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  1. whitupiggu

    What manner of logical gymnastics did you use to come to that conclusion?
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  2. Spectre 694

    If the enemy is shown your position, you have to move or they have the advantage. If they don't know where you are - you can sit comfortably where you already are.
  3. Sen7rygun

    This death cam is absolutely atrocious. It defies logic to bring it to the game. This will not stop spawn room camping, it will not stop people engaging in giant trench warfare style point farms for easy exp when there are half a dozen other points where progress can be made for their faction, it will not effect the storm troopers who drop direct to point out and fight tooth and claw for every capture. Literally the only people this will effect and greatly reduce the quality of life of, are the people who have taken the time to learn the map and the game well and can use terrain and solid stealth play to their advantage.

    Flanking? Gone.
    Silencers? Gone.
    Patrolling known flanking routes and silently dispatching enemy creepers? Gone.
    Working your way behind enemy lines to destroy assets and cut feet out of enemy forces? Gone.
    Using a silenced marksman rifle or machine gun to block a lane without immediately giving away your position? Gone.

    This is the single worst epic failure of an idea ever to be introduced to this game. It is a disgraceful kick in the teeth to every player who has invested the time to learn the lay of the land and adopt gameplay practices that allow them to function either alone or with a team in a manner that allows them to evade detection by the enemy while playing. Perhaps worst of all, this brutal punishment of people practising good tactics is a blatant leg up for the incoming console gamer market, who are not conditioned to playing multiplayer games where situational awareness beyond pre-aiming down the next hallway is required.

    This ridiculous, offensive and abhorrent gameplay change is worse then the (still not fixed in 18 months) hitching, crashes to desktop, poor performance and horrifically unreliable login servers combined.

    I hope the mastermind behind turning this game into "Call Of Duty: Big map edition" gets a flat tyre on his way home from work every day for the rest of his life and suffers from extremely loud and persistent flatulence that makes any sort of intimate relations impossible.
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  4. Takoita

    My downvote on this Roadmap topic stays where it is. I don't want some **** medals on my deathscreen and I sure as heck don't want minimap showing the location of my killer in any form.
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  5. whitupiggu

    I can only see 2 outcomes from this. Either nothing changes or PS2 will play even more like a twitch based arena shooter where you have to constantly keep moving.
  6. DeadliestMoon

    Lol wow why do people keep thinking this? This isnt even remotely true, you are just speculating.
  7. Plunutsud pls

    How else can you possibly explain the devs pushing ahead with this death cam feature (which is clearly not a popular move) at this specific time - long after the PC release and ahead of the PS4 release?
  8. notyourbuddy

    I really doubt we'll be seeing players trying to maintain some "death recon warrior" to purposely stand out in the open just so they can track down one sniper. Too much effort. Too boring. With very little to no payoff for doing so. One enemy sniper is meaningless.

    If they really wanted to get an advantage they would just create a toon on the other faction and relay all troop, sunderer, and vehicle positions to their outfit through some third party VOIP communication software like teamspeak. Or do what the old pathethic outfits used to do: TK any player/vehicle that was giving your outfit trouble and win the fight.
  9. UberBonisseur

    Quite frankly, if you put a BR10 cap on this feature, you'll have a strong shift of opinions.
    Nobody here is proud of murdering single-digit BRs.

    Now remains the fact that BR1dude will run towards his killer's position and get killed again.
    Then the death screen is going to show him a fully stuffed BR100 and he's going to think "this is unfair"

    I know it sucks to invest time and resources in a feature to see it scrapped (this is the whole history of PS2) but it shouldn't go live. It adresses the symptoms instead of teaching new players situational awareness.
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  10. HadesR

    While I do understand the need to help brand new players , I do find it kinda ironic they do it in the same patch where they buff one of the most if not the most effective farm vehicles.
    Guess at least they will have the mini map line to console them after the " random " deaths from the swarms of Libs :p
  11. KnightCole ttakes over 100 rounds to kill a sure thats if it has no armor at all. And SoE is going to buff the thing's durability.

    1 Liberator is already the most boring thing to face.....locks down an entire area like a pro...

    Now we will get them with controllable pilot guns and better area saturation weapons lol. Oh dear god. Guess I have even more reason to lub that U key =D.
  12. NinjaTurtle

    Ok, if new players really need the help fair enough, but you yourself have said that the awareness this utility gives the player advanced players already have. I already have this ability and I'm quite average so I'm not seeing much of an issue.

    This tool gives good players too much power and will be too easily abused by platoons and squads of people in constant communication with each other. There will be no more ambiguity at all, the fog of war is lifted and the point of things like silencers, cloaks etc are losing effectiveness. You kill 1 person and instantly everyone know where you are because the dead person is pin pointing your exact location which with just 1 person wouldn't cause an issue, with squads however it becomes too strong

    You say that this stops noobs from being relentlessly farmed, I doubt it. They will still get beaten by better players and farmed at the beginning, I was farmed alot when I first started and the way which I got better was to learn from my mistakes.

    A flanked player regardless of class deserves to get rewarded for taking the time to flank and position themselves.

    As others have suggested and I'm pleased you've recognized it as a potential inclusion this feature should be limited to BR15's and under and the arc increased to 25 - 30 degrees
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  13. box cutta

    There is far too much hand-holding in games these days. How about you don't implement this in any way, shape, or form. Thanks.
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  14. Valok

    Not always. Let's say I'm in a small group on a small skirmish and I start getting Sniper fire, I'd say that there's a very good chance I'll locate said person in no time with what we already have ingame. There are those other times however where you have a 150x150 fight, shots/missiles/tanks/ESF's/Libs/All the good stuff/ are everywhere blowing everything and at those times even with my 500hours in this game it's not exactly easy to identify enemies that are trying to flank my position (Be it Sniper's/LA's/or any other class for that matter).

    With however that little line showing from where death came? I'll pinpoint the exact location in no time. I'm by the way not trying to increase my ****** here, currently BR 81 and I would classify myself as Average if I take into account what some of those BR 100's manage to pull it off. These same players by the way will also be more deadly.

    And that is the thing, this decision ain't exactly newbie friendly because everyone will have access to it. I guess you could say that all players will be taking a "step foward" skill-wise which when you come to think of will just leave us in the very same place we are now. And at what cost? This is a nerf to Sniper's/Stalker's and not a light one (and even now that class in particular is not exactly a good cert maker by any means), LA's will also be right behind it along with anyone that likes to take some time looking for a advantage point.

    You are saying that it will have to be done to "improve" the new players experience? Very Well. Give them access to it up to BR 20. That's a Win-Win-Win solution to me.
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  15. Lazaruz

    Couldn't have said this better myself. Do not pamper players too much, after a certain point (BR) we should know better...
    At every possible opportunity, you guys proudly state that you listen to the community, so how about a compromise?
    Disable the thing after BR20 or something along those lines, that is more than enough time to learn some "basic situational awareness". Just hoping that you don't find this option to be "technically impossible" or "too time consuming" to implement.

    Whenever I see things like this and the proposed auto-spot implant, I really worry about the game turning into something I wouldn't have supported in the first place. I don't know... maybe it's just me, but I don't like the game doing the thinking for me.
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  16. Santondouah

    Seems we don't play the same game sometimes. Whenever I face an annoying lib, I use the tools the game puts at my disposal: AA lock-ons (2 or 3 at the same time is very effective, this game is about teamplay isn't it ?), if not enough combo lock-ons + AA MAX, if really not enough there's a magical key "redeploy" that allows you going to the closest base at which you can pull a skyguard or even 1 or 2 ESFs.

    Anticipation to some answers like: the liberator costs ressources, why not its counters ? The liberator requires 2 or 3 people to be effective (no, sololibing does not make it effective in a ground fight), why would one alone soldier using ressource-free weapons be able to effectively counter such a vehicle ?

    Liberators are not that annoying. It they are for you, I can't say anything but "you're doing it wrong".
  17. RomulusX

    Although I don't agree with this implementation at all, I can see Higby's point on why they are doing it. I also agree with much of what Jak had to say in regards to this will end up hurting new players more against highly skilled individuals. Before I quote "compromise" from Merriam-Webster Dictionary, I think a cap at BR20 for this ability will not be so detrimental to the game, while at the same time helping new players get used to knowing where to look for their killers.
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  18. KnightCole

    Yeah, but while ur spending like a squad worth of men fighting that one vehicle, all the while its killing you as you pop out and fire one round, die, pop out, die, pop out takes 4 hits or so, repairs, flies back over...repeats...Yeah. You need about 10 guys in order to kill it before its able to get away. Then, if you fire at the thing, you just open urself up to the ground forces that will surely be accompanying it and die that way. Also attacking forward to a post is kinda pointless when a lib is in the poke out to try to make a move on the cap point and it just Dalton to the face....
  19. Santondouah

    10 ? I would say that you need at least one platoon of AA MAXes to destroy a liberator.
    Are you serious here ? Three competent HA with G2A lock-ons are more than enough (5 hits to destroy a lib).

    Plus if you face a combined arms force with air, ground and infantry (read "organized") it's just normal that you get wrecked if you're either less numerous or only infantry (read "not organized"). This is PS2, not CoD nor BF4.
  20. KnightCole

    5 G2A hits destroys a Liberator? Yeah, we are in different PS2 universes. Ive unloaded all my rockets into a Lib and he was barely starting to smoke. And yes, the lock they hit lol.
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