Developer Thread: Auto-Turrets

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. REZistance

    Thanks for the response Kevmo, I'm looking forward to the new toys.. and please consider the EMP's temporarily overheating turrets idea. Cheers.

    *cough* pls add the heat mechanic to the Immortal pistol *cough*
  2. Kevmo Developer

    EMPs currently disable them for 10 seconds.

    Decoy grenades can also trick the turret into shooting at the grenade instead of other things.
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  3. HadesR

    Do they show up on the mini map with Dart's / Motion sensors ?
  4. Kevmo Developer

    They don't move, so no. They do emit beeps so you'll know when one is in the area, and they do have a distinct target acquired audio and shoot audio.
  5. REZistance

    EMP's can temporarily disable them, sweet! Thanks.
  6. Darthbob509

    Do they track enemy vehicles?
    If they track vehicles do they also track unmanned vehicles?
    Also what kind of damage type is it (IE: basilisk vs standard infantry type)?
  7. bloodwolfnz

    1. Do they prioritise important targets such as medics/heavies or will they just target the closest enemy?
    2. Can they target people that is out of their line of sight? i.e behind a crate/rock but within 50m
    3. Can they track fast moving targets (people sprinting across the room) or adad'ing
    3.1 What is their average accuracy and is the hit detection server based or client based? If client based is it the engineer that deployed it or the person that is being fired upon?
    4. How long does it take for the turret to acquire a target?
    5. Will the target stop shooting if a friendly blocks its line of sight?
    Some of these can probably be tested on PTS...but I don't have it patched >.>
  8. z1967

    Related to possible future turret changes, What things are you guys willing to change about auto turrets and what will remain constant? (eg. tracking speed, damage, model, placement etc.)
  9. Desann

    One issue with the spitfires i noticed on PTS: once an engie places the turret, he/she must resupply from a terminal to obtain another spitfire. This is not the case with the mana turrets. Is this an intended feature or no?

    I think the spitfire placement should behave the same way mana turrets do. The engineer is only allowed one deployed turret, so you should be able to replace the turret to a new location without having to resupply.

    Some other thoughts on the spitfires: i would like to see upgrades to make cerberus and shadow turrets similar to PS1.
    Shadow Turret: identical to spitfire in terms of damage and appearance, however it is equipped with the stalker cloak ability. Enemy players will not know of its presence until it uncloaks and fires. In PS1 these were only able to be placed within a bases sphere of influence (so use the no AMS sphere for this)

    Cerberus Turrets were a special turret that came equipped with AA flak rounds. It had a slight appearance difference but was primarily for protecting infantry and vehicles from air threats. The damage should be much less than a single burster but will provide the flak effect to help deter aircraft. When used in small groups, the cerberus can kill an esf fairly quickly.
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  10. _itg

    Will the player who threw the decoy grenade get credit for kills made by the turret while it is decoyed?
  11. T0x1s

    1. Can turrets rotate 360 degrees?

    2. Can turrets engage Phoenix missiles?

    3. If the turret lock on to an enemy will it keep fire til the enemy die or change target to a closer one?

    4. Will each turret kill count as a kill for the player?

    5. Will there be sny directive added for the turret or will it include in the engineer directive tree?

    Thats all.

    Regards T0x1s.
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  12. Joexer

    Are there plans for the turret to detect infiltrators under darklights?
  13. Elrobochanco

    Will the bodies be faction colored? I only previously saw a light underneath them.

    Can we apply camo/decals/lumifiber to them?
  14. Kevmo Developer

    They do not track vehicles. They will attack soldiers in exposed seats (flash driver and rumble seats for example).

    Standard infantry damage type.
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  15. Kevmo Developer

    1 - Yes
    2 - No
    3 - If there are multiple valid targets in line of sight, it picks the closest one.
    4 - Yes
    5 - Spitfire kills is included as part of the engineer directive tree
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  16. Kn1fey

    Can you cert into them and upgrade them like other Mana Turrets?

    If you can cert into them what are the benefits?
    If you cannot cert into them will you be looking into different certifications for it?
  17. Who Garou

    This sounds a bit odd. I can kind of see where you are coming from in order to make use of the Decoy Grenade, but does the turret target on sound, motion, heat signature, ...?

    If it triggers based on sound, can an enemy walk up to one without firing without being fired upon?

    If it is triggered based on sound, can enemies behind cover use their weapons to cause enough noise to draw the turret's fire (and turn it away from approaching enemies that are not firing)?

    Do the turrets cost nanites to deploy? (I thought I saw something about this at one point).
    If the turrets cost nanites, I would think that they would remain in place if you changed classes.
    No other deployable can be hacked - spawned by nanites or not. I would think that if they cost nanites to deploy that there should be a nanite cost to hack them.
    Apparently, this is all up in the air, so something to think about in regards to hacked-nanites.
  18. SpruceMoose

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  19. Disconsented

    They have some very clear easy to access counters, do you feel that they are a bit undertuned ?
  20. Kevmo Developer

    Currently no cert line. We may add one later.