Definitely pay to win.

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  1. zaspacer

    I fly an ESF often, and there are times when the skies are a deathtrap, especially for an underpop faction or if there are active Skyknights or Gank Squads prowling. And I can run out of resources from pulling it. And I am an above average pilot, with tons of hours and experience, who is fairly risk averse, and who has Membership resource boost.

    If lower skilled ESF pilots *didn't* run into issues of running out of resources to pull them, then I expect we'd see a lot more ESFs in the air and a lot more people getting better at flying ESFs. A F2P player does not need to be "hopelessly terrible" to run out of resources from pulling ESFs.

    Now you could argue that players learning ESF or even above average ESF pilots should be spending some time waiting for Resources. But that is not the issue you addressed. You specifically said only people hopelessly terrible at a vehicle run out of resources to pull it.
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  2. DoucheSlayer

    BR 98 on PS4 without ever using/buying any membership/boosts (didn't even use free ones from the beginner directives)
    I guess it'd be nice to get thousands of xp for killing a farmbait vehicle like people do in videos they post, but I don't want to be overflowed on certs, I like having something to buy always (that isn't a 1000 last-cert upgrade on ammo / reload speed)
    Feels cool too, my Prowler going from literally no upgrades except the 1 cert 1.25x zoom going to maxed out nearly made me a master at it towards the end. Other people with completely maxed MBT's from xp boosts aren't knowledgeable enough a lot of times. "Struggling" with slow progress in the game has made me feel like I stand out in the game compared to other players when it comes down to a skill-based scenario :D
  3. DarkStarII

    For some reason this really bothers me.
    You actually have 33.3% less.
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  4. Liewec123

    nope that is all XD
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  5. Okaydan

    I used to play a shooter where you could buy additional PRIMARY WEAPON SLOTS. To give a general impression:
    default gun literal downgrade to P2W weapons;
    pistol worst in the game (only 4 alternatives, other GOOD pistols (like 5 or so, P2W exclusive));
    melee (20% damage default, up gradable to 50% damage.. member only melee = 90% damage).

    Members have access to more than twice as many guns, which are mostly plain upgrades over default weapons. They can carry e.g. a rocket launcher, minigun and LMG, tank mines, flash mines, heal kits, pistol and katana in one load-out. A F2P of the same class is restricted to a poorer rocket launcher, pistol, mines and bad melee... F2P can't use miniguns/LMG's, no grenade launcher, no 1-shot bodyshot sniper, no snipers that shoot drivers out of vehicles, no scoped rifles etc...

    In that game, the gap between F2P and P2W was so FREAKIN HUGE that it became elitist to NOT use P2W weapons... because owning with defaults meant you were a REAL PRO. Compared to that, this game is not P2W at all.

    I've never been member (did buy DBG though). I've never bought implants but, I own all implants of all tiers, have 400 chargers and 30 ultrachargers. I run BattleHardened4/Awareness/EOD4/regen 24/7. I don't see how it's pay to win, you can sustain your energy easy.

    Even though I bought weapons and spent 100+days ingame, I still have lower SPM and K/D than a buddy of mine who grinded F2P to BR85 or so.

    Really, complaining about P2W in PS2 is so ... nit-picky-ish (lack of better word).
  6. Pikachu

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  7. ArcKnight

    PS2 monetization model is "if you don't wanna grind then pony up the green"

    the only thing that you can't get with certs is camo's and hats and sound horns
  8. adamts01

    Did you even read the OP? Or just the title? Real money buys you more resources to use more consumables and more vehicles.
  9. ArcKnight

    more resources doesn't really translate to anything more than having a stockpile of consumables
    for vehicles more resources only means you can get your vehicle up faster after its been blown up, it doesn't increase the number of vehicle it just reduces the time needed for spawning another one

    pay2win would be increasing the max consumable carrying on your character that free players can't get access to
    example: free players can carry two consumables while paying players can carry 3 consumables.. that would be p2w
  10. adamts01

    In certain situations, C4 is the optimal weapon to deal with the enemy. You can spend real money to use C4 more often. No matter how much you grind, you'll never be able to use C4 as often as a paying player. While I believe this game as a whole isn't pay to win, there are a few instances where it slightly is.
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  11. ArcKnight

    that inevitable in every F2P game
  12. adamts01

    It might be common, but it's not inevitable. Most of this game isn't F2P, almost everything you spend real money on is strictly cosmetic. And I'm fine with real money speeding up the grind, the game has to make money somehow. But I thoroughly believe that in the end, a free player should be able to reach the exact same level of performance as a paying player. And for the most part, this game nails it, but nanite acquirement and being able to spend real money to keep implants running are two things that make this game slightly pay to win and should be changed.
  13. Tyrsta

    Not everyone has the ability to aim. Take away c-4 and i get nothing.

    Also, \o/ Cryo :3
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  14. Eternaloptimist

    So pay for membership. or alternatively don't.........and don't pay for purchases either, as you can buy anything useful with the certs you earn.

    People are lucky they even get the option to play this massive game for free. Whining about it taking a bit longer to earn stuff is plain childish.

    Its not as if there is anything a subscriber can get is absolutely denied a F2P player, not even the stuff you have to buy with DBC - subscribers pay for their monthly DBC allowance though their subscription just like if you decided to buy a wad of it whenever you wanted.
  15. Yessme

    there is a littel difference in gameplay, with premium acc, thats true.
    like AIRgameplay = Premium = P2W. ( because Premium can Spam ESF hole time)
    and other myt is, all know NC14 Sniper.
    Some premium Member, you Need 2 Headshots,Engii or HA, Close range.
    No premium, all times 1 Head = kill @ any range.

    But we should understand, without Premium = no Planetside2
  16. adamts01

    This post isn't about the grind, stay on topic.

    There absolutely is, 50% nanite generation. Maybe that's not important to your style of play, but it's important to how others may play. It might be a small advantage, but it's still an advantage.
  17. Cymric

    While I was grinding out the LA vehicle kill directive, I will keep launching off the top of tech plants and try to C4 the enemy vehicles. My alpha squad boost (+50% nanites) expired during that time and I had to take breaks in between runs where I wouldn't have to before, so that is an advantage there. However, that is about the only time the nanites matter, when I play normally nanites are never an issue.
  18. Savadrin

    So you go from 50 nanites to 75 per minute in trade for a somewhat stable income stream to support the devs and keep this game running for the leeches.

    Let's do some math!

    1 minute:
    1 free EMP/Flash/Decoy/Healing/Smoke Grenade, Resto Kit

    2 Minutes:
    1 Free Sticky/AV/Frag/Conc Grenade, Tank Mine, Med kit, Flash

    3 Minutes:
    1 Free C4/Prox Mine/Rez Grenade

    6 Minutes:
    One Free Harasser

    8 Minutes:
    One Free Sunderer or ANT

    10 Minutes:
    One Free Valk

    14 Minutes:
    One Free Lightning or ESF

    18 Minutes:
    One Free MBT/Lib/Gal/MAX

    Conversely you can pull a vehicle sooner with the boost:

    Harasser every (2) minutes instead of (3) = 1 Minute Saved

    Sunderer/ANT every (3) minutes instead of (4) = 1 Minute Saved

    Valkyrie every (4) minutes instead of (5) = 1 Minute Saved

    Lightning/ESF every (5) minutes instead of (7) = 2 Minutes Saved

    MAX/Lib/Gal every (6) minutes instead of (9) = 3 Minutes Saved

    This is pay to win?

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  19. Balake

    My brother and i havnent used any money at all on planetside and we are doing absolutly fine without it. Try playing more conservative
  20. adamts01

    And you can get even more resources as a paying customer with a boost. I'm all for supporting game developers, but I don't feel that it should give paying customers a tactical advantage, no matter how small.

    Good for you, that isn't relevant though. People keep suggesting ways to overcome the small P2W aspects of the game, that's not at all what this post is about. I've only been playing 2 months but I've spent a crap ton on this game. I see that it's not as strong as it was, and it has a lot of problems that probably won't get fixed, but it's still fun and with a new owner should stick around for a couple more years. Anyway, I'd rather spend money than grind, but I don't like the FACT that I have an edge over a similarly skilled free player. There are ways to sell subscriptions without that, and I think changing things would be a positive move.