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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. RadarX Moderator

    As promised last week in d_carey's Producer's Letter, this will be first of a series of developer interaction threads to answer your questions and concerns about upcoming features and changes. Today's topic is Directives so post your questions here.

    Please note any discussion not directly related to Directives will be moderated.

    Also today will mark the beginning of a bit of forum consolidation so excuse the mess and we move things around.
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  2. WyrdHarper

    I have a question about the Battle Rifle/Scout Rifle directive. This one seems a bit unintuitive because you have to get Auraxiums with a bunch of Scout Rifles (infiltrators) to earn a Heavy/Engineer/Medic weapon (Battle Rifle). With that in mind, are there any plans to open up the Scout Rifles or (Battle Rifles) to more classes, or to eventually have a Scout Rifle reward for an Infiltrator-focused directive?
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  3. d_carey Developer

    We have a second series of Directives that we want to employ, hopefully as early as next month. The trick with some of the more interesting Dirs is that they required very specific code support, so we wanted the coders focused on the system itself this month. SO hopefully, you'll be seeing more types coming in that should upon up options/paths.

    Specifically in regards to the Scout rifles, I'll pass that feedback along to the Design group and see what they have to say.
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  4. gigastar

    In regards to one of the directive challenges being to earn medals on specified weapons, will theese conditions be auto-completed when theyre added to the live game?
  5. d_carey Developer

    Yes, that is the design.
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  6. Scr1nRusher

    Any plans for Auraxium Camo for vehicles?

    Much like how infantry & maxes have them currently as directive rewards.

    BTW, I just checked out the Sunderer shield.... It will definitely be useful. Also I had a good assumption that it was going to work like it does.

    Have you considered a directive for the sunderer shield to Regen/Absorb damage?
  7. Nintyuk

    I would also like to chime in on the Battle Rifle Auraxium point from the other end of the scale. As a avid engineer player it seemed odd that to get access to the auraxium variant of one of my favourite engineer guns I'm forced to invest and play heavily in a class with a completely different play-style.
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  8. AT22-Titan

    When you add more directives in the future, will there be one like auraxium 5 auraxium weapon variants? Not sure what the reward would be though.

    And maybe an annoying question, will this launch tomorrow?
  9. Scr1nRusher

    If only they gave Infiltrators BR's.....
  10. Wobberjockey

    Agreed, but from the infiltrator perspective.
    I find scout rifles some of the best weapons in the game for my play style.
    the realization that i was going to be getting a battle rifle instead of a shiny new auraxium vandal or Nyx was rather jarring.

    To Mr Carrey:
    currently you have a large number of borderlands style directives where we are required to achieve xw/x/y/z kills or N ribbons.

    are there any plans to include one-off directives

    such as
    • score 3 kills with a sniper rifle in X time
    • Score a BASR headshot at 290+m
    • save a generator/SCU from overloading with less than 3 seconds remaining.
    basicaly Directives that occur rarely, if ever in a player's career, but would serve as "concentrated moments of awesome" for the achieving player when they did happen. (and subsequently rewarded for it)
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  11. Gammit

    Can we get the ability to show off our Directive Accomplishments, like the arm insignia's from Planetside 1?
  12. AT22-Titan

    Well not sure, some stuff has gone live pretty fast, this has been on the test server for a while. Not that I mind if it's going to get delayed, just wondering. I'm looking forward to it though, will give me something else do to too, than just collect auraxiums.
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  13. gigastar

    I think i can take this one.

    Since directives is a new progression system based on achievements, adding an achievement that can be completed immediately under an extreme circumstance will just lead to people having friends help them out in getting it.
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  14. mixmax

    As a VS player I wonder where the under barrel shotgun attachments are on the VS directive weapons?
  15. Visigodo

    I read earlier that kill totals per class won't necessarily carry over because there was no way for the API to know whether or not the player earned those kills with a vehicle weapon while playing as that class. However, will class-specific weapon Auraxiums count towards total kill requirements for directives? As in, will having all the LMG Auraxium medals contribute at least 1160 kills per weapon towards the kill requirements for the Heavy Assault directive tree? This seems like a logical solution.
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  16. Rogueghost

    I have a question.

    Directive points are account wide, but are directive awards account wide as well? For example I have all the required medals to unlock the Butcher on my main, but would it also unlock on other TR characters I have, or will I need to get the respective auraxiums again?
  17. bman7

    Any plans to have directive points show on the pop-up when you kill someone?
  18. NevarxTR

    Did you guys ever think about making account wide NS directives? Like Auraxium 5 different NS weapons and you get a directive weapon that is available on all characters.

    P.S Thanks for doing stuff like this dCarey! ;)
  19. d_carey Developer

    We have lumifibers for the vehicles, we think they showed better than camos. But we may indeed add camos down the line.

    Sundy: Glad it seems to be working out so far, I thought it was a solid idea too.
  20. d_carey Developer

    Not currently; that notification is already somewhat crowded. But we want to do a full pass on notifications at some point and have more toggles/placement options for lots of things.
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