decreas capture timer for little outposts

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by elkikko92, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. elkikko92

    I like the actual meta game: capture the majority territories go conquer a continente.

    I suggest to decrease the capture timer of little outposts to 1 minute only
  2. Demigan

    No, this heavily discourages defenders.

    Imagine being a defender, you manage to hold off an enemy for 10 minutes on a small facility. Then they capture your point and you get the equivalent of 1 maaaybe 2 respawns to get it back? I mean holy crap that's terrible.

    The attackers already have so many advantages. How fair is it that attackers can attempt to take a base for 6 hours, and then when they finally do you have just a few minutes to bust out of a spawnroom that's designed as a chokepoint in favor of the attackers and then rush towards a point that is also designed to be held for extended periods of time? At least if the point room was easy to assault and take then the point could easily be recaptured to keep it interesting but right now it's basically "well F you defenders go suck a genital".

    Also consider what this does to the amount of defenders present by the time the attackers reach a major base. No one is going to stick around for a fight that's slated to the enemy, so the amount of players spawning on the major base to defend it in the first few minutes is going to be even less than it is now.

    This also expedites Zergs. Currently a Zerg can be broken up if almost all the defenders leave and the Zerg just sits there, waiting for a timer to go down while doing nothing. People in the Zerg leave for more interesting fights, the Zerg gets smaller and that allows the defenders to at mount a decent defense more easily at some point down the line. With your system the Zerg would basically roll down a lane towards the warpgate, only being slowed down when reaching a major facility but the only reason that slows them down is because the timer isn't 1 minute there... Yet.

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