Demise of PSA. Very sad.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by icufos, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. icufos

    I'm sad to see the demise of PSA.

    They are giving refunds to all who paid for the game which is generous in my opinion.
    Didn't expect it. Pretty sure they are not obliged to do so.
    Anyways I shall put the refund straight back into PS2 and wait in anticipation of PS3.

    Will PS2/PS3 still be here at the end of 2020? Don't know, hope so.
    Not even sure I'll make it to the end of 2020.:confused:

    Here's wishing all at PS2 and all players of PS2 a happy New Year and good luck.
  2. Demigan

    if it is there at 2020 it can't be very good.

    They would need to use an old engine to pull that off. Even then they would have to rebuild large parts of the engine to accomodate a PS2 predecessor and circumvent a lot of the bugs that PS2 is plagued with.
    Even assuming they already have the perfect engine to pull this off a single year to build all the models, weapons, vehicles, buildings, locations, mechanics and features? You'd need half an army of developers and some extremely tight coordination to get every single developer working on the right stuff without interfering with that of someone else.
  3. Liewec123

    i'm actually REALLY happy that DBG woke up as soon as they did and aborted PSA.
    i was wondering how much longer the money spent in PS2 was going to be flushed down the PSA toilet.
    PSA was doomed to fail, and it'd have dragged the entire franchise down with it.
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