Desync and disconnect for over three weeks.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Mazingoman, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. Mazingoman

    Hello PS2 devs,
    I have been playing Planetside 2 on Miller even since the beta, on and off.
    I have been playing on a nearly daily basis for the past couple of years.
    Three weeks ago, an issue which I've never had started occurring:
    Within 2-20~min into the session, all game assets would float into a set direction while looping their final action, (Players, vehicles), and after a couple of minutes, I would get disconnected from the server with a "Disconnected" message. (The issue also occurred on Cobalt)

    My softwares are fully updated, my hardware is in top shape, my network works perfectly with every other game service and platform and I have never experienced in issues with Planetside 2 which were hardware/software/network related or otherwise.
    I've made two Reddit posts about it in a one-week interval and it seemed to be a sub-known issue that occurred often with Central European ISP's.
    The solution people found for it is by paying for a VPN. (I don't want to start paying for another service yet, and would like to solve the issue if possible)

    I have contacted DGB support and they tried to troubleshoot the issue. They've asked me to take steps that ensure there is no conflict between BattlEye and other programs and claimed that BattlEye is disconnecting me. They've went as far as suggesting that I re-install my Windows.
    Before doing so, I've conducted a test where I've connected my computer to my mobile cellphone's network via USB tethering. Everything worked perfectly. An hour passed and the issue didn't reoccur.
    This rules out any software/hardware on my local machine being the culprit, which means there is an issue between my network to the game servers which causes a desync. Possibly in conjunction with BattlEye. (I'm guessing there is a routing issue, maybe something like that proccs BattlEye to disconnect me?)

    After discussing things further with the DBG support, I was encouraged by them to post about this in here. They said they cannot help me directly after running me through the text-book troubleshooting. They also suggested I contact my ISP (Which I have, and am still waiting on them to examine my network).

    As things stand at the moment, when I try to play via my home network, this occurs.
    I also noticed that after this happens, verifying the game via Steam reports that 17 files require replacement (despite being 100% intact before launching the game and experiencing the issue).

    Unfortunately, I have also missed out on three weeks of my membership and one heroic booster, as well as a members double-xp weekend.
    DBG now froze my membership until the issue is sorted out, but my booster is still on and I still can't pay, nor did DGB agree for any compensation for the time and value lost.
    My top priority is to be able to play again, but I wanted to mention all things we have discussed, even though it is not directly related to the bug.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Proman

    Same here, 20-30 min periods everthing floats and getting disconnect. I hope they can find some solution
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  3. Seython

    I also have the same issue. To the letter.
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  4. Silverson

    Same here except DBG havent answered my petition to the problem, as of today, 4 days after i have submitted a ticket.
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  5. Jx9000

    Not having many disconects but lag spikes every few min, over VPN seems stable, EU servers really seem messed up for weeks now, interesing that it only seems to afect certain isp
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  6. Tom Jaffrey

    I have also the same issue, every 15 to 20 minutes, whats that, pls solved this asap. It is not playable and not funny.
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  7. Tom Jaffrey

    Why you don't solved this very big problem. Only today I have 5 times disconnect. That is verry frusted or have you no intrested for paygamers or anyone players?!
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  8. Adel

    I have the same issue playing from north Africa, my ping goes above 1000 ms everything start float and after that I get disconnected from server, although I have no issue with my internet connection. When I connect with my open VPN server in Netherlands everything works perfectly.
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  9. Mazingoman

    Months later, the issue still persists despite much local troubleshooting. The issue seems to be very commom and persist for a small percentage of the player's base population. (Reddit contains a few threads here and there from the past few months which describe the same problem.) Other issues for European players seem to consist of lag spikes and unstable latency caused by poor routing to the game servers.
    Considering this is most likely BattlEye poorly responsing to an exterior network issue players suffer from, I'd have expected devs to investigate and pinpoint the issue by now so that an excpetion can be created; allowing players not to get kicked and disconnected.
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  10. Jx9000

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  11. TownCryer8

    Same issue for me starting about a month ago.. Can't login to the European servers without getting disconnected instantly or within 10 seconds. Been playing since Beta. Help!
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  12. Ragnarock

    Unfortunately the issue persists. Unable to play for the past few days.
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  13. Mazingoman

    The SubReddit has been full of similar reports in the past few months, if you search for "Disconnect". Can we get a dev response at this point? Clearly this is a game issue that reports false positives for BattlEye and disconnects players who used to be able to play without a problem in the past. At this point I think this needs to be addressed with clarity and given the attention it deserves.
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  14. Senzorei

    I get the exact same issue, Cobalt. My ISP is Baltcom in Latvia, they connect to the Telia infrastructure upstream.
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  15. Acheilox

    I have this problem when playing on SolTech but not on Connery
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  16. Spunk Mayo

    Emerald giving these issues to myself and a couple of other players I game with. No disconnects, but teleporting/rubberbanding/random movement of vehicles and infantry. Client side actions extremely slow to register, server side stuff is out of whack. Clears up after a bit, but always happens towards the end of big alerts.
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  17. SlimPickens

    I am having the disconnect looping issue as well. Just started last week. My character still moves around but everything else is stuck in a loop/action until I get a disconnected message. Ping is good, hardware is good. Very frustrating to deal with. Has anything worked for anyone towards a solution?
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  18. strog13

    Same problem. I wrote to technical support, but their methods did not help me. As a result, they told me to send a bug report to battleye. I am waiting for their response.
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  19. joaovitorbf

    Same issue.
    "Fixed" it by using a VPN.
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  20. Senzorei

    It's some kind of issue with BattlEye, seems to happen occasionally when uninstalling other games that use it. Reinstalling BattlEye and/or Planetside 2 might fix it.
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