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  1. Sarmane

    Thanks for the response and totally understandable about dev resources- just hearing that these ideas are positive and could be implemented eventually is great. Fuzzbucket on Reddit had a great list too in another thread- here is his comment:
  2. Brahma2

    Nothing says ace like an aircraft honking at you.
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  3. Nintyuk

    Will there be a full list of directives put up anywhere outside of the game for people who can't download the PTS client?
    And on a related note will we see directives on the players site and/or app?
  4. Dnuts175

    What about changes to the availability of the items required to complete the directive?
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  5. Scr1nRusher

    ESF's,Gal's,Libs,Maxes,Lightinings,MBT's don't have horns yet.
  6. Revanmug

    Except that right now for several of the weapon, it's "I earned this weapon and it's entirely useless" because you didn't take any feedback on these weapon and their game balance.

    The Bad SAW and the Brawler are 2 good example of just plainly inferior gun...
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  7. d_carey Developer

    Hopping in to say that I've been head down dealing with the July update, but I plan to catch up here over the weekend (currently on about page 4 or so), so keep the questions/comments coming. I'll review them all. I also asked Malorn to swing by at some point to help out with more of the Design-centric questions.

    Thanks for your patience!
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  8. Malorn

    Been working on that. We'll have a detailed breakdown soon.
  9. Malorn

    The auraxium rewards are the end of the tier, and unfortunately right now that's all we have. We will be adding more rewards for the intermediate levels as well as rewards for directive score in the future. We'll also be adding ways for you to show off your tier completion similar to merits from PS1. The top-tier goals are supposed to take a while and be significant accomplishments, not something you pound out in a couple play sessions.
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  10. Malorn

    Are you concerned that people wont' see past directives to notice the resource revamp? I'm currently working on a doc that will be posted here with all the directive details. The patch notes on Directives will be relatively light with the post having all the details of the system.
  11. Malorn

    Some are codes, and some like the Gold SMGs were part of retail boxes that were primarily sold in Europe. We'll be having more promotions in the future as well as new items. I'm sure Mr. Carey will make sure our European players don't miss out!
  12. Scr1nRusher

    I was just saying that in the patchnotes that will be posted, which order(interms of features/content) will you be posting in?

    Or will(as D_carey suggested) directives get a separate patchnote posting since they are so big.
  13. Malorn

    We definitely have plans for the advanced prestiege directive trees to be based around more specific items. For example, the prestige light assault tree will have mid-air kills and flashbang assists (support grenades will have a bit of an overhaul in the future in terms of how their medals are earned and how you get XP from them).

    We also have plans for directives tracking your conquest of continents, fighting each empire, ribbon collection, etc. And we're trying to sort out some more wacky fun trees based on acrobatics, finesse, etc.
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  14. Malorn

    I answered that in my previous reply.
  15. Scr1nRusher

    ah I see that now.

    This is quite the big content update.

    BTW, The directive system has so much potential going forward, will you eventually Create Directives Variants for the Default vehicle weapons?(NS & ES)?
  16. Malorn

    We have plans for new directive trees that unlock after you complete (or possibly get Tier 3) of the base directive tree which we call prestige trees.

    And of course a new tree for the Valkyrie and a set of other ones we're targeting for August.
  17. o.Solei.o

    Thank you!!

    Mid-range goals make this entire system feel a lot more motivating and rewarding. Thank you!
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  18. Scr1nRusher

    Will any more rewards be added for completing directive trees?(and what would they be)

    Also what will be those "other ones" in August?
  19. Riskae


    why is the directive reward for tanks a lumifiber that you can buy with SC and not something unique?
  20. Anti-Skub

    Please don't take this the wrong way, I love the game and I really like what you're trying to do with the directives but I really think you're wrong on this. This is the reddit post that first showed us how the Auraxium Max armour looks. Take a look at the comments on the post, the Youtube video, the's definitely not a positive reaction.

    Gaudy cosmetics are a definite love it or hate it deal. A lot of people like big flashing lights and super bright camo because they like looking ridiculous, they don't mind that it makes them more visible, they just find it fun. Just as many people want to look badass, they want dark, subtle camos that are actually camoflage, and cosmetics that make them look sleek and stealthy.

    The directive rewards almost exclusively cater to the former, and the only thing that caters to the later, the black camo, isn't even available to a huge number of players due to the fact that the recruit a friend has been down for months and most of the promo weapon variants are only available from US retailers.