Design your ideal infantry weapon!

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  1. Ribero

    Sifted through the pages to see if anyone had, typical it's on the 8th.

    Oh well, shock combos all day, erryday.
  2. hawken is better

    That's one thing that I've always hated about the T7; there are SMGs, carbines, and assault rifles that shoot faster than it. The thing's cone-of-fire bloom is waaay too high for its rate-of-fire, yet it is an absolute laser when single shotting... which is not what you're supposed to be doing with a minigun. The fact that you have to burst fire it (which doesn't even allow you to reach its already contextually-mediocre rate-of-fire due to the spin-up time) completely negates its "minigun" persona.

    Either raise this thing up to 896 rpm, or tighten up its cone-of-fire by a considerable amount. In its current state, it's just a flat-out poor design that implies that the devs have no idea what they're doing.
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  3. Craftyman


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  4. Kunavi

    ...Yet nobody mentions ANY of the FallOut 3/NV weapons. Give me MINI NUKES, MAKE THEM ALL GLOW! Or the Power Fist! :p Or the Shoulder-Mounted AutoCannon!! :p Or the GATTLING LAZ00000ooR!!!

    By the way.. Striker = Red Glare's ******** little brother. And I'd trade my ChainBlade for a Ripper ANY F&*($#& DAY.
  5. Samuel2213

    A TR Chaingun that has no ironsights, but has a slightly smaller CoF and allows me to spin-up the barrels before firing. So that I can actually use the Chaingun as a Chaingun
  6. Tuco

    I'd like a new weapon that won't make me sick, crash my car, or make me feel 3 feet thick.
    I'd like a new weapon that won't make me nervous wondering what to do.
    One that makes me feel like I feel when I'm with you
    When I'm alone with you
  7. Posse

    VS needs a weapon like that works like the Void Ray from Protoss in SC2, a continuous plasma beam, it should be a long range weapon with relatively low DPS (to avoid it being too OP).
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  8. Pikachu

    I want a weapon that shoots electric current. Preferably yellow electric arc.
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  9. Gustavo M

    [Insert absurd RPM/low damage weapon here]
    Alt-fire: deploys shield that blocks all sources of damage in front of you.
  10. DukeFlash

    pika pi !~ [IMG]
  11. xArchAngelx

    Hmmm...looks like an NC Max
  12. Varennikov

    My ideal weapon would be an automatic version of the battle rifle. Yippie kay yay mother ****ers

    Also falcons for the TR. Bye pounders hello Falcons :). One can dream
  13. Kid Gloves

    Oh yeah! The weapon-lock gun! :D

    That thing was godly in organised squads, and insta-weapon-lock if used within 300m of a friendly pub squad. :D
  14. MonnyMoony

    For VS - something like this as an alternative to the proposed MAX flame throwers.

    (clip from the final fight in the movie Demolition Man - after Snipes's character knocked the end off the cutting laser - from :3:10 onwards)

    I'd also like to see a VS heavy weapon (AV) that acts like this weapon before the end is knocked off. It would work similar to how Beam Lasers used to work in the old Amiga game Elite Frontier (for those old enough to remember - i.e. instant beam that causes low level but constant damage on contact - meaning you have to hold the beam on the target.
  15. Heyitsrobbie1984

    This rifle but with a Nanite systems theme for the rifle :)
    167 damage up close and 143 damage past 60 metres
    velocity is 640 metres per second fires at 750RPM
    full auto-3 round burst and a 30 round magazine
    can choose between softpoint ammo and HV bullets

    a very flexible rifle indeed
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  16. Rentago

    I want an NS 6 chamber grenade launcher and rocket rifle like in planetside 1
  17. nooblet91698

    ...That's the BR55 Battle Rifle from Halo 4...and you basically just described how it is used in Halo, but without full auto, since this is burst fire..
  18. Jaedrik

    Holy guacamole, yes, thank you, sir. As a TR, I thank you.
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  19. TheShrapnelKing

    I'm telling you, nifty, powerful, unique guns make the game more interesting. No one ever listens because inevitably when you make a weapons powerful you kill things faster and everyone complains about that but I"m sticking with it.

    I'll say it again:


    VS Automatic Short Range Rapid Fire Lightning Arc weapon. Wouldn't that be fun in a biolab? Just make sure there's no friendlies anywhere in front of you.
  20. SystematicKillr

    For TR,

    Bullpup Design Rifle -- Assault rifle/Medic -- Perhaps a Carbine version too with modified stats
    50 Round Magazine -- doesn't reload quick but is not super slow either
    Has a left or right recoil pull -- basically Please no unpredictable equal horizontal pull
    Max damage: 143 to 10m
    Min damage: 125 @ 65m
    800 RPM
    Low Recoil -- Large first shot multiplier
    Average Assault rifle hipfire accuracy
    Quick bullet Spread Increase when Aiming down sights

    Available Attachments
    All Sights: 1x, 2x, 3.4x, 4x, 6x
    HV ammo
    SP ammo
    Foregrip, Laser sight and flashlight -- Neither advanced versions
    Silencer, Muzzle Break and FlashHider

    I tried to make it as unOP as possible but I'm also afraid I made it UP