Decreased sound quality since update 2014-01-30

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by C0y0te, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. C0y0te


    since update yesterday it seems the sound quality has decreased... I cannot describe it exactly, but it sounds like the quality (sample rate?) has been decreased in some way or some filter has been applied or whatever...

    This is true for speech from other players and also for the announcements e.g. for generators etc. it sounds.... less clear...

    Anyone else has experienced that difference?
  2. Eyeklops

    I think there was a mention in the patch notes about degrading VO quality to increase performance.
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  3. -NightWhisper-

    Why can't they just make lower qualities optional so those of us with good computers can enjoy the nice quality :(
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  4. C0y0te

    Oh yes, it's in the patch notes.

    Oh yes, please make further "enhancements" so I can grab my old Commodore C64 and have PS2 running there.

    Before I really liked some of the voices... now they have POTS quality!

    So sad that further and further adjustments are made making this game less quality step-by-step without giving players the choice.
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  5. Miuku

    Because it's not about your computer power, playing a sound on a modern machine has literally no impact whatsoever (even if you play hundreds of effects at once), this is most likely due to bandwidth consumption in fights where there are hundreds of players participating at once and someone decides to use proximity voip.
  6. Emotitron

    Yes. Let's get angry about THIS.
  7. Felkuro

    there was ingame sound? I never knew! I turned it all off except SFX. XD
  8. Kirdra

    "VO quality" should specifically refer to Voice Overs, there is a chance it was done in anticipation of the voice packs coming out in February if the roadmap stays accurate, since more voices to load = more memory footprint.
  9. DirArtillerySupport

    ...for structure textures as well...and LOD distance settings. Pretty soon we'll be so optimized for performance the game will run on a console with ultra settings.
  10. Miuku

    It's inevitable for an F2P game - it targets the section of players that are.. let's just put this nicely, most likely not to have a decent computer.

    This is what PC gaming has degenerated into, catering to the lowest common denominator - just look at World of Warcraft.
  11. vulcan78

    PS2 developers respond to concerns of continued, escalating degradation of quality:

    "Don't worry scro, my wife's a t a r d, and she's ok"

    "You mean like out the toilet?!"

    "Generation 2 Halloween Horns coming scro!"

    "We seem to be experimenting [sic] some technological difficulties"

    "huh, huh, yeah I like money"

    "I like money"

    "More patches coming scro!"

  12. DirArtillerySupport

    If someone told me this was going to happen back when I was sitting in my parents basement playing Burgertime on my Intellivision I would have said, “You are a liar sir!”