[BUG] Decloak Fire Delay

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Obie, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Obie

    There's an issue where Infiltrators can't fire immediately upon decloak. There is now a delay before you can fire your weapon and it often results in lost opportunities. I'm surprised there isn't more people reporting this problem.

    I suspect this may be a stealth change due to the introduction of SMGs to the Infiltrator's arsenal, but this change, just like the further increased visibility moving while cloaked, negatively affects Infiltrators who aren't using the SMG. There needs to be a better solution than bluntly changing a class in its entirety just to compensate for one single weapon. Perhaps a better solution would be to have the cloak and fire delay changes apply only when SMGs are equipped?
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  2. Mustarde

    Agreed. This is not the only thread to bring up this exact issue. Glad you noticed, its subtle and had me wondering if I went crazy at first.
  3. Ztiller

    As i said in the other thread, i believe it could have to do with the overall lag we have been suffering. They have supposedly fixed the lag just recently, so i think that peopel should get back in there and try again. If the problem still perists, then i'm ready to talk about it.
  4. beefrobo

    How long is the delay? There definitely should be at least a little bit of one. It's completely unfair for someone to be able to start uncloaking and be able to shoot right away. You should not be able to fire until the whole uncloaking animation has been completed, plus an extra quarter or half a second after that. If it's a whole second or more that sounds unfair.

    With no delay, infiltrators would be way too OP and kill anyone without being seen at all, especially with the SMGs. No delay and CQC weapons is why they stopped allowing infiltrators to use shotguns in the first place. Maybe with this new delay, they'll put shotguns back in.

    Edit: It could have also been caused by the lag like Ztiller said. You can tell if it's lag by trying to access a terminal. If there is delay in doing that then that would be the issue. Still stand by my delay suggestions though. :D
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  5. Oakwalker

    This is no bug, coming out of stealth then shooting up someones face has been overpowered for TOO LONG
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  6. Obie

    The delay is still there.
  7. JamRammer

    If this "OP" state is the way of the world now, then we clearly need ancillary support. Like, normalizing our health and such. If we will no longer be a glass cannon, then fix the effin glass.


  8. Obie

    At this point feels like we're being double dipped on the disadvantages here. We don't have the option of firing to decloak, so we already have to expend time to decloak, and now we have to deal with an additional fire delay?

    I'm not sure what kind of opponents people in general tends to deal with, but the players on my server rarely stand still. We've got a narrow window of opportunity to make the shot, and that's it.

    An across the board nerf to all Infiltrators just because there's a chance they're going to use a SMG is not sound game design at all, especially given the numerous inherent disadvantages the class already has for being able to cloak.
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  9. Sumguy720

    As I said in the thread I made about this topic: If they are going to have the delay they need to at least change the cloak animation so we as players can know when we can and can't shoot.

    Before we could shoot when the animation finished, now we have to guess.
  10. GraphicJ

    Hate to say it but I'm glad it's there. I think it's not a bug given that there was a delay when infiltrators had a shotgun. Maybe Devs are implementing the same feature.
  11. Crewell

    This delay has gotten me killed A LOT tonight. It has also caused me to miss a lot of shots. In fact it has made me log off in frustration. If SOE's plan is to have a paying member stop paying and go back to just playing free, their plan is working.

    The frustration I have is from seeing HAs being better snipers tonight than the Infiltrators.
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  12. HowToAim

    I'm not sure if the delay is intentional or lag as I definitely noticed a greater delay on Jaeger than Briggs (I'm from Australia), but either way the delay is a total ****-blocker.

    On another note about the cloak, I would like there to be separate keys for cloaking and uncloaking (as an option) because there is nothing more frustrating then fighting against the auto-decloak/accidental cloak at a critical moment.

    Not sure if it was mentioned elsewhere, but now the flashlight (and presumably laser sight) cannot be activated from cloaked state since update 2. I'm sure most players would prefer this as default, but considering a flashlights usefulness is limited to trolling in its current form, I enjoyed the limited tactical usefulness of confusing people by flashing the light at them before killing them.
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  13. ZephyrBurst

    Yeah, the delay on it today was horrendous. Drove me nuts today messing up countless shots.
    I'm also all for an icon close to my cloak that lets me know when it's active while I'm scoped.
  14. HowToAim

    You can turn on the 'centralized hud mode' in settings, which does help in knowing when you have cloak charge, but it's still not as certain as an 'off' button.
  15. 888GRM

    The delay drove me nuts yesterday.
    I tested it by the time I wrote this post and it inst there anymore though.
  16. Crewell

    I did relog later after my frustration. It seemed to have cleared up. It must be some kind of lag causing it.
  17. Mustarde

    My delay has been constant since patch. I am getting used to it but it definitely is a disadvantage. Line up a shot, decloak, wait.... Wait.... Pray that target stays still... Fire. Hope that the target stayed still. It's disgusting.

    To the above commenters, there was a slight delay prepatch - not an instafire on decloak. But this delay is longer, and it also seems to affect recloaking after a shot. There were a few times that I fired a shot, thought I recloaked and ran in a mess of guys who must have been chuckling as they peppered my visible body with rounds.

    I actually don't think the delay affects an smg user as much. You get close, decloak and fire at a close up target till they die. A few milliseconds doesn't really help the victim. But in sniping, those milliseconds will cost you kills as you wait to shoot at a target who may move at any point.

    To those who like this delay, ask yourselves - was this class ever OP that a nerf was needed? Was cloaking ever a real problem without counter?
  18. Jex =TE=

    Really? Funny how I've never encountered it even ONCE
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  19. OldMaster80

    I don't think this is intended. There's some kind of lag / delay connected to the cloaking.
  20. Oakwalker

    It was said in a joking manner, infiltrators are scrubs

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