Decent silenced perching weapon

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Wobulator, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Wobulator

    For now, I've been using a silenced PDW, but what do you think I should use?
  2. Plunutsud pls

    Anything with the longest maximum damage range, since suppressors affect damage range hard.
  3. Jeffrey94

    Depends what faction you are, but you'll want to go with something longer range, especially to compensate for the range loss from the suppressor.

    Judging from the avatar you play NC, so the AC-X11 or Razor could be a good choice.
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  4. cruczi

    If you want to play an LA that finds an elevated position and defends it, rather than playing a riskier in-your-face style, then you should not use an SMG. The NS-7 PDW, like any SMG, is rather lacking at range compared to carbines and the suppressor makes it so bad that it barely even works at medium range.

    I'd recommend Razor GD-23. It has the best velocity of any NC carbine so it meshes well with the use of a suppressor. It's extremely easy to control, all you need to do is pull down a bit - horizontal recoil is pretty minimal and the low-ish ROF makes both the recoil and cone of fire easy to keep in check. For attachments, forward grip and laser sight are both valid options, but the latter makes more sense to me because the weapon is already very controllable, but could use a bit of hip fire accuracy. HVA is worth it, it reduces the Suppressor penalty and pushes out the damage falloff curve by about 10 meters. The scope is a partly a personal preference, but you'll probably get the most consistent results with 1X reflex.
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  5. Iridar51

    ^ goddamnit cruczi, stop being so reasonable and giving people good advice. I need you to be a hater so I look good near you :D
  6. starlinvf

    If you are going with silenced weapons, first look at the high velocity and HVA options. This is to offset the slower projectiles of the suppressor. This makes the Razor a good platform to test on.

    The ACX is a semi-viable option, but you'll need HVA to offset the abysmal starting velocity. Even with that, you'll need to learn to lead targets.

    Another often overlooked weapon is the Hunter. If you can deal with the low velocity and 2-3 hit kills, its a weapon that will never reveal your location.

    If you want to have random fun, Shotguns, especially the Baron, with slug ammo is a better battle rifle then any of the burst weapons in the game.
  7. Iridar51

    Why baron? Because of the velocity? we don't really know if slugs inherit the velocity, I'll have to test it one of these days.
  8. Wobulator

    Thanks! I'm not going to go with slugs, because the whole point is a silenced weapon, but I will look into the Razor.
  9. starlinvf

    Older tests showed the slug still used the same base CoF, but it was hard to tell the difference in velocity due to how low they were to begin with. I've used the Baron personally, and I've had better luck with that then the Mauler.
  10. Iridar51

    Oh yeah, I forgot they buffed ADS Stand Move CoF for the baron, and that it had tighter hip fire CoFs already. Yeah, that makes sense.
  11. DHT#

    Razor is more accurate than the default, but it's still pretty bad compared to TR / VS carbines.

    Have you considered the crossbow?
  12. Erendil

    Why would you put a 1x sight on a long range carbine? :confused:

    I know, personal preference, blahblahblah.... But damn... It has such low recoil and is really accurate...With a 1x you're really hobbling its effective range. I wouldn't use anything less than a 3.4x on the thing.
  13. Iridar51

    It is my experience that weapon's effective range depends on the velocity very much. For example, T5 AMC and NS-11C. Both are accurate weapons, but NS-11C's abysmal velocity forces the use of 1x reflex. Due to low velocity, NS-11C is simply unusable where I would need a 2x magnification.
    So if he's going to use Razor with a suppressor, he probably won't be able to take full advantage of the 2x reflex.
    That's just my opinion, though, I don't use anything stronger than 2x on full-auto weapons. Shooting yourself in the foot, imo.
  14. Kulantan

    Fun Fact: the crossbow is no longer silenced.

    As for the original question. ACX-11, forward grip, 1x, silencer and HVA is my personal choice of perching weapon. While this seems like an odd set of choice, its partly about the weapon being right for constraining the task. Even with the HVA its going to have abysmal velocity, but when perching you only want to take targets you know you can kill and targets being stationary is a big part of that. The 1x sight is pretty short range, but it helps with the recoil and helps you not to get ambitious with longer range kills.
  15. Erendil

    Our experience has been different then, and we seem to have polar opposite views when it comes to sights. I do hear where you're coming from though and have read other people relay similar sentiments on these forums. :cool: As befuddling as it is for me. :confused:

    That said, IME Muzzle Velocity has very little to do w/ a weapon's effective range outside of a few extreme examples (like slug shotguns). Horizontal recoil and moving ADS CoF are usually the limiting factors for me.

    Slower MV can increase your lead time a bit on moving targets, and can cause you to miss a few bullets here and there if your victim is zig-zagging while sprinting for cover, forcing you to constantly adjust for their new headings But long range bullet hoses spit out so much ammo that unless they're already right next to cover I can usually still get the kill at ranges where I would want a 3.4x or 4x scope (say, 100-125m).

    RE: the NS-11C.... I've not used it outside of VR so I don't have field experience w/ it. But let me put it this way: I sometimes use a 3.4x scope on the PDW. And yes I do still get skills with it like that lol.. :p

    But then, I don't use the 1x/iron sights/NV on any weapon. The 2x reflex is the minimum, and I often use 4x scopes on long range automatics like the Ursa, Pulsar C, etc. I probably wouldn't on a Suppressed Razor though, instead sticking with the 3.4x. I would never go to anything lower than that though.
  16. cruczi

    If you intend to play a long range game, obviously a scope may help. My comment was in the context of using a suppressed carbine for an LA playstyle that revolves around height advantage. Height advantage is irrelevant for long range engagements, and suppressors seriously hamper your performance at long range. In this case, 1X reflex makes far more sense than a scope.

    Not that I personally couldn't reliably hit targets at long range with a 1X sight.. it's easy with a weapon as stable as Razor.
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  17. Iridar51

    It's a terrible weapon. You're pretty much required to go for headshots to do any meaningful damage, and velocity forces you to lead to hit a moving target at 20m already.
  18. Sharylz

    +1 to what Iridar says. I bought NS 11C, with all the required attachments, and I really regret it. You have to score headshots exclusively if you want it to perform OK. Which is not doable if you have an average level of skill.
  19. BurntDevil

    I use the crossbow for perched sniping. That way I can carry something for close range defense and still be able to snipe.
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  20. MarkAntony

    I like the ACX-11 with 3.4 x red dot scope. But then again I don't use a silencer since people don't notice me either way.