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  1. d_carey Developer

    Hrm I don't think that was discussed, I'll see what Design thinks about it. I wouldn't want any that allow/encourage cross faction Dirs.

    You're very welcome, thanks for playing our game ;)
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  2. d_carey Developer

    The support classes are the ones that are going to benefit the most from the newer objective types we are putting in. I think that should alleviate this somewhat.
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  3. d_carey Developer

    No plans for 'pyramiding' like that currently, but it's totally doable. The first batch of new Dirs we want to focus on is a little outside the box - rewarding veterans for mentoring/leading newer players. We think we can leverage Dirs to help lots of different playstyles.

    Not tomorrow =( I tweeted that we're looking at possibly Friday but most likely next week.
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  4. d_carey Developer

    Those are sort of the types of things we need Code support for, and have planned for later. But I don't want to focus on one-off type events like that too much because I feel like those types of achievements can sometimes reward luck more than good gameplay.
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  5. d_carey Developer

    That's a really hard question to answer because of differing playstyles. I'll ask the Design group if they started with that as a baseline for developing the system or not; if they did, I'll share.
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  6. Nepau

    Couple thoughs for the directives, mostly about future plans.

    • Any thoughts about giving Class unique weapons though directives? Currently the LA and Engineers share the same Primary weapons, so is it possible some directive rewards might give each of them a unique weapon or variation of one?
    • Any teasers on some of the Directive stuff you guys hope to have in next? I know you probibly have a large list, but I'm sure there are some that you feel confedent you can get done in a decent time frame.
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  7. RHINO_Mk.II

    Any plans in the directive system for killcounts higher than auraxium? I would have thought that 10k kills with the Gauss SAW would be enough to unlock the GOD SAW but it appears that isn't the case.
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  8. Rohxer

    Can we get mouse-over descriptions of some of the requirements?

    For example: Force Recon
    a) Spotter - What is the requirement? Q-spotting? Will the infiltrator motion spotters add to this? (they do not currently). It's unclear what to do.
    b) Deployable Destruction - This is only registering when I destroy with a weapon. When I destroy with EMP grenades I get no credit. Without a description there's no way to know if it's a bug or intended.

    And it may have been mentioned previously - a popup mouseover for the final rewards, so people can decide if it's something they want to strive for (see the aforementioned scout rifle issue for an example - an infiltrator will not want that since it's unusable by them).

    Basically, some better descriptive text in-game to clarify what we have to do (instead of forcing people to go to message boards).
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  9. d_carey Developer

    The 'show off' part is the Auraxium weapons for now, but we may add decals if you guys want.
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  10. d_carey Developer

    We're going to continually add Dirs so don't assume this is the last batch for any tier.
    It seems logical from an end user view, but the data isn't set up that clearly on the back end. We'd have to perform manual DB based grants to achieve this, but that's very risky since we'd be talking about so many players and kills.
  11. d_carey Developer

    Is the particle FX not working on the Sundy?
  12. daniel696

    Carey, will the weapons from directives be able to test in the VR? Because I was trying to test the weapons and I couldn't because we can't have the weapons in the VR to test, so will the weapons directives only be able to use in the VR?
  13. Visigodo

    That's pretty frustrating to learn. I would have thought it was rather simple to add weapon totals from class-restricted weapons to the class they are associated with. I know this is reaching, but could exceptions possibly be made for players who are most likely light years beyond the directive requirements? I'm about to pass 40k kills with the Orion, and more than a few of my outfitmates have over 10k.
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  14. Deadreach

    When do you plan to release Directives/SPawn/New Resources to live? When i asked in the test, I was told by dev that it would be today.
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  15. RadarX Moderator

    Once again folks if you find your post has been removed, it's because it was off topic. Please keep the thread on the discussion of Directives.
  16. Sarmane

    Continuing with what I asked the other day on Reddit about sub goals being implemented with the Mission System-

    Will directives in its second wave update have any directives for an objective and squad/platoon leader section?

    Say for squad/platoon leading: The squad leader benefit might have to count for all participants
    -Have a squad of 6 or more people for half an hour/1 hour and earn a 'squad leader' ribbon-
    -Have up to 18 people in a platoon (little over two and half squads to count as a platoon) for half and hour/ 1 hour and earn a 'platoon leader' ribbon-

    -Make the ribbons count towards a directive sequence whilst there is a separate directive line which is about objectives. This one would involve:

    -following waypoints (up to a max of say 5 waypoints a day with a sequence line of 5/20/50/100 for example)
    -arming,defusing generators that have been squad leader marked (that Q priority feature)
    -defending/capturing capture points (up to a max of say 10 a day with a sequence line of 10/30/60/90 for example)
    -BIG ONE- following mission system objectives (capturing or defending 5 bases a day with a sequence line of 5/20/50/100 for example). This one I think has alot of promise since it combines directives WITH the mission system directly and aids squad/platoon leaders.

    These are just aims to make people want to squad/platoon lead and extra initiative to push current and future designated objectives (like marking sundys, turrets, aircraft) PLUS working with the mission system.

    I'll make this into a post on Reddit too to see what ideas those guys can come up with and opinions.
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  17. Scr1nRusher

    On the Topic of directives will we Get decals in the future?
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  18. Mustarde

    Thank you. I have that exact concern and have tweeted Malorn about it today. Scout rifles should not lead to a battle rifle reward. Scout rifles are infiltrator weapons, and the battle rifle is for HA, Medic, Engineer. If you want to start letting infils use battle rifles, that's another story...

    I suggested: the 4 bolt actions -> Auraxium bolt action
    2 semi-auto snipers + 3 scout rifles -> Auraxium scout rifle of sorts.

    And I understand if you don't even have a scout rifle drawn up for this first round. I'd rather you just leave them out of the tree until you do. Instead of tying them to a battle rifle.

    Thanks for this thread - keep up the great work. I can't wait for this content to hit live!
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  19. Riskae

    first thank you very much D_Carey!

    second I'd like to talk a little bit about the tank rewards for directives.

    currently the reward is a lumifiber that can be purchased with SC. as far as I understand this means that the Tank Dir Reward will be the only reward that:

    1) people may already have because they bought it

    2)isn't proof you did something for directives because it may have been bought with SC

    my question is this: would you consider a different reward that cannot be purchased with SC and is easily understood to be a Dir reward?

    personally I was hoping for new gun models like the recruit reward gun model (hint: if you pick that instead of the lumifiber I'll be super stoked!)

    thanks for reading and have a great day :)
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  20. Stanis

    I see the directives systems as carrot and grind for the BR100 bored class.
    The end-game checklist for pokemon players that want to collect them all.

    Shiny Purple Guns and Armor .. obviously appeals to some. It will motivate them.
    I see grind to unlock the Jedi Classes in the early days of SWG

    As such I would ask that as many directives focus on being unlockable by a BR1 character as a BR100.

    By this I mean that kills with a dozen different LMGs are predicated to endgame. To SC investment.
    That is acceptable for some directives.

    Directives could be based on accomplishment over time.
    Something a BR1 can strive to achieve as much as BR100.

    My immediate though for an example is :
    Accuracy for week - awarding ribbons - ribbons fulling objectives.

    Some directives really could be unlocked multiple times

    Directives do not have to be permanent.
    Marksmen scoring x% accuracy on 3 or more weapons (any class) over 1 single week, qualifying with 100 minimum kills in that time.
    Elite Marksmen scoring x+5% accuracy.

    You have to achieve 100 kills. You have to achieve that accuracy.

    As for the rewards. Possible introduce reward options. Points we can save for other things?
    The only reward I'm possibly interested in so far is Black Camo.

    By having directives that can unlocked and re-earnt. A points pool rewards consistent effort rather than absurd jumping through hoops.
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