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  1. Alarox

    Please fix debris. I'm basically begging at this point, everyone already knows why it is broken.
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  2. Yeahy

    Debris op, plz nerf.
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  3. Alarox

    Higby plz.
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  4. Tyrant103

  5. Rohxer

    I like it.
  6. IamnotAmazing

    you're clearly just a self entitled br100 farmer, go away and stop asking for reasonable changes
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  7. DFDelta

    While we're talking about unreasonable things that will never happen, can I have a pony made out of diamonds please?
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  8. REZistance

    I like how debris acts. What exactly is wrong with it? Is it because it kills you when it lands on you? Is that the problem?
  9. Tyrant103

    I too like how debris can steamroll an entire squad, but it is just stupid, and unavoidable when friendly vehicles get destroyed near you.
  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

    lol, i saw debris locked exit from spawn-room
  11. JustBoo

    Oh, now I understand... maybe. I had never considered debris, what little of it there is, to be a problem. The only debris that hurts me ( in game :) ) is a vehicle that explodes or an aircraft that falls out of the sky. Perfectly plausible that. The physics might not be, :) but the premise seems "normal."

    I still feel I might be missing something though. :confused:
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  12. REZistance

    Steamroll an entire squad... mmmh, oookaaaay. So, several tons of metal smashes against your soft body and you'd like it to do what instead? Have no collision effects, or maybe just push you out of the way with no damage? It blocked a door to something? For what, like 10 seconds before it disappears? Cmon guys.. buck up. Don't let the debris get you down.
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  13. Cuze

    The problem isn't that debris kills you, its that debris scraping the paint on the side of your vehicle can cause you to instantly explode.

    On a side note, it would also be nice if the devs look into mass and momentum of vehicles. I saw a vanguard and a sunderer get in a head on collision and it almost flipped the vanguard (vanguard's nose was almost straight up) while the sunderer kept moving, pushing the vanguard as it went.
  14. LodeTria

    I caused a TR sunderer to roll and explode on hossin today when I was in a harasser. Was pretty funny to see it roll over and over. Had some maxes in it as well which I killed when I spawned a new harasser.
  15. REZistance

    Something tells me that this isn't what he was talking about, specifically. I've never experienced vehicle debris causing the vehicle I was in to instantly explode, but that doesn't mean you haven't. Even so, again, how is a huge multi-ton hunk of flaming metal supposed to act if it hits a person with any momentum? What would happen to your vehicle if you slammed into it or it fell on you with lots of momentum?
  16. Prudentia

    It's about small chunks of debris instagibbing much larger things.
    like a mossie that gets eaten by my whale and then i suddenly drop from 99% health to -99% and watch my deathscreen and have no idea what just happened
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  17. REZistance

    So you're talking about the debris from a destroyed Mossie you then hit in mid-air, or are you talking about crashing into a flying Mossie? Either way, you don't think those two things, with the momentum involved, would end up in catastrophe?
  18. Cuze

    I assumed he was talking about vehicles getting hit by debris since I seem to remember Alarox in a lot of tank related threads and tank forum icon.

    When I think about debris collision deaths, I think about things like when a harasser drives into my side, I kill it, then the debris pops me instantly, despite me being full health, and him being stationary. This can happen with any vehicle I kill that I am immediately adjacent to, and it just sucks to lose a vehicle like that, especially considering that if the vehicle were alive when it hit me, I would have taken only a negligible amount of damage.
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  19. REZistance

    So if the stationary debris of a vehicle is touching your vehicle, and you are stationary as well, the debris will instagib your vehicle? I've never experienced that, but forgive me if this is a well known bug. If that's all this thread is about, a bug, then forget what I was saying... but if it's about dieing from debris then I'm going to have to defend how the debris currently works.
  20. \m/SLAYER\m/

    once it lands in front of you, and will destroy you with your vehicle, and someone will get credits
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