Delay made mines pretty much worthless, use medical kits

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Hoki, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Hoki

    So despite whatever range buff they gave mines I haven't actually died to a mine after the buff and added delay.

    I've set off many mines but I haven't actually been damaged by any of them.

    I can't tell for certain if its the no-damage bug, or if its because I've ran beyond the aoe damage area.

    Either way this pretty much ruined mines, they aren't killing anything anymore. Especially claymores because you can simply run through them. Yes thats right, just run through the claymore and you take no damage.

    AP mines: a roller coaster of cluster ****.


    Medical Kit 4
  2. redsevenski

    Personally I find I'm getting more kills again with the claymores, but this might just be server dependent (i.e. maybe there are some lower battle ranks due to the new recommended server system). I've yet to run through one and survive as well so the sound to me is just a warning that I'm going to be dead in a split second. Maybe you're seeing the no damage bug back again?

    I agree medkits are better though, and I will switch to them once I've auraxiumed the claymores.
  3. Ripshaft

    ... you serious? I've been getting single and double kills constantly with my mines, I'm loving it, and they appear to do much more damage to maxes... they were buffed massively, though I have noticed some of the issues with claymore facing are still there, but it's only about 1/15 or so in my experience. Also there's an amusing bug that gives allies credit for enemy mine kills, I've had it happen to me a number of times, and was on the other end last night when I ran over a claymore and it showed up as a vs kill and 100% dmg lol.

    Edit: also the sounds and animations are cool as all hell, the sounds should probably be a bit louder though
  4. Takoita

    What are you smoking, OP? They are noticeably more deadly now. (and Betties now finally bounce, however awkward the animation may be)
  5. Rigsta

    The new prox mines & betties are awesome. Much more reliable than they used to be, I've gotten a lot of kills with them.

    Claymore are still laughable though. Lasers >_>
  6. Rasui

    OP is smoking something or has no idea where to place mines.
  7. TeknoBug

    /shrug suit yourself OP. I still get AP mine kills, been getting LOTS of them actually.
  8. Hoki

    Weird cause I've been running through betties' trigger zones (not OVER them), setting them off, and taking no damage.
  9. TeknoBug

    How about this for LOL's, never seen a mine take out more than 3 people before, probably wouldn't have happened without the radius buff.
  10. Jkar

    Today I dropped two prox mines under a MAX and then gave him a few shots from my SMG, he dropped really fast so I wouldn't say they're worthless. Rather the activation delay made it possible for me to get out of range after dropping those mines before they blew up.
  11. TeknoBug

    Looks like someone else managed it too
  12. K2k4

    I haven't noticed a difference in mine effectiveness, but I swear people can see mines twice as easy as before (i only use TR claymores) and I've had more people chasing me suddenly stop and shoot my trap I set even mid-combat than ever before.

    No complaints though they still make for a nice surprise, you can't rely on them for easy kills anymore though.
  13. SpaceKing

    sometimes I walk over a mine placed in the doorway, think O**** and it'll not actually explode, but later I'll walk OUT the same doorway and explode
  14. Rigsta

    Before GU...11 I think, there was a bug that made the lasers and often the claymore itself not render.

    I still occasionally encounter an invisible mine but it's very rare now. Those lasers the claymores emit stick out like... well, green lasers.
  15. Aimeryan

    The amusing (note: sad) thing is that green lasers wouldn't stick out at all unless there was a lot of mist or smoke in the air.
  16. SirIBON

    The Vanu and the NC AP Mine were sunken in the floor, sometimes. But i didnt see this anymore.
    With Claymores i have the angle Problem (to high, to low). But i think this is only a practice Problem.
  17. Black Humor

    Mines are more lethal than ever. They only very slight nerf was to defensively dropping them if someone is chasing and to toss them out of the spawn rooms for free kills.
  18. Ripshaft


    Just got this one =) 7 kills, cluster of nc in biolab ftw!
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  19. Get2dachoppa

    Yeah, i'm getting double and triple kills with my mines easy now. Payback for all those nanoweave users living through my headshots. I'm just going to keep spamming mines now until everyone certs back to flak armor, and when they do...I'll go back to sniping them in the head.
  20. zaspacer

    I've stopped using Personnel Mines on all of my Loadouts. Main reasons:
    1) don't need them to get rid of Scout Flash Radar
    2) can't use them to drop in the path of someone chasing me
    3) can't use them as a quick Area-of-Effect weapon
    4) 3xMedKits help me live longer which means more kills and less set-up time

    I expect I will switch to Personnel Mines when I am in a heavily crowded area with ready access to Terminals to re-supply at. Also, if I know I want to try to hold a Cap or Generator against 1-2 players.