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  1. Naphemil

    what are you guys going to do about that VS population imbalance on connery? Seems like the game is between just two factions some nights.
  2. T.A.94

    Sadly they can't influence the players motivation to play this or that faction to keep the game balanced. The player does what the player whants to do.
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  3. Naphemil

    That's true... but obviously this is an issue that they need to address before it gets even worse.... about 90% of the time the world pop is 20% or less vanu. This is a serious issue for those that play vanu.
  4. HippoCryties

    How comes faction queues aren’t helloing this situation?
  5. JobiWan

    How should they address it? How would you address it?
  6. Eternaloptimist

    Because they can limit how many players join a faction but they can't start randomly kicking them out when one of the other sides' players start logging off, I guess.

    Also, IIRC the faction balance rules only kick in when the overall population on a continent reaches a certain level.
  7. adamts01

    I'd feel sorry for you guys if VS didn't have the pop advantage for most alerts for the past 2 years. But they still need to incentivise faction hoppers to join the under-pop side. Exponential Nanite generation based on world pop is the answer.
  8. SmittyJensen

    On Emerald, VS seem to always be undermanned yet somehow they turn out most of the final alert locks.

    Beyond extra EXP for the lower manned faction and queues on the higher manned factions, I'm not sure there is much else to do that wouldn't be heavy handed.

    I face a different issue on Emerald on TR side, as we used to perform a lot better around 4 months ago and NC was the laughing stock of the server. Then it flipped. But there isn't much one can do about that either (beyond switching factions). Just have to deal with it I'm afraid. Everyone wants to win...
  9. IcEzEbRa

    Even though Vanu seems to be the underdog on both Connery and Emerald lately, I don't think doing any more incentivizing or ques are an answer. Don't penalize people for playing the faction they want to, and don't reward too much for playing a particular faction that's underpopped....inducements and incentives are ok, but penalizing with ques etc, is negative and counterproductive for all, imho.
  10. Naphemil

    There's a few options that they could implement, continent pop lock, nanite bonus to the underpop faction, server transfers. I could brain storm more ideas but this isn't for me to decide, it's for DBG. The health and welfare of the game is their responsibility, not mine.
  11. CazadorDeLaBruja

    the game already has penalties for over pop factions... the que is monsterous for the factions with the most pop... it doesnt take effect though within a short window... so if a lot of players are in que on another faction, give up on waiting and switch teams... those players can get in the game and flood that faction's numbers... however, that being said, those same accounts are penalized and receive no rewards or bonuses for winning the alerts and other contributions after a switch.

    another thing to note is that connery inherited the majority of the old vanu centric servers. i used to be on helios when it was still around which was a major NC bastion during the US daytime... but at night it would switch night & day in Vanu's favor... when that server merged with Connery, all those players kept the same play schedules and you will see this consistency almost perfectly on Connery to this day. when the Asian server was merged Vanu gained another Huge boost to Nighttime population as well... the new asian server will fix some of this but Connery has 2 peaks each day... one for daytime US and one for Nighttime everyone else.

    Not that it matters to me i only care about fun & sometimes K/D. if you put all your focus on winning alerts but not being part of an organized outfit and that outfit is not coordinating with leadership channels... its going to make your game feel one sided when vanu use their outfits and platoons more effectively during the previously stated time blocks.

    just switch your play styles during peak valley and counter peak times... when i play during the day i hang out with buds and we kick *** all dang day... during valley times i switch to small teams or solo play... but during counter peak i switch to harassment solo. the NC & TR suffer at night on Connery and its more of a hindrance to try and rely on randoms who are all using private vpns to voice.
  12. OneShadowWarrior

    Your right about Connery.

    Don’t know if there is much they can do. I personally think some of the weapons like the Canis or Maw are really fun.

    However, when they nerfed the LMG’s. The Betelguese did take a beating on nerfs, nothing like the weapon it once was.

    They rebalanced tanks and made AV weapons hit harder, especially when you get hit from behind, the Magrider with the lowest armor value finese in movement was no longer good when you turned your back to run. The Magburner needs serious reworking and seems broken.

    Vanu has been taking lots of small nerfs and the TR are starting to feel that decay as well.

    Max suits another great example, shields and hacksaws are all that matter. Being NC!

    I think everyone should just join NC and then we can just teamkill each other from boredom.

    They worried about balance to much at the cost of giving the NC all the toys and leaving both TR abd VS with nothing redeeming.
  13. Naphemil

    I don't think you understand the issue. There are currently no penalties for over pop factions... none what-so-ever. the fact that you think a queue is a penalty is actually pretty hilarious. the kicker is the underpop faction getting such a ****** exp bonus. between 20 and 30 percent extra exp.... that's nice, really it is, especially when your faction can't even take a base due to the massive overpop from the other two factions that have the numbers to defend every single base on the vanu front with ease.

    Obviously the population imbalance cannot be solved here on the forums... this is something that DBG needs to first address then brainstorm ideas on how they play to fix it. This is an actual issue that needs addressing before it continues and the new asian server definitely didn't help.