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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Grandizer, Jun 30, 2022.

  1. Grandizer

    Can DBG block this person's IP or something, block his hardware ID, anything?

    He keeps rolling different characters all with a different end to his tag. Today he's DefNotAHackerV9, the other day DefNotAHackerV6 and so on.

    Speed warping and aim botting. Comes on every day it seems.
  2. Johannes Kaiser

    Write a mail to their support, if possible with a short video proof.
  3. Grandizer

    Aware of HOW to report a hacker. The question was "Can DBG block this person's IP or something, block his hardware ID, anything" because he keeps changing his log in. His characters are lvl 10 or more.

    I have sent an email and if yell chat is following what they're saying, others have also, yet he/she keeps coming back on, for over a week. Hard to get a video as I'm not going to record gigs of video in hopes to be killed by him, especially if my Plat isn't fighting TR at the time.
  4. OneShadowWarrior

    I saw him on Emerald a few days ago in a TR max suit on Hossin at Nason’s Defiance base, he was under the ground from the kill cam and had 172 kills within minutes. I reported him, doubt it makes any difference, battleeye is supposed to catch this stuff.

    He was very arrogant on chat about it. Why do people cheat on a free to play game? Makes no sense!
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  5. Johannes Kaiser

    That question as well is something best adressed to the people in charge of the decision. As much as I support your call for a permanent device ban, there's nothing I can do about it. Neither can anyone else here but Mithril. And he might rather send you a warning for name-calling (look at my signature).
  6. FLHuk

    I've now lost count how many patches we've evolved through and still have these guys doing the exact same thing....

    It's almost like they're not in the wrong!
  7. Grandizer

    it's not name calling, it's a fact. I am not assuming he/she is cheating, it was globally seen by everyone multiple times on multiple days.
    I brought it up as a general inquiry since it's not a bug and perhaps Mithril will read the post and investigate the option. I also did send this idea to support as well.