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  1. ACE79

  2. ACE79

    Has any one else had similar experiences with such players and if so how did you deal with it
  3. BrbImAFK

    There's no question that the dude is dodgy. That said, it's against the forum rules to name 'n shame other players. The best thing you can do is /report and hope for the best. Not that I've ever found /report to result in anything, but hey.....
  4. dusandros

    desiVS character page shows he made the character yesterday and is already BR 23
  5. ObiVanuKenobi

    His stats are very good but it's hard to judge without any videos, the fact that he has "VS" behind his name means it's not his main character and he already knew the game before making this one.
  6. Eternaloptimist

    Over 600 kills and BR 29 in under three hours play? Wow. I am seriously doing something wrong.
  7. Zagareth

    Well, getting a lucky tactical advantage for 3 hours, where you can kill a lot for foes in no time, is definitely possible in this game. So judging a players skill during a 3 hour killing spree is very hard, only based on the stats.

    As for me, I can only say, I had a few situations in this game where I got a few dozends (161:1 personal record) kills in a row, practically in no time, because no one really took care about me. But that as a Sniper - which is comparatively easy.

    A 5+ K/D rating is pretty easy for every good and experienced player, as long as you dont go for suicide missions and as long as you get an overview in the surroundings.

    However, the HA playstyle isn't really made to get a good K/D rating...
    But when you are able you master a profession, then it might be possible and in this case, all other people just become easy victims on your way to the hall of fame.

    Nevertheless, 3 hours means nothing, but if he continues to be that successful with a ground trooper, then I would make bets on a 3rd party helper...
  8. Ptryk1

    It was just double XP weekend, so if the guy is paying for membership/boosts the BR isn't surprising.
  9. FieldMarshall

    4.1 KPM, 35% accuracy, 34% HSR, 1441SPM. Seems legit lol.
  10. Eternaloptimist

    200 kills an hour average (33 a minute) is pretty awesome regardless. I'm quite prepared to believe that there might be MLG out there who can do that. I'm equally prepared to believe that this is a product of exploitation or cheating of some sort. Don't care either way - what I care about is that I can't achieve anything like that! :mad:
  11. Liewec123

    it does seem pretty darn dodgey, made yesterday, already BR 29, unusually high KDR,
    he has the geekiness to be the "cheating is cool!" type too, he made a guild that is "D3S" written in binary.

    but then again, we have inhumans like Elusive1 (who i'm still dubious about but the general consensus is that he's legit),
    so this guy might just be inhuman too.
    though this guy seems to have double the KDR of elusive1, which is suspicious.
  12. JonnyBlue

    Same here my best was 80 kills in like 3 hrs camping a bio pad as guys zoomed up I find it totally unbelievable 200 kills in 1 hrs play unless he was fight clubbing or using some form of hack.....

    Saying that I shot a VS guy today in the back must have hit him a good 15 times he simply turned around and shot me 2-3 times with an Orion with my shield on at around 70 meters , I was gobsmacked but to lazy to report him which I should have.
  13. Xerox1231

    He has many weapons unlocked, more than what you could get from BR29 progression. He also has many exceptional and AE variant weapons. Despite the awesome stats, I'm reluctant to think that he's hacking.
  14. breeje

    Elusive1 has his computer directly connected to his brain :D
    no you can call him inhuman, i love to see this guy in action
    like all the top players, if the are legit great for them, if there not shame on them
    i can say one thing about Elusive1, he is very helpfully if you ask him a question about infill play and his PC settings
    he helped me out allot when i started playing infill in this game
  15. Liewec123

    i always watch his vids in 0.25 speed and i'm always like "he didn't even aim at them!" XD
    like he'll be jumping through the air and hipfiring a sniper rifle and getting headshots :p
    i'm not saying he is hacking ofcourse, but i am pretty sceptical/jealous ;)
  16. PanzerGoddess

    i do the same thing, your point is? Like someone said its playstyle, I spend time doing funy suicide runs so my death issue is on clowning around. Also depending on your graphics and game settings can make your gameplay much better in terms of using the game engine to your "advantage" lol.... Like keybinding crouch on fire, or shield on fire and off on release, looking down while bunny hopping to avoid headshots, using your internet speed to put you behind on server input, low graphical settings to keep all the fancy lights etc off your screen, shooting single round weapons and looking down and away after every shot, using recursions graphic settings, should I keep going?

    To the op, he may be that good, give it a month if you see him stop playing within the next few months you will know that there was shady dealings going on, seen plenty of high k/d players join new and leave as quickly as they came for "various" reasons. The high averages s/m is around 5-600, 1441 is crazy high. I see k/ds over 10 however with scores around 300 or less. 3000 players and your worried about this one guy, go somewhere else if you cant handle it, they come n go, if not it is what it is, either he is legit or he isnt, report him, let dbg do what they want, move on.
  17. Demigan

    Either the guy cheats, or he uses an exploit.

    The first video I watched, I said to myself "he seems to fire a lot of shots that miss but hit". I asked him about it, he said "that's the magic of drag-shooting, just look at it frame-by-frame and you'll see that I hit them every time".

    So I did.

    The very first kill he made: It didn't matter when he fired, his crosshair never crossed the path of the player, in fact the player would never have crossed the bullets path no matter when he fired. I looked at it frame by frame and took a screenshot. "If you watched it on 60FPS on Chrome you would have seen him cross it" (Chrome had just received that feature). "But it would have take at least 3 missing frames for the guy to cross the bullets path".
    No more reactions.
    Since then the 'increase head hitbox size' cheat has been revealed, and occams razor tells us that it has to have been that.

    But one example won't do, so I looked further in the same video. "Hey Elusive, here's 3 frames I pulled where with a single shot you create 3 bullet impacts, one on each side of the player you shoot at and 1 on his head. Bit strange isn't it?"
    "Yeah that's because of the other players"
    "In two of the frames where one other player with you who would need to be drag-shooting his Carbine, highly unlikely. And in one frame you are alone. So either when you drag-shoot you abuse something in the backend of the game 'smearing' a bullet over a larger area, increasing your hit-chance, or you are cheating".
    No more reactions.

    "Hey Elusive, in the following frame you can see you are firing off-target, it takes about 2 frames before you cross the targets path (short-range target), how is that possible?"
    "Well it takes a frame or two before the bullet starts flying".
    That's complete and utter bullshi t ofcourse, bullets start flying the moment you press the button. "Hey Elusive, if that's true, here are a few frames where you fire at a similar short-ranged target, but the fire-animation is once directly on-target which the next frame is already off-target so would be a miss, and here's another one where you fire after you've already passed the target, but in all cases you still get a headshot kill! Care to explain?"
    No more reactions.

    Isn't it strange that someone who claims to be awesomegod cool wouldn't want to check and see if he might be helped by a giant loophole in the games code which makes his drag-shots increase his hit-chance? From the stills I took it would mean he has maybe a 1/3rd actual hit-chance of what he achieved in those video's (which I also told him). Considering that his first kill in that video couldn't ever have connected and all the weird stuff I found in a single of his video's with shots that are taken at different intervals but all still connect it's highly highly unlikely that he's clean.
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  18. Towie

    Interestingly, he hasn't played since the beginning of this month - well he logged on the 19th but didn't actually play.

    Wasn't it the end of Feb that they implemented the instant short term ban for modifying the pack files (ie. hitbox) ? Repeatedly doing this results in a perma ban.

    On a side note, some very well known (notoriously 'good') players who appeared often in this forum stopped playing end of Feb / beginning of March. Maybe they all got bored at the same time ?

    Food for thought. Alas, just like a bad penny, these folks tend to come back...
  19. DasAnfall

  20. Gundem

    Everytime a pro makes an alt, a new hackusation thread pops up.

    Just accept that there are players who've reached skill levels beyond your comprehension and all will be well. If these god-like skills are possible to develop in a game like CS:GO or Quake with professional players who play in tournaments, why is it not possible for someone to play as well in PS2?