Dear DBG. Plz just fire the entire Rogue Game dev team. You'll thank me later..

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NotziMad, Aug 17, 2020.

  1. NotziMad

    A picture speaks a thousand words.

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  2. Campagne

    The VS have clearly lost the alert well before that fight would have mattered.

    This is proof you're wrong. No one gives a **** about the alert, they're playing for fun in the most fun base currently available.
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  3. Demigan

    Yes, the thousand words are "Alerts suck and Biolabs are awesome, if only Alerts were as fun as Biolabs we would be at it all day every day" said 44 times in a row.

    You do not solve a problem of something not being fun by removing the thing that is more fun and attracts all the players. At best people play it but dont enjoy themselves as much as before, at worst they'll hate the person who suggested its removal and stop playing the game as their fun was removed to promote a broken unfun system.

    Imagine if the devs had said "so you dont like HIVE's? Well we'll remove every damn base capture mechanic and force you to play only HIVE's!?!". Because we all know that the regular game was much more fun than HIVE's, you could say that few played HIVE's because that regular play was in the way, so removing it was the only option right?
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  4. Johannes Kaiser

    Fascinating. While I also hate people who sit in lost bases like this (lost alerts on numerous occasion due to one base like this), I agree with the part that this alert seems to have been lost way before. Would like to know when the bases around Bitol were capped, though. If it's just a few minutes this is not unusual and way less annyoing. Figure that's not the case?
    Better questions are
    1) VS have pop that is a bit higher than NC, did that recently shift before taking the picture or how else did the contintent end up this way with this pop balance? You'd normally expect TR to be about warpgated and the other two having devided up the map neatly between themselves.
    2) Who in their right mind pushes between the two enemy faction? Know - in the loosest sense of the word - people who do it, but for them this condition of "right mind" is something that only happens to others, so case in point. This FORCES the enemies to double team you, somethign that can be bad enough already when you are on the winning side of an alert.
  5. OldSchoolD

    Biolabs are the obvious choice for the solo player. There's no downtime, you get more certs per minute, if points turn around fast you also get merit / war assets currency for your 1-man outfit, there's no vehicle / air spamming you, C4ing Maxes feels good, can dust off the shotguns. Instead of tossing money on PS Arena, they should had added a continent with only 1 double-size biolab and you wouldn't be seeing much of the likes of me anywhere else.

    War assets had also a role in this, by polarizing players into huge outfits or maverick 1-man outfits (for those who want to be able to use all the toys in the game this is the obvious choice) it forced the gathering around the Tri-Zone in Indar and Biolabs.

    I'd be beyond words if someone told me that he'd rather follow a dumb zerg, sit on cap points or shoot at spawn points walls like an autist for an hour plus, then at the end of it all be the useful idiot who helped a clique of 5-10 outfit leaders gather their Bastions and pocket OS for the day and in return, only get a meager amount of certs and some useless currency.

    TLDR: Stick to Biolabs or go play another game ;)
  6. karlooo

    This is a terrible example because there is no population there....When there is no pop and no coordination the players just do whatever.
    Also there is 2 min left till the end, to turn that around VS would need 50 minutes, so that's another reason why no one was trying.

    I'm OK with bases that allow Solo players to just have fun but I would like it was more as an AMP station with 3 points. Biolabs are a complete clusterfuk, you can't strategize there at all and have to cut it off.

    It would be pretty cool if the bases with stagnating fights would be large and open, allowing for armor and air to intervene also, allowing for coordinated squads to capture it when it's time.
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  7. Liewec123

    people having fun in a biolab fight? (i dont see why we'd fire people for that)

    but on the topic of "fire the whole team!"
    It's not fair to fire the whole crew just because the guy steering the boat is a clueless idiot.
    But unfortunately it's happened multiple times already.

    We've had multiple bouts of layoffs and lost some talented programmers and artists,

    But somehow the uncrushable cockroach who is making all of the bad calls (which lead to layoffs)
    Is still here, at one point they fired all except 2 members of staff,
    obviously one of those 2 that survived was an utterly useless youtuber.
    I mean, can this guy sweet talk his way out or what?
    How can we have so many bad decisions and so many layoffs,
    and the cockroach that always survives is the youtuber who caused all of it...

    "Hey guys Wrel here, you know what'd be fun? Orbital strikes on lattice bases! Do it."
    [Skilled team does it]
    [player population drops]
    [suits upstairs get mad and fire people]
    "Hey guys Wrel here, you know what'd be fun?..."
    [The cycle of Wrel's stupid ideas getting everyone other than himself fired continues...]

    So yeah i'll agree that we need a firing, but they just need to finally fire the one who deserves it,
    The utterly clueless lead developer, Wrel, Destroyer of Planetside.

    Personally I wish we had the old SOE crew back, Higby, Tramel, Luperza and the gang.
    We need a real lead developer to come in and clean up the youtubers mess.
    quick, someone send R2D2 to Higby with a holographic plea for help!
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  8. Johannes Kaiser

    If you have all points in Persuasion, that's all you'll ever need, I guess. ;)
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  9. NotziMad

    You're right, it was late at night and there was low pop.

    I was just having a conversation about this on these forums and thought "here's a perfect example".

    It isn't a perfect example, as you pointed out, because of the pop.

    That said, it happens with more pop too. That's the point.
  10. NotziMad

    Actually, it's the opposite. This is proof that I'm right.

    The VS dominated the continent, almost warpgating both NC and TR. It was the VS that triggered the Alert.

    Then the biolab fight started, and NC took all the bases.
  11. NotziMad

    I was there, it's the opposite that happened.

    VS dominated the entire continent, taking most bases and pushing almost to the NC warpgate.

    But when they got to the TR biolab, they didn't cut it off.

    Then NC pushed back, pushing even all the way to that biolab where, this is the interested bit, in a cut off TR biolab, surrounded by NC bases, the VS aren't fighting the TR but they are fighting the NC lol
  12. NotziMad

    There is only one game like Planet Side 2. There is no other game like Planet Side 2. Or am I missing something? What game would you suggest?

    On the other hand, there are a million Arenas (like PUBG), MOBAs, FPS (like CS, CoD).

    Did you hear about Planet SIde Arena?
  13. NotziMad

    when you say something like, "we've had multiple layoffs", does that mean that you're an employee? lol :)

    and yeah, you know that I agree with you about SOE, we've often talked about this in the past.

    as to the topic, I don't literally mean "fire them", just an expression, but when I see a map like this one, the only thought that comes to mind is that the devs are clueless.
  14. Liewec123

    apparently so!
    so many talented ACTUAL game devs fired, but we just cant seem to get rid of The Destroyer of Planetside!
    even cutting the team down to TWO members at one point!
    they decided that one of those survivors just had to be a youtuber with zero game development experience XD

    oh i wish! i'd undo so many of Wrel's mistakes
    alas, i mean "we" as in Planetside 2 :)

    also i get what you mean about the map, it makes no sense for the alert,
    but what everyone above is saying is true, alerts just aren't fun, many of us really don't care about them,
    they aren't worth an hour of trying to fight 80% overpop zergs, when you can simply just continue the fun.
    and biolabs are fun, TI Alloys V Crown is fun, that is why we see constant fights at those locations,
    even when it'd make more tactical sense to go elsewhere.
  15. NotziMad

    That's a legitimate point of view. But either way, it all comes down to bad game design, my by incompetent devs, and where I come from, they fire people who aren't good at their job. (unless they are sleeping with the boss' daughter or are working for dirt cheap)
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  16. Twin Suns

    Capping a continent is a chore in this game anymore. Especially if you consider the supposed rewards they give you for the cont cap. Straight crumbs. You know what DBG/Wrel. That $ hit is stale. I'm going to the Biolab or the Crown for some constant action & fun.

    Get that Wrel, CONSTANT ACTION & FUN TIMES. Keep you're crumbs.
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  17. Twin Suns

    or some really good knee pads. *rim shot* :)
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  18. Twin Suns


    Has anyone ever seen DBG update/adjust/increase...he//, have they ever done any thing to them? The alert rewards that is...
  19. NotziMad

    I mean, if you're playing without a membership and without any boosts, the certs could maybe make it worth it. I know some players try to trigger and/or win alerts just for the certs. (not me)

    But that's one thing that would be a positive change to the game, and that (I don't think) would not have any negative consequences ; give bigger rewards!
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  20. Liewec123

    true and i totally agree!
    but the underlings are doing their job perfectly, they're doing whatever the lead developer tells them to!

    if he tells them to get rid of the stone bridge at crown, (ruining one of the few remaining fun fights in the game),
    and they do it, they've done exactly what they were told to, they've done their job well!

    it is the lead developer who should be punished for his bad decision, not the people who carried it out.

    if we had a different lead developer telling the same underlings
    "hey maybe we should increase the height of the terrain from Ceres Hydroponics
    to give them a fighting chance!"
    and the underlings do it and it works out great, the underlings didn't do a better job than they did for Wrel,
    but the new lead developer absolutely did a better job than Wrel.

    and yet every time the team gets lay offs, it is everyone else who gets fired,
    Wrel somehow always remains, like a turd that wont flush!
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