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    I've been brooding on this for some time now so time to get a post out here to clear some things up.

    Normal infantry tactics (almost all other FPS and real military training) is out the window because of this terrible game flaw. If an infiltrator is able to Decloak and fire within the Interp time (the time it takes for packets to bounce from client to server to client) then the game is simply broken.

    It is literally impossible to strike angles at medium to long ranges and clear for teammates advances while holding position if this threat is out there. All of the wonderful shoot then move and alternate with a friend tactics that works wonderfully at suppressing peak angles, windows, and doors is completely ADHD as you have to sit there and strafe step and dodge shots from a theoretical infiltrator, and you lose you snappy reaction having to adjust to your own pacing and stopping to fire.

    I'd like to see the decloak timing doubled to make it possible (as it seemed more so in early PS2) to suppress equipped with instagib head-shot weaponry. All of the other cheesy things in this game have counters that involve player decision making and class loadout, in this case it is: 1. Have darklight flashlight and 2. Be in close proximity and 3. Manage not to die to the myriad of other threats around you. Analysis: impossible.

    Your asking me to be both the chicken and the egg. Also headless sniper skins are ******** and need to be refunded. A player can peak with just their head. If you can't see them, then it is not reasonable for them to put out damage.

    Again I have tons of time playing as infiltrator and am not hating on the class in general. I've had some questions about the tendency of daybreak to continually buff them with regards to the visibility of the cloak, but all in all thats fine as long as the main issue is addressed. I play infil as a accurate long range clear. I enter the engagement uncloaked for fast firing reactions and use cloak to back up, reload, reset, or in some small cases cross hot angles open field. Have I ever decloak fired at someone while doing the latter? The answer is yes, but that is not the main tenet of my game style because I feel it is unfair and my E-Bushido tells me not to break the golden rule in this manner.

    So to all the infiltrator out there using headless camo and only decloak firing at stationary targets who willingly take a knee and hold still to cover teammates, I say Eff you.

    To daybreak I say please fix this design flaw and recover a percentage of your lost player-base who have the logical sense to leave after being dusted by counter-less one way situations. I'm sure a big percentage of the CS:GO players who wandered over left for this reason. Probably the most tears were shed about air and vehicle farming, but all of those things have counters that involve risk. The risk for infil decloaks is after the kill assuming they have a decent skill and low sensitivity so it's simply broken.

    Double the decloak timing for infiltrators, and remove headless camo for refund or replacement.
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    I wish they get rid of the cloaking device all together, however you die to a cloaker sucks, be it a knife or smg to the back or a sniper from a far. Fighting squads of infiltrators is never fun.
  4. brutes359

    In all honesty. Id be willing to agree if in echange they add something that allows infiltrators to be spotted from further that three feet away when their cloaked. The Darklight is a joke. And with thermals now being "Threat detection optic" we can only use them to spot vehicles over on console. I seriously don't get how devs manage to screw up such a Simple technology. Auraxis is hundreds of years in the future. there are lasers and hover tanks and VTOLS. But the dev's means to tell me they cant master an optics technology invented in the 1970's....brilliant....just....brilliant.
  5. Pacopacotacoinurbum

    Yea so practical solutions to this without too much feature change shock:

    Id the 1 shot kill weapons and double their decloak time to fire.

    Also 1.5 all other timings aseptically to deal with smg/battle riffle spray-downs from flank positions that your recently "checked." Its too easy for someone to just continuous hits and prevent you from responding due to bullet punch, even if you hit some sort of skilly flick around on them.

    This puts the cloak on par with other classes and lets it be a setup and fleeing mechanism only, not a way to accomplish 1-way damage and cheaply achieve victory.

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