Dear DBG, you're never going to nerf the Libs back are you? (air to ground). Well that's dumb.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zizoubaba, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Zizoubaba

    Well ... you're dumb.
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  2. Scroffel5

    Yes, it is dumb. I hate it when they come in, blow everything up, tank all the damage, smoke a little bit, and just fly off. The best way to kill a Liberator or Galaxy is an AA Harasser or ESF, but after that is to literally make them take damage and then follow them on a Wraith Flash, then murder them as they get out. Lock-ons simply don't have enough range to combat them, and regular launchers suffer from slow muzzle velocity. I think all A2G is out of wack, including valks, but that may just be me.
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  3. iller

  4. Scroffel5

  5. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Google is your friend. It's also known as a BCM problem.
  6. Liewec123

    I really don't get why the devs had the stupid decision to allow liberators to oneshot esfs again...
    (Other than their clear incompetence)

    The libs crunchers will say "it takes skill!" BS.
    It takes one moment of the ESF not changing direction...

    This thing is a flying tank, it can take more damage than almost everything besides gal and sunderer,
    It can spec to be anti everything,
    and the devs decided that it should once again OHK one of the few "almost counters" that stood half a chance...

    I really hope that they let someone else take the reins in 2020, because 2019 has been the worst year yet for ps2.
    (Largely because they made a youtuber their lead guy...)
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  7. Zizoubaba

    You know what, it never really hit me but I think you're right about 2019 being a bad year for ps2.

    I don't know about the youtuber, but if you mean Wrel, I think he's been around for a while.

    Sometimes I think of how the game is now and I think of the devs who made it originally and I feel kinda sorry for them, they must be really dissapointed and sad to see what the beautiful gem they created has become today ..
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  8. Demigan

    Ofcourse it's a P.E.B.K.A.C. problem! But could you explain exactly why? And "it takes skill" is just as much a non-answer.

    The thing is that usually when the answer consists out of just "it must be you" that it's a knee-jerk reaction from someone protecting their own interests. Like an overpowered weapon. Your response is identical to many of the responses of people protecting ZOE and other OP weapon systems. Like people protecting the Harasser that can take 5+ hits from a tank right now.
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  9. Scroffel5

    Liberators are gay. Period. They absolutely destroy everything. The Shredder shreds through a sundy and you can't do a single thing about it. 2 AA guns don't matter. We tried. Even having people repair the sundy won't matter, as you can't take them down. Why should you need 4 guys repping a sundy and 2 guys shooting on your 2 AA guns that you had to spend certs on and it won't even help? Yesterday, there was a Liberator trying to take back the point at Sunken Relay Station, and I used the Fury Grenade Launcher-F and he just tanked the damage. I got off, he insta-killed my Flash, and I switched to my rocket launcher and shot him. He flies away and reps, I regen to full health, and he comes back and destroys me after I shoot him again with a rocket. Like, cmon. We did this charade for like 20 minutes, and I never got to destroy him. I took down an ESF one time, except for when it was the Banshee. He came to help the Liberator and that was just annoying.

    My point is, what can you even do to defeat them? Spending 875 certs (I think) on a weapon and calling it a "deterrent" because it only scares them off isn't spending your money well. All air should be glass cannons, because you are working against gravity. Sometimes if you shoot it enough, I think it should slow down considerably to make it harder to get away or it should drop out of the sky because you shot a crit place too many times. You can nerf them so it takes only 3 lockons to take them down, and it wouldn't do anything unless you had 2 or 3 guys there, since they can just turbo away.

    I think we need to take into consideration cert cost along with nanite cost. You don't have to do too much certing into a Liberator to make it effective, while everything to combat it takes a ton of certs and a ton of retries.
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  10. LodeTria

    Cert costs should not be consider'd when balancing things, but vehicles across the board do need to be cheaper.
    It is so much easier to kit out a infantryman compared to a vehicle.
  11. Scroffel5

    Yes, they should. If you are going to label something as a counter, but the counter costs 1k certs + some just to be a deterrent, it isn't useful. Certs should be taken into consideration.
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  12. LodeTria

    If you want to balance vehicles with cert costs they need to be a lot stronger for how expensive they are, which I'm sure alot of you will agree with. lol.
  13. Scroffel5

    I mean along with resource balancing. I am saying that the counters need to be effective in line with cert cost. AA isn't. You pay all these certs for something that does nothing. You can either lower cert cost or make them effective. I like the latter better.
  14. Scroffel5

    For instance, the Shredder is default. It costs 0 certs. AA, such as the Walker and Skyguard, cost 875 certs. The Shredder will destroy you and evade or tank your hits and murder you. It doesn't matter if you are a tank or sunderer. If you are a tank, you are dead to the Liberator. If you are a Sunderer, you have a fighting chance, only if you have 2 Walkers and they miss their shots and stay very still. That is why I say cert cost needs to be taken into account. You have to balance vehicles, yes, but also weapons. Balance the vehicles through resources and effectiveness and balance the weapons through cert cost and effectiveness.
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  15. iStalk

    I loled at that. Flash v lib. Oh boy. This is your mindset of playing?
  16. Liewec123

    I used to whiteknight for Wrel in the early days of him being at DBG,
    but since then I can count the good changes to the game on one hand, and the teeeeerrible changes are too many to count.
    The recent decision to nerf AA lock ons and give libs back their esf OHK is just another mistake on the pile.
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  17. Bragg

    Root problem which has been from the launch of the game is that devs never allowed players to shoot down air units. They are only meant to be deterred from the area. Its game balance thing, try to help make air units playable.

    Sad thing is players will use any and all exploits and means to go where fence is lowest. So by knowing this thing that any AA weapons cannot shoot them down, they can exploit this knowledge.

    Of course you can create groups / platoons and have lots of anti air units. ESF's, skyguards, max'es and G2A infantry.
    Then it get really dangerous for anything flying, but requires resources. Effective deterrence is too costly in man power. And it doesnt give any XP (so small amount that i dont count it), so why would anybody do it.

    And now when player base is fraction what it used to be, low player hours are extremely bad when those Liberators get in air. Then can freely roam around map with any danger to be shot down.
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  18. Zizoubaba

    Oh man, 2am -> like, 8am is like Liberator paradise, there's maybe more Libs flying at that time than during prime time when there's a lot more players lol
  19. FLHuk

    Make it an XP reward to get a Lib burning that survives. Say 1xp, give it a unique name like "hahahahahahahaha"

    Wait a week and count them up in the data base, pretty high aint it :)
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  20. Scroffel5

    You do realize a Sundy has a Fury too, right? If they tank the damage of the Flash, they can tank the damage of the Sunderer or the Harasser. AV weapons should do amazing damage to AA, but you won't be able to use them except in the range that you'd fight vehicles at. Thats my point.
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