Developer Thread: Auto-Turrets

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. RadarX

    Coming in the next update, Auto-Turrets will allow additional combat options for players. Have questions about them for the team? Ask away and they'll answer what they can!

    Please stay on topic and constructive to ensure your post remains in the thread. Thanks!
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  2. JarJar2

    Will there be deployment exclusion areas like the setup with sunderers now?
    Will there be a deployment radius so you can't put oh... six in a row or something?
    How much damage will it take to take one out? Same as a standard turret or?
    Can the auto turrets be hacked?
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  3. AlterEgo

    Will the Engineer class be the only one to use them? If so, what slot will they occupy (I.E. The secondary weapon slot or the tool slot)? And also, will they be powerful? I realize that these are AIs that, from Wrel's video regarding the topic, seem to focus very well on their targets, so will they be slightly powerful, or will they act as a disturbance that can be avoided (destroyed:p) that will kill very careless players? Thank you for your answers!:)
  4. doombro

    During the last PTS playtest, my framerate dropped from 80 to 20 just from looking in the base's general direction. And this wasn't a stutter, it stayed at 20. I'm worried that these could very well break the game. As for my thoughts on the turrets themselves, Tuco said it better than I can.

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  5. REZistance

    As a dedicated Stalker I'm wondering if these things can be hacked so they then belong to your team? How will the turrets respond to a cloaked player? Who can place these turrets and how many can be placed at once? At what distance will the turrets activate when it "see's" a player? Do they shoot at things that are above or below the level of the turret?

    Can you guys please give EMP grenades the ability to temporarily overheat these autonomous turrets and manual Engi turrets?
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  6. GoyoElGringo

    Can they see cloaked infs?

    Do they show up on the mini-map?

    Do they have a laser so people can see when they are facing doorways or something?

    Why would anyone use the regular AI turret over these? Not a question, but removing the headshot hole in the AI turret might be in order just to make them useful.
  7. AlterEgo

    Are you saying that we need PS1 Spitfires? If so, then NYAH!:eek:
  8. Strottinglemon

    Any chance we'll get some much needed faction diversification here? All this bland NS stuff is making the game samey and boring.







    You can keep the stats the same, just give us some empire specific flavor when it comes to the models and effects.
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  9. Valok

    Will there be different types of turrets for the factions? Different weapon systems/visuals?
    Any plans in creating AT/AA versions of it? What about "support versions" (Detect cloak, etc)?
    How will they behave when it comes to friendly fire? Will they stop firing if they hit a friendly?
    Will we get grief points if they damage an allied player?
    On the other side of the spectrum, destroying friendly turrets will generate grief points?
    Will they track targets on a 360º angle or will it be limited?
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  10. doombro

    Well, we certainly don't need PS2 spitfires. We do however need PS1 AMS. Though, PS1 Mines, PS1 Motion Spotters, and PS1 spitfires would be very welcome as well.
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  11. Nepau

    1. Are they Engy only?
    2. What is their Tracking range ( IE how close do you have to be for them to target you
    3. Are they perfect tracking or is it possible to dodge shots with creative movement, and at what range?
    4. How many can you place for yourself or in a general area
    5. Do they have a limited lifetime or do they last as long as other deployables like Mines?
    6. As the owner of a turret can you see if it is still up on the Map or anything else?
    7. Will these have a resource cost to using them?
  12. doombro

    From the PTS version as it is right now:

    1. Yes
    2. About 30m. Probably a bit off.
    3. Tracking is far from perfect.
    4. You can place one. You can also only place that one. After that you have to get a terminal to restock, like grenades.
    5. Haven't checked
    6. Of course not.
    7. Nope. They use the same slot as the MANA turret.
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  13. LibertyRevolution

    What is the TTK on a non heavy from one of these AI turrets?
  14. Abraham with Cheese

    What are the slope requirements (how steep of an angle can these things be placed on) for the turrets? Are the same as for the regular turrets?

    Will these turrets costs certs to unlock?
    Are there directives for these turrets? Both in kills with them and turrets destroyed?
    Can they be upgraded with certs?
  15. Kevmo Developer

    No exclusion areas to start. We may add them in if it becomes a problem.

    They are easier to take out than standard turrets.

    We experimented with making them hackable but ran into some issues. It's something we will re-evaluate as we go forward.
  16. Kevmo Developer

    The engineer can only deploy one at a time.

    The turret is equipped in the engineer's ability slot so they have to give up their MANA turrets for it.
  17. HadesR

    Knowing all you know about the game and how other things have gone .. You really don't see them becoming a spam problem without an exclusion area ? ( and that's not even going into any performance issues that might arise from said spam )

    Personally I'd rather you add one to be on the safe side .. Than not add one and then have to suffer the whole Holiday period with an iffy system because no one is about to fix it ...

    Also are they a limitless deployable ? As in the Engi doesn't need to resupply like the current turrets ... Be nice if an Engi could only carry 1-3 at a time ( dependent on cert unlocks ) and they can only be resupplied at a terminal / Sundy ...
  18. vanu123

    Do they run off of a ammo pool or are they heat based?
    Any ETA on hacking them or is that even possible?
    In direct line of sight about how long is the TTK with and w/o Nanoweave?
    Will they cost resources, if so how many?
    How much life/HP do they have?
    Whats the range that they can track and if they track do they still track if they run outside that range? Ex: range is 50m it locks and I step back and its 51m will it still shoot?
    Will they track vehicles like Flashes and Harassers? Rumble seats?
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  19. Kevmo Developer

    Turrets will not detect cloaked players.

    Turrets can detect hostile players up to 50 meters away

    They can aim above them really well. Below them is a little bit more limited, but they still have good coverage.
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  20. Kevmo Developer

    Not this time around. Like with most things, if we decide to add another turret in the game, we will definitely consider faction specific ones.
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