate balance between zerg-ball spawn camping and the spawn room heroes.
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  16. FieldMarshall

    Will we be able to deploy like 5 of them on the back of a Wraith flash?
  17. Bixli

    ...oh god , thats's amazing! ..i play 90% of time engi & i don't really like our sniper-magnets , if there's also directive support for those new turrets ..well , that would be just awesome.

    ..edit: ah saw it , it's in the directive tree ..sweet. thx for all your answers.
  18. Crator

    Well, they were used as a detection and first line defensive device in PS1. I assume pretty much the same reason in PS2.
  19. Unbekannt81

    Macht erstmal fehler weg bevor ihr immer update bringt !!!
  20. Flamberge

    Get a full platoon, all are engis with Spitfires.
    Get a gal.
    Make it hover upside down.
    Have the engis place 48 Spitfires on the belly of the gal.
    Fly gal over enemy.

    I can dream, can't I?
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