December update?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Maxence822, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Whiteagle

    What about the LPPA?
    AKA, the PPA ON A SCYTHE?!?!

  2. Maxence822

    Ya he said the regular ones can also be activated I think.
  3. MaxDamage

    Higby Plz twitch stream answers that question.
  4. Maxence822

    I have to say, those knives sound cool and those turrets look pretty sick! I'm excited for this next update!
  5. iller

    I'd much rather rely on a fast attack-interval knife than a slow 1hk one considering the hitregistry BS I've seen just trying to use the quick knife. ...I think someone said somewhere that the Melee detection was being changed from a trace-ent to a true PbAOE instance which might help a lot. Then I might consider getting it. But if the OHK knife isn't just for Backstabs, and no upgrade armor type protects against it, then I would predict nerfs in the future for it just like the UpperCut shotty and NC Scatmaxes

    That said, a "Melee team" of LA's and Stalkers working together by applying Smokescreen first could be quite a sight. the first time you were playing Broodwars and that one ***hole showed up early mid-game with DarkTemplars & Corsairs
  6. ComradeHavoc

    FFS the NC activatable knife activate state is like a vibrating pleasure device/