Dear daybreak, when am i supposed to use the pillager or the buzzard?

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  1. raffa2

    Now this cyclical thread comes again and i would like to repeat, after the changes, why should i even consider as a planetman, picking the buzzard or the pillager over the Renegade that oneshots infantry or the Fury that wrecks armor?

    The only use that the pillager has is making lightshows and the buzzard doesn't even have that, so i sincerely ask you to try the weapons on live and see how long it takes for you to do 10 kills with them, or just being useful, and try the same with the other NS weapons, because right now the only use they have is having the status of meme weapons.

    They are literally joke weapons right now, a bad joke.
  2. Liewec123

    You aren't supposed to use them,
    DBG spent time and resources making them but then nerfed wraith so severely that it just isn't practical to play flash anymore.

    I will say that before the removal of viable flash, I was actually warming up to Buzzard,
    the thing hits HARD when you shoot the back of a tank, I actually preferred it to my VS starfall when I played both last week.
    I will miss flash, another one of my favourite things in this game, removed,
    I swear DBG have the list of my favourite things are are systematically removing them one by one,
    deploying sunderers at you own base, CHECK! Combat flash, CHECK!
    next up, joining big fights!
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  3. OldMaster80

    On pts the cloaking is nerfed, but the Pillager is buffed compared to what is live. I cannot say for the Buzzard.
  4. Moggram

    I have used the Pillager to hold a door in a base. No one wants to go through a door way that's on fire. It needs more ammo to.
  5. Blam320

    Wraith needed a nerf. If it was the only think that made the Flash worth playing, something needed to be changed. And with how much we all hate Deci+Fury flashes one-clipping MBTs from the back without warning, I think we know what that change needed to be.
  6. Liewec123

    They double nerfed it, they could have gave it a 5 second timer before recloaking, that's harsh but still useable,
    They could have made it eat a large chunk of energy each time you cloak, that's harsh but useable.
    Instead they chose to completely screw it by doing both,
    so not only are you exposed for way longer than it takes any half competent infantry to kill you twice,
    But if you somehow survive long enough to cloak twice you are out of energy.

    And you say fury-decimator is the issue, well this collosal nerf doesn't really fix that.
    You can still uncloak and kill your target.
    The better fix for that issue would be a timer before firing when you and your passenger uncloak
    (while you have a passenger and shortly after)
    Instead solo combat flash is screwed, and your main issue is still around.
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  7. Moggram

    And I still say removeing the back seat and reworking Starfall is what should have been done.
  8. frozen north

    I'll be honest. The wraith change was pretty overkill. My vote would be to simply have made it that wraith made the rear seat have a weapons lock.

    Nerfing the cloak itself nerfed a lot of uses that sadly, did not deserve to be nerfed.

    As it stands, I think the flash needs at least a buff to situation awareness ( ideally by removing the fact that third person locks your camera to the weapon traverse angles). It also could stand a reversion of the wraith nerf, and to then have that nerf be done different.
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  9. Blam320

    The Starfall was never the sole problem, even though it was overtuned.
  10. Moggram

    That's why I said to remove the back seat to....
  11. Blam320

    Removing the rumble seat of the Flash also destroys its usefulness as a light transport. Nerfing the cloak was the right way to go, though IMO the nerf that should have been implemented would be removing the ability for weapons to be equipped on Wraith flashes.
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  12. Moggram

    Look we didn't get all this QQing about Wraith flashes before the rumble seat was added. What did DBG thought was going to happen? There is a good reason why thay removed stotguns from infiltrator in beta or why we don't have C4. It's op...
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  13. Liewec123

    Tbh people have always qqed about wraith flash, (people have always qqed about everything!)
    even though the thing is quite easy to see,
    extremely loud and obvious,
    and oneshot by pretty much every vehicle weapon lol

    Its just a sad day when DBG decide to utterly destroy it because some people were too bad to hear a loud lawn mower coming up behind them while they're sitting on a hill spamming a base with HE rounds.
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  14. adamts01

    That thing always frustrated me, but I never thought it was OP till I certed it out and put some time in to the Deci/Fury combo. It's still broken, as I can still pull one and easily and reliably trade a 50 nanite vehicle for a 450 MBT. It's just more likely I die after the trade, but it's still an absurd trade. And if a relative noob can get away with murder on the thing, it's obviously not easy to see or hear for the majority of players.
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  15. Moggram

    Ya but have you tryed to do that solo?
  16. adamts01

    I've never claimed solo Flashes were broken. The only nerf the solo flash needed was in their ability to road kill Maxes without blowing up.
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  17. Moggram

    Ya... You got me there. Back when Maxes ues to have charge and you timed it right, you could kill each other or get out of the way.