Death screen with map pointing to killer being implemented today 13/03

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Reavx, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Reavx

    We have gone from a few days on the test server to live.
    Many many people complained about it but threads were shot down out of the sky with the pretense that we should discuss it on the test server forum, well it's live now so we can discuss here.

    You can argue that you should always move around to avoid some one finding you but think logically to the fact that moving so often is not always possible if you are in a flank position behind enemy lines.
    If you find such a great spot it is likely that if you deviate much from it you will die.
    I am not one of these snipers that camps near a sundy, my main gun atm is the Gauss SPR I have the 3rd over all kills with that weapon in the game so a more aggressive play style is required compared to the BAR's.

    I am seriously worried that this will destroy how I play, whether I roll with my marksman load out or with stalker cloak.
    This update is a kick in the teeth to me, libs becoming more powerful and having more tools to down my ESF and everyone getting a helping hand to find the only class I play when my biggest defense is them not knowing.

    I am an Auraxium subscriber and have been subbed since day one but I just don't know any more..
    I'll keep it up for now but if I see that my gameplay has just been nerfed to oblivion what can I do ?
    Sit at the sundy like everyone else where you will at least be safe from this stuff? No..

    This is a massive nerf to thoughtful gameplay.
    People who are creative and use the legit game mechanics to their advantage have been nerfed due to simple F2P Nooblets not wanting to learn to play.
    Nooblets do not have a sub, I and others like me do.
    For now.

    Let's see how this roles out, put in your experiences where kill map has clearly been used against you or if you have been able to use it to find a flanker you'd have otherwise missed.
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  2. Reavx

  3. MarkAntony

    I want the certs i put into stalker cloak back. And the SC from the crossbow.
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  4. Dill Bagner

    I think it's silly. Dead people don't know ****, so why make them know more than live people in this situation? It's not Call of Duty.
    They should have at least limited it so that you can only see the location of your killer AFTER the 30 second revive timer is up. Now it's just going to be kill a guy to have him revived and shooting immediately at you.

    For sniping, I'm also a little worried about the adjusted headshot hitbox. I never noticed a problem with it before so if they made it smaller an it's SOE doing it, there's a good chance that a lot of headshots won't hit at all.
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  5. OldMaster80

    Sitting in the same place with stalker is not going to work anymore. This killcam stuff is pure ****.
    Honestly I wont spend a single Dollar in ps2 until that crsp is removed or the direction cone angle hugely Increased.
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  6. Reavx

    I have no idea at all why they are hitting infiltrators in the balls so much with these updates.
    Our so called update was meh at best the only decent thing for me that came from it was stalker cloak and it has its massive disadvantages.
    The ESSRs were a general failure.. most people will agree with this, check the stats and see that less than 100 people get them past 500 kills.
    I was seriously dissapointed with the Railjack it could have been more. The vanu one could have been amazing but has basic recoil problems which makes it frustrating. The TRAP is the best one for me but it has its issues.

    It for sure is not intentional but it really seems like we are being put down constantly.
  7. Rift23

    I was with you up until you claimed everyone who doesn't have a sub (some of us prefer to just buy a few things with SC, y'know) was a noob. From there, you just come across as another self-entitled elitist using the sunk funds fallacy.

    But sure, people who can play with naked weapons while earning the attachments are totally skilless, amirite?
  8. Reavx

    I was actually suggesting BR20's and < were noobs as I've noticed that many of these people play the game for a while then quit.
    Most people that I see that reach above at least BR60 usualy spend some money on the game, I see this with cosmetic stuff they buy.
    I have nothing against people that are F2P at this level but this death screen is clearly aimed at these BR20's that have the attention span aimed at COD and BF4.

    I'd also add that no matter what SOE believes these people that don't have the attention span will never be interested in PS2 beyond those early levels, simply due to how huge it is.
    Implementing these crappy things from other games only antagonizes the vets who do not want it.
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  9. Benevon

    Tactics and repositioning arguments aside, I think it's a lazy design to cater to the console players backed by an argument of losing players because they don't know where they got shot from. Nothing against console players, but CoD and PS2 are very different games. PS2 is so much larger (maps, battles and overall players on the field at once) where this design will impact much more than in a 6v6 limited time match on a smaller map. Despite the overall majority against this feature, they still went live with it. I understand that as a company they want to try to fix the cause of their (alleged) biggest complaint from people who quit the game, in order to increase their customer base. But it just feels like a band aid to me.
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  10. EvilMindedSquirrel

    Well. They might sell you an implant (for SC of course) that will make you invisible on the kill came.

    But more seriously, i agree, this really ruins my game play. I love hanging out behind enemy lines. If i spend 15-20 minutes (or up to 30, no joke) to sneak behind enemy lines and out flank the flankers then I should get rewarded for that.
    Now the whole idea of flanking as a sniper is a mute point. Even if you are not spotted, knowing the "approximate" location is just as bad.
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  11. GaBeRock

    You only get a line to the position where you were at if you were spotted with a motion sensor or Q spotting, Otherwise, you get a 15º cone in your general direction. Even then, you can just move from where you're at to avoid it. Stalker cloakers are barely affected, since they'll immediately kove afterwards anyways, and there isn't a distance indicator for unspotted, so the player would have to canvas a large area to find a sniper. Anyways, when you get hit, you already get hit indicators (except for OHKO weapons) and if you're spotted they already know exactly where you are.

    I don't really support the change, and want it to be at least a 25º cone, but it's not as bad as it seems.
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  12. Benevon

    Let's look at chess and checkers. Two games that are kind of similar but very different at the same time. Now let's say a bunch of people who have only played checkers decided to try chess and complained it was "too hard" simply because it wasn't what they were used to. So chess decides to start changing how pieces move to make it similar to checkers to draw that player base. How would people feel about that?

    Variety is what makes different games appealing. I just don't support the homogenization of games. But hey, nobody's bottom line is affected with chess and checkers...
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  13. RockPlanetSide2

    Again I really believe that they are just trying to secretly design the game for small MLG battles, all of the changes they have made point DIRECTLY into that direction. The "MASSIVE BATTLES" thing went out the window a long time ago, now its more like "20 on 20 battles!". There is not enough people that actually play the game.

    If you really pay attention, even in alerts there are 3 or 4 massive zergs that are actually meeting resistance and are basically ghost-capping, and maybe 1 smaller infantry fights, and 1 big fight. I have REARLY seen it not be that exact scenario in the game regardless of what time you are playing.

    If they game is going to be 20 versus 20 like it really is most of the time, I see no issue with the hit detection screen, other games have it and even kill cams.

    If SOE gets their head out of their *** and sees that the game can no longer support 3 continents then I do not support it. In massive battles you should not be alerted to random fire, and especially from snipers.
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  14. Reavx

    Giant battles can be boosted with server merges not trying to compete with big budget AAA titles.
    This method is wrong and it's their own game they will kill as they can not do what cod and bf4 does and do it better.
    They can be unique or lose money.

    My first experience of the kill map coining me off was today.
    was level with a tower on a mountain 200m away sniping with my SPR.
    Lo behold 2mins later some HA's and LA's come running at me.
    Luckily I had a smart reaver behind me who knew that would happen and podded them to oblivion.
    However at least 6 different people came to my exact location.
    I killed a few and the ESF the rest, it's like all people in the planetside universe have now got extra sensory perception (ESP OLOL) abilities.
    Not fun.
  15. Jogido

    I'm guessing it won't matter that much.

    Today, when you hit or kill a player, regardless of already have revealed your location. I'm guessing if they haven't taken you out, then it is because they can't for some reason.

    Every competent player knows the direction they die from...and better ones can tell from tracers and sounds of shots at their teammates.

    I guess it might help out the lesser players...but whats wrong with helping them out?
  16. Reavx

    If you kill some one before they can see the tracers then they won't know your location.
  17. Vaphell

    Even with instagib BASR from behind?

    Not with a 15deg precision every single time. If the BASR sniper pops your head, it's instant lights out leaving you dumbfounded, but now with the killmap crutch you know exactly where to look.

    nothing, but that's not helping. They will never improve their awareness if they grow dependent on external help feeding them info for free, just like idiot drivers who forgot what it means to drive, landing in rivers because GPS said so.

    And if the killarc is to be shown, why not 60deg or 90deg? It would be enough of an improvement over having absolutely no idea where the death came from. 15 is way too narrow.
  18. Vodski

    So if I kill somebody with claymores, will it show them the direction the claymores killed them from? Or will it show my current direction, and then they can resume the search for me in the direction I moved to?
  19. kaolla

    good question, in test i recall people saying the mine kill give position of the character not the mine ( after all when you get an head shot the point of death is you but the one who shot is somewhere else
  20. Jogido

    actually if I get killed I can tell direction from the last hit marker...I've never had a problem doing that.