DeSync Issues and work arounds.

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  1. LordMondando

    Original thread -

    Purpose of this thread is simple, collate information about the desync issues and list the currently known work arounds.

    This is the issue.

    The issue appears to be at least largely related to CPU clock instability, whether this comes from OCing, or windows constantly slightly changing the clock speed. Its not clear and seems to differ slightly in each case. credit to SonicXVe for first noting this.

    What then happens is the gamespace the client 'thinks' and the sever progressively get more and more out of sync. to the point where relative to each others frame of reference, the player experiencing the issue and/or the world around him can quite literally be all over the place. stuff flashing in and out of existence, people warping across the sky, rubberbanding, the game giving you a pain field as the server registers you as in the enemy spawn despite being 40 meters away.

    Its also worth noting that, even if you don't overclock. Windows/your motherboard can sometimes make small changes to your CPU's clock speed

    It also often results in a rather nasty case of 'FPS destroying, flashing world bug' (I had this happen a few times, but not always).

    N.B CAREFUL research the **** out of any OC or bios changes BEFORE you do them, be confident you know what your doing and how to reverse it if things go wrong, your an idiot if you don't just spend 10 minutes googling something before fiddling around with your computer.

    Also make no mistake, this is a bug, the development team are aware of it, and are trying to fix it. These are work arounds not fixes.

    Work arounds- confirmed to be helping some people at the moment.

    1) Either engaging a downclock (this Is what i've been doing running my fx 8350 at 4.1) or forcing a stable overclock in your bios.

    2) If you have a asus board, disabling epu-6 if said board has it. Also any similar features to do with dynamic power saving on the motherboard could be what is causing trouble in the game engine, try disabling it.

    3) Making sure your computer is using high performance or gaming mode in windows power plan (this alters CPU clock speed).

    4) One we are currently experimenting with (and if people could post their experiences that would help).
    Credit to BenYeeHua here.

    It appears to force the Windows OS to use a more reliable method of measuring the CPU clock, this appears to be helping people for whom 1-3 have not worked.
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  2. BenYeeHua

    You can PM RadarX, and he may Pin this topic if he see so many people facing this issues..;)
  3. Morpholine

    On my ASUS mobo, changing one setting in the BIOS - "AI Overclock Monitor" from Auto to Manual appears to have completely fixed the issue (based upon a welcome 3 hour play session where I neither warped nor crashed).

    It looks like the issue has to do with computer options that dynamically alter clock speeds for components other than the CPU.
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  4. BenYeeHua

    Yes, the windows only sync it on boot, so if BIOS change it after boot, then it will desync.
    And I think resync it might fixing other issues too.
  5. Miggs

    This needs to be on the first page.

    Maybe pinned there for a while until SOE work out why the artefact surfaced after GU02.
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  6. LordMondando

    Bump- kinda needs sticked.
  7. Riisipildur

    Wow, several hotfixes and ?GU03? but still no fix for that.
  8. be.tibus

  9. BenYeeHua

  10. be.tibus

    Thank you for the clarification BenYeeHua! As the symptoms are the same, this will help people to differentiate issues.
  11. BenYeeHua

    Ya, desync will causing network issues too, so it is hard to know which one it is.
    Until you check the delay, just like what you has do.;)
  12. LordMondando

    I've messaged Radarx asking him to sticky this.

    This is not some ego thing, indeed. I didn't even come up with any of the actual work arounds.

    But this is a game breaking bug for a lot of people, and we are still seeing people report it. So going to ignore the 'no-bumping' rule and hope the moderators understand.
  13. Choggo

    Before people go crazy trying to screw with their Bios settings, it may not fix the problem, i put a link showing what I encountered, and after 2 weeks and trying everything with no success, I found a post that recommended uninstalling the 3D drivers for your Nvidia card (these get installed automatically) , the moment I did this and restarted, my problem was fixed. To confirm, Nvidia release a new beta driver the other day and my problems came back, I went back and uninstalled the 3D drivers again and my problems went away.

    I high recommend people trying this first as it takes 2 seconds, and doesn't matter unless you use 3D, much easier than modding your Bios.

  14. LordMondando

    That actually looks diffrent to my issue. I never saw anything pick up and move around. Things appear also to be skipping as if your client is constantly trying to catch up, not just warping around as if its just confused as to where things are.

    Its subtle distinction, but it may underlying a completely diffrent issue and is worth reporting in a ticket.
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  15. LordMondando

    Ok i've tried using

    bcdedit /set useplatformclock true

    to force HPET.

    And I engage my overclock. So went from 4.1 to 4.5 using asus turbov (I'm lazy)

    -Warping stops, completely
    -Lost 10 fps's under load (28-18).

    The ****?
  16. LordMondando

    Ok, playing around a bit more.

    Seem to only loose FPS under extreme (I mean 3 way biolab extreme load) otherwise its a gain.

    and it doesn't seem to entirely remove the warping issue, had it once allready though only for a few seconds as opposed to constantly.
  17. BenYeeHua

    Ya, this engine too weak for desync...
    And I wonder did the devs know this or not...
  18. Falters

    I PM'd Radarx and asked him to pin this. The BCDEdit command worked for me. Just tossing my support at this thread.
    Thanks to BenYeeHua (BenLim) for pointing it out and helping me learn a few new tricks!

    By the way SOE, I went shopping for games while I couldn't play yours... see you when I see you. You have the start of a great game here, I hope you finish it in time.
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  19. LordMondando

    Bumping, again.
  20. BenYeeHua

    Yes, yesterday I has play PS2, before the patch it has many people, even it is midnight at Malaysia.
    But yesterday... It look like a abandon Planet...:(