Dear carebear construction base players...

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  1. PlanetBound

    If it belongs to the enemy it's fair game.
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  2. iPug

    I agree. It's time investment and I've been experimenting with it building my own bases as well helping some others. I helped one guy adding in additional Pain Spires and Anti-Personnel Turrets with AI. Absolutely nothing happened to the two guys who were tearing it down. One was a Light Assault with a Minor Cloak and the other an Infiltrator. The damage caused by the Light Assault was amazing and quick with using the Rocket Gun. Seriously, absolutely nothing was firing on him even when he was uncloaked. There were TWO (2) Anti-Personnel turrets with AI as well SIX (6) Pain Spires. Not a single one did anything. I also threw in a Spitfire for added protection (of course, useless as usual). I completely understand. I've built my own deep in friendly territory in experimenting who and why the enemy goes through great lengths to destroy them.

    Your point is well-taken. They go to destroy them because they know it's only one person working on it and using an ANT to do it and when the person is deployed out of the ANT and placing an object, they kill the guy who has no means to defend himself. It further exacerbates the problem if the guy is quick enough to get to his weapon, he loses the Cortium for the object that he was not able to deploy. So while having to hunt down for more Cortium, his ANT farm is under attack. There is no real defense for ANT farms, the Pain Spires do absolutely nothing and Anti-Personnel turrets with AI modules do not shoot at them. I get fully get it now.
  3. iPug

    That's not the real problem. I have nothing with enemy being able to attack an ANT farm, but to do so with impunity where the Pain Spires (six of 'em) and Anti-Personnel turrets with AI modules do absolutely nothing is a bit ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is how a Light Assault can tear down the turrets so fast compared to the base turrets. The Silos have no means of protection and I was surprised to see how fast they can go down with one person working it using a rocket gun. The other frustration I see is how an ANT farm builder can be attacked when placing objects. I've had that happen to me several times. Trying to figure out where to put an object to only be killed and then have to respawn a new ANT from another location as the place gets torn down. I am trying to understand why nobody is building ANT farms anymore. I can see why.
  4. iPug

    You're right. Building an ANT base is usually a solo endeavor. It also is a ripe opportunity for enemies who want an easy kill and XP for destroying one. I've been trying it out and the thing I find irritating players is the inability to defend it even when so much work and defense structures were used to build it. Getting killed while placing objects is understandably frustrating. What I find most perplexing is how the Pain Spires and Anti-Personnel turrets with AI do absolutely nothing regardless of how many are placed. It makes sense why nobody builds them.

    I've learned you're better off foregoing all the other features. Build the Silo and Orbital Strike with AI module and stop there. All the effort for everything else is wasted effort and not worth the time having to hunt down Cortium as well getting killed in building the ANT base up. This is my advice for those into construction, don't bother.
  5. Nightwolf_Starlight

    1) Congratulations, you just made a point - now tell me, which server you're playing on? Do you know what's the servers population limit? I'm playing on Miller, playing mostly since late aftertoon till late evening/early night (sometimes even till 2am of local time), but sometimes, when i have a free time, i can play at any time of day. And i've never saw information like "servers full, **** off" or anything similiar. In some games i've meet with situation that i had to play on other server because my main was full.
    But not in PS2. Except that on Planetside you can't change servers with the same character, but i've never ever couldn't join in because of server's population. There were different reasons why i couldn't join in. Server turned off for maintenance, usual occasional server problems (that i don't see nowaday, unlike 1-1,5 year ago, when everyone had >50k of server ping)... But no "population cap". Never. Even at late afternoon/evening, when EU server is most populated and total population is reaching more than 900 (players? I don't know how this system works exactly - may show 15 NC on Hossin, when 2 continents are open, but i could swear that there's more than 15 NC players there :\ ). (current activity on server, including double-team indicator) (history of continent control, including server population 24-h chart, much wider than in "activity")
    Activity on Miller today, now: 750. Hour-two ago (16:34 of, probably, GMT): 938.
    ~950 means two 96+ or 48-96, three-five 24-48 and a few smaller than 24. All at the same time. Per faction.
    And still no "sorry, population limit, play another time".

    Another thing: although this is PvP game, PS2 still isn't a cs:go.
    Building bases is something devs are allowing to. It's not an exploit or cheat, it's and normal and official feature, built in-game.
    No need to play sheriff, "punishing waste". Moreover, this isn't even "punishing". Not when (2)) base isn't strategical important, is away from frontline, have no orbital/flail/airpad. Base MAY pose a threat when it have OS/flail and, if it's not even reaching frontline yet, frontline can move into it's range (maximum range, because OS don't have unlimited range. It increases over time, but it stops increasing at some point (accoring to wiki, OS have maximum range of 800 meters, flail's is 600m, glaive's 1000m).
    Whole continent isn't that tiny too.
    You're saying about "west of Ti Alloys". How far to the west? Those mountains a few hundred meters away?
    Those are "frontline". Becuase your accusing sound like Ti Alloys spawn is camped by tanks shooting from Warpgate.
    Frontline bases are natural target. Attacking frontline bases is normal behavior. Attacking bases that aren't even halfway to closest frontline is just a harassment. Bullying. Searching with harrasers/liberators for small, lone enemy bases deep in their territory, away from frontline - now THIS is a waste of manpower, which could be used in battle, to help cap normal base.
    If only base would be frontline, actively supporting theirs faction's troops - now this base is posing a threat. And this is normal. You have opportunity to help your faction, you do it. It's not always fair, but it's not a cheating. Game allows for asymetrical balance, allows for 80% overpops, so why wouldn't it allow to build a battle base? Especially that you can build bases too. All players can, regardless of faction. You have opportunity to help your faction, you do it.
    If base is away from front, especially when it's built by lone newbie who don't have much construction experience and stuff, destroying it is just a harrasing - just like sitting with MBTs and Skyguards under enemy warpgate, without having teritory capped even close to this warpgate (or even any regular base that is uncappable, away from front). One thing when you've got warpgate connection, another is when frontline is far, far away.

    One last thing, to not get my words twisted.
    I said "you have opportunity to help your faction, you do it". Although camping under enemy warpgate may indeed help your faction in some way, there's a difference between this and camping frontline airpads. Camping planes, even frontline, seems more fair than camping far away from front. When you're on front, you're in the battle. Closer, further, but still in battle. The same applies to player-made bases. When you're far away from front, it's like you want revenge by harassing weaker players after being beaten by stronger ones. Especially that when 95% of players are fighting on front, they can cover and help each other there. Players behind their front are lonely, easy target. That's a reason why sometimes you can find a faction member deep in the enemy territory, away from front. "On the wrong side of the map". Saying about "punishment" (or close to it) it's just a way to justify yourself.
  6. Trigga

    1) Have you ever sat in a population que to get onto a continent?
    No? Well i have, most other players have, and when we finally get to play this MMOFPS (emphasis on the S part) we find anywhere from 1-20 friendly players sitting mining cortium and dumping it into a silo for XP whilst not helping their empire to win an alert, whilst not helping their empire to gain ground, whilst not helping their emire at all simply themselves and their selfish XP/cert gain.
    I have 0 sypathy for anyone doing this (i.e. making pointless and useless bases that help no1) and just as you point out its their right to do this as its not against the rules (well actualy stat padding which is what theyre doing is against the rules but i digress), its also my right to destroy those bases that are doing this. Of course i cannot actually help myself here as i cannot TK friendly bases, but i can absolutely kill enemy silos wherever i see them for this reason.
    If the owners of these silos decide to log out and some1 who either builds useful bases (routers, orbitals, blockades) or wants to fight logs in, then thats a bonus.

    The game does tell you about population levels on the global map screen, but only if your empire has too many, it will either say:
    • 'Max population' - meaning your empires maximum allotted population for that continent has been reached
    • 'Empire balance' - meaning your empire has too higher % of the total pop on that continent and are prevented from sending any more.
    Its funny you wrote all that about population limiters not existing when pop locks are one of the most complained about features on this game, where have you been?
    One of the membership benefits is "Priority placement in log-in and continent switching queues"?
    I struggle to take anything you say seriously when you dont even know about this entire area of the game.

    I dont attempt to play sheriff, as i said earlier i cannot punish my friendly bases, I was simply conveying a reason for attacking what is seemingly a pointless player made base and tbh i was only half serious. I guess your serious enough for both of us huh?

    2) I have no idea what tangent your going off on with the rest of your post, no1 said anything about roaming the world seeking these bases or camping warpgates, seriously wft are you talking about?
    The second part of my post was explaining why some bases are not pointless, and attacking those bases actualy helps your team.

    I will say though that you cant sit there and say if "it's built by lone newbie who don't have much construction experience and stuff, destroying it is just a harrasing". Thats just complete bull****.
    In that sentiment then, should all sub BR10s be given a free ride, and never shot back at?
    Are you one of the people who post on the Star Citizen forums that being shot at in a PVP game is being griefed?

    And ive played Miller for the 7 years since PS2 released, and the BETA before that.

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  7. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Honestly the first thing I thought of when I read his post was the "non-consensual PvP is griefing" crowd from that game.

    If you don't want to get PvP'd, steer clear of the whole "multiplayer" genre. QED