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  1. NinjaTurtle

    What I find funny is when a piece of debris smashes you in the head at 100mph and just scratches your paint work but a bit of debris gently rolling down a hill instantly wrecks you
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  2. ColonelChingles

    I was gunning for a Vanguard yesterday and we had just wrecked a Magrider at close range. The Vanguard proceeds to drive into the wreckage and I bailed.

    At this point driving into a debris field elicits the same reaction from me as driving off a cliff. It's that bad. :p
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  3. Tyrant103

    The fact a couple of c4 or any method used to destroy a deployed AMS can send debris 15 meters onto a friendly of your vehicle instantly killing no matter its size is fine too?
  4. Alarox

    Two problems with it:

    1.) When a vehicle dies its debris is launched at absurd speeds, so you're not safe within 100m.

    2.) If it touches you, you have a >50% chance of instantly dying.

    Here's a good example:

    Keep in mind that the momentum of the debris isn't necessary for you to be killed by it.

    It could be stationary, but simply driving up next to it could kill you. The bug is that debris deals collision damage 100+ times in a single second, so as long as it touches you for a moment you run the risk of dying from it. Kevmo knows that this bug exists, I'm making this thread to beg for a long overdue fix.

    Sometimes it doesn't happen for a week, but some times (like last night) I will die 3+ times from debris in a single session.
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  5. Juunro

    My personal favorite is when I blow up a harrasser and one of its flaming rubber wheels bounces off the front armor of my seventy ton Vanguard main battle tank and instantly destroys it, blowing it up with sufficient force to launch my debris onto a friendly AMS, destroying it and team killing enough friendlies to weapon lock me.

    This has happened more than once.
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  6. FBVanu

    some simple physics should really be fixed..

    Debris.. it should not be that an exploded harasser's tire rolls into a Lighnting tank, and the lightning explodes... killing the lightning
    that's just silly..
    If a giant Galaxy piece falls out of the sky and lands on you , OK, maybe there is some damage..

    I had a harasser push a Vanguard out of the way.. What?? A flash bumped a Lightning several meters across the road.. REALLY?
    The game physics should work like this:

    IMHO, it should be: A flash or harasser or Sundy runs into an MBT, at full speed, from behind.. the flash/harasser get 20% damage,, the Sundy gets 10% damage the MBT doesn't notice a thing, no damage to the MBT, maybe a little knocking sound.. but the MBT should not move by several meters or flip over etc.. that's absurd.. you gonna hit a 40-ton tank with a little bus and the tank gets pushed around ??

    Anything that runs into an MBT, does NOT move the tank.. unless it's another MBT.. move that down the ladder based on tonnage.. per vehicle..

    same for debris.. a little tire, that was blown to bits, rolls into a tank / sundy and takes out the vehicle ?? That piece of scrap metal has more power than 5 rounds of Titan AP ? Next time I see an enemy zerg, I want to be on a hill, and just roll tires at them.. instagibbing the entire zerg.. :eek:
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  7. TraatAdmiral

    Today I walked into a destroyed Scythe that was totally stationary and took upwards of 90% damage.
  8. Archiadus

    The power of debris:

    Sometimes I want it nerfed and other times I just love it.

    On another note, gotta love that hit detection right? :D
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  9. Pootisman

    Pfff. Todays debris is noob.

    I remember the times when debris was so overpowerd, it was enough to simply touch (not ram) a small, stationary piece of debris and your full health vanguard would instantly explode every single time.
  10. NC_agent00kevin

    Ive had the gear gib from a Vanguard flip my Lightning over. Ive had pieces of Flash instagib my tanks before. Ive had debris literally fly right at me completely inconsistent with the explosion, like it is programmed to see out players nearby.

    Its not that debris kills, its how absurd it acts.
  11. MaxDamage

    Bail from air? Why not heff fun with debrises?
  12. DLL2

    i don"t understand debris, sometime they killed my vanguard sometime not.
  13. Murx

    Debris is one of the very few and rare good thing at PS2. It is more real life than every thing else but it can be easily abused as suicide commando. Solution could be (for game balance issues) to punish deliberate suicide with a really good ammount of malus xp and malus certs.

    Btw. you can shoot at debris and it will fade away. Once i could manage to shoot at a flying debris and it vanished and there was no harm. Sometimes there is no hit detection but most the time there is. Like the vaguard situation above.