DeSync Issues and work arounds.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Dethonlegs

    It's baaaaack! When Sony fixed the desync issues 6 months ago, I'd hoped to never see this problem again. It's now returned with the amerish update.

    Every 30 mins I get a slight .5 sec pause in gameplay that signals the start of problems. A few mins later none of my infantry or vehicle weapons are doing damage. I see the enemy flinch as I hit them, and they can see me hitting them, but no damage is being done. This is a real game breaker and must be fixed ASAP?
  2. Raka Maru

    Was wondering what was happening again. I thought desync problems were gone. I thought my crossbow was bugged.

    I would hit them, they would flinch, but not die after 6 bolts.
  3. PastalavistaBB

    And desync started again! Fix your goddamn EU Servers SOE! Oh wait, they are managed by PRO7. Then change the Company who is(n't) managing them!
  4. MyPS2

    Trust me its not just the EU servers.
    I have noticed that if you spot enemies with "Q" or use the recon tool for infiltrators frequently it keeps the desync at bay. I'm not sure if it forces sync or what but it definitely helps for me.
  5. Gammit

    I am getting this issue on Mattherson often lately. Will empty a clip into an enemy infiltrator as a Heavy, I die, and see he has full health.
  6. Warcasket

    It's happening to me too. Players and vehicles suddenly start flying around, my bullets do nothing...I start taking mystery damage. Respawning after a death takes forever, Using my invisibility ability has a loooong delay...and it happens rather suddenly. I know better than say it's my PC, my PC is a God among mortals and my internet connection and speed is wicked good. I have tried all the suggested work arounds, they did nothing for me. Would love to see this fixed ASAP. Hate to say it, but I am not as involved with this game as some of you...I have been playing free to play off and on since release, more off than on...maybe jump on one or two days out of a month, just now recently started taking the game seriously and actually subscribed to the game...but if this is the garbage I have to deal with, I will be sure to unsubscribe before my subscription runs out next month.

    You know, it wouldn't be so bad if they had a /sinc command like some other games I have played had. City of Heroes started having sinc issues toward it's last couple years of it's existence, so they gave us a command that was as simple as /sinc and it resynchronized your character with the servers, fixed the problem every time. Sony would do well to learn a thing or two from one of the few things Cryptic/NCSoft actually did right.
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  7. MySupremacy

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  8. Warcasket

    A /sync command would do Sony a lot of good. It would give them time to fix the issues without stress of the players coming hard on them for the issue. Anytime a player would lose sync, the player could type /sync and fix his own issue. Meanwhile, Sony can take their time, get to the bottom of what is causing the problem, take their time and do it right, instead of fixing the problem, just for the problem to come back the very next micro patch.

    /sign for /sync

    P.S. Not to mention, any player who is playing on a Sub Par connection, would lose synchronization even after a fix is found. So players will ALWAYS have a synchronization issue. Only thing SOE can do is fix the server side problem causing the Synch problems. But, the players who have sub par connections can use /synch as well, which keeps them in the game. Win/Win scenario for both SOE and the players.
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  9. Taco510

    I have found the cure for my problem! Ever since my brother turned me onto this game, I have loved the concept and had mixed feelings about the execution. This desync bug was happening to me every 20/30 minutes and was gamebreaking for me since it ruined my experience. I wasn't getting full certs for Alert participation because i had to relog 4-8 times. Sometimes squads go private and I'm unable to rejoin my former teammates in huge coordinated objective. I reformatted my computer soley to see if it would cure this disease...

    Tons of problems arose and it caused me to make sure every piece of my computer was running properly... and THAT was where my specific problems were found. Drivers... Drivers, drivers, DRIVERS.

    I had discovered that a few of my drivers were the wrong drivers. The autoloaded drivers were wrong, the websites were i googled the drivers were wrong and even the cd I had was wrong.

    Drivers are very finely tuned to pair with the piece of hardware it is meant to function for. My mobo(motherboard) had 3 classes of the same model with multiple REVISIONS of each and every class... Now I have been playing 2 days on planetside2 with zero desync. I hope it doesn't come back, but if it does, I'll be back here as well.

    So please make sure your drivers are made exactly for your computer. I hope this cures some of your woes. Believe me... I've been there.

    Not many games could make me try so hard to fix a bug. So they must be doing something right lol.


    Make sure your computer drivers are an EXACT match to your hardware model numbers. EXACT.
  10. Warcasket

    For me, the Dync lag never hits unless it is prime time for the players. When the servers get extremely heavy, is when the Desynch issue ensues. I know what lag is, and whatever this is, is not lag...this is simply losing synch with the game.
  11. Ostekake

    Are there anyone who have set up firewalls static to have all the correct ports open,
    who still experience desync ? (IS DEYNC A NAT ISSUE ?)
    and dont u dare claim your microfreezes, lack of hit detection or disk io lag is desyncing
    - desyncing means people and tanks are flying around !


    I've been having desync issues since alpha and i've tried everything suggested,
    timers, powersavers, downclock, upclock, you name it.

    The only thing that have given me reasonable results is to "disable" NAT,
    or to dable with the sorts of packet mangling performed by routers (for those of you who work with what i work with...)
    It doesnt remove desync, but the recovery time from a desync is a lot faster.
    It also seems to happen a lot less frequent.. not sure

    Could there be an issue with number of ports required to keep track of in a firewall/router and when vivox comes in range with tons of new connections in proximity, the ports gets "used up"...
    Each router and setup would have different outcomes from a problem like this and that matches what we see in the desync issue.

    Or some other variation that leads to servers sending return packets onto ports that never got opened in the router
    and or is actually sending return packets that never had a client origin in the first place ?
    Or maybe the client expects the firewall to keep the port open in the firewall
    because the client sent a packet out that port 20 min ago...
    That would be typical coder behavior o_O - they have never understood networking anyway...

    I've also seems to have lost the equinix routing in ams the last week sometime, or maybe its just my isp using a backuplink to OR - maybe SOE or SOE's hoster gave equinix the boot ?

    Target Name:
    Date/Time: 13.03.2014 to 13.03.2014

    Hop Sent Err PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [IP]
    5 1 1 100,0 0 0 0 []
    6 20 0 0,0 0 0 0 []
    7 20 0 0,0 19 20 19 []
    8 20 0 0,0 19 21 19 []
    9 20 0 0,0 19 19 19 []
    10 0 0 0,0 0 0 0 []
    11 0 0 0,0 0 0 0 []
    12 0 0 0,0 0 0 0 []
    13 0 0 0,0 0 0 0 []
    14 20 0 0,0 20 20 20 []

    Target Name:
    Date/Time: 22.03.2014 11:10:51 to 22.03.2014 11:12:26

    Hop Sent Err PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [IP]
    5 1 1 100,0 0 0 0 []
    6 20 0 0,0 0 0 0 []
    7 20 0 0,0 19 20 19 []
    8 20 0 0,0 19 21 19 []
    9 20 0 0,0 19 19 19 []
    10 20 0 0,0 20 20 20 []
    11 20 0 0,0 20 20 20 []

    Anyone else see changes in last hop routings ?
  12. Darkwulf

    I did some more reading and changed a few things last night. (For those who still desync)

    I made sure HPET was on, which it was both in windows and BIOS.
    I parked my cores using core parker.
    I turned on game booster.
    I turned my overclocking off in the BIOS (I read overclocking without proper voltage can cause desync)
    I turned anything that had anything to do with CPU speed or boosts in BIOS from auto to manual

    I also made sure easytune 6 was not on my pc, I never installed it.

    I did not have a whole lot of time to play but I was able to play an entire alert without desyncing one time.

    I did run into other problems though and I am not sure what the problem was. I had a ping that would bounce from 140 to 300 all night. That could have just been the game last night during the alert.

    I also lost every single engagement because I could not aim. It was almost as if I was compensating for the desync for so long that I could not aim without it. But I did not get a lot of time to test it so I will do more testing tonight and this weekend.

    So the problem is most definitely hardware related.

    GA-770T mobo
    phenom X6 1055T CPU

    I also made a support ticket and really want to know why Sony will not acknowledge this problem.
  13. ZenitHMaster

    When I do this, I get other numbers popping up... Should I leave them to what they show as I select manual?
  14. jcj94

    So, I'm getting this problem now, the de-syncs, the buggy flippy flying backwards tanks and planes, and players teleporting haphazzardly around the map.

    Software running in the background:
    EVGA Precision (which includes RivaTuner) for FPS target lock, Zone Alarm Firewall, Skype, Steam, TeamSpeak, and a VNC Server.

    CPU: AMD FX 8350 Black at 4 Ghz.
    GPU: EVGA GTX 750 'ti' (2 GB, but not actually a TI, but has better clock speed than pretty much every TI variant I found for less than the TI's were going for...)
    MOBO: Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3
    RAM: 8GB DDR3 at 1600Mhz with 7 CAS Latency

    No idea what on earth is causing the Desync, I've disabled all /CPU/ based synchronization, and yes, I have tried disabling or removing the FPS Target for EVGA, turning off both Rivatuner and precision, and similar such adjustments. I've dabbled in the bios, and everything.

    A /sync command would be nice, but an option to disable what appears to be related to a multi-threading attempt would be much more useful for researching purposes.

    I never had the de-sync issues /PRE/ Hossin. Nada. Nilch. Worked fine on this rig, A-OK, nothing wrong. Dunno what got changed there, but it's irritating. I can get maybe 30 minutes of playtime. Bright side? I appear to be nearly unkillable during the serious de-sync periods unless I stand still for a good 30 seconds or so. HOwever, occasionally I'll be flying and just get blown up for being in a 'restricted area', so yeah, there's that.
  15. Coz

    Been having the same issue for a few weeks now myself, and I've tried running PS2 on every single machine I own, as well as connecting to two seperate ISPs. I still think it's a routing issue (WAN-side) and/or bad/overloaded hardware serverside.

    Most of the PS2 players in my outfit are from the UK and don't have anywhere near the same warping and de-sync issues that are affecting certain players elsewhere in and around the EU.
  16. tigerchips

    Same here, i'm from the UK.

    While it was on and off i got killed by what seemed like nothing, i just died, and this death screen came up with BR0....

    Damage 0% lol
  17. jcj94


    After some serious testing, AMD'S Cool n Quiet and Intel's SpeedStep (EIST in the bios) cause some issues. Disabling them seems to fix it, at least so I thought. After about 2 hours of gameplay, warping happens for a decent length of time - then suddenly, after around 20~45 minutes or so of gameplay, the warping is resolved.

    I have no idea where the warping is post Cool n quiet fix, as I'm in High-power mode, and I've forced the Bios to clock the CPU at 4.5Ghz and set the FSB speeds and voltages manually.
  18. Kirppu1

    I really don't want to touch my bios because of this(further problems, such as bit of crashing in other games) and i'd rather just stop playing
  19. Spectralfx

    Is this bug still a thing?

    Just experienced this with my 3 man squad (the entire squad was affected)

    And in the end, from the perspective of my enemies I was teleporting all over the place and they claimed I was Hacking, got me quite Worried at that point.

    Closing and restarting the game dfd fixed it so ... what of it, I am unsure of that.
  20. Zackreaver

    It's still a thing, this is still a thing 2 years after experiencing it. Seriously, why the hell does this have to be a thing? I used to be able to enjoy this game until this bug showed up, now I haven't been able to play the game for 2 years. How long does it take to fix a bug really? This game used to work perfectly, then a patch brought a bug and it hasn't been removed. Why is this problem still here? All of these work arounds are things I do not want to do, no other game I play needs me to change the settings in my bios or mess with the clock speed of my CPU, why the hell should that change for this game?

    I want to play this game again, but I'm not going to mess around with my computer just for it.