Dear carebear construction base players...

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  1. Zizoubaba

    in particular those who send me /tells saying "WHY DO U ATTACK MY BASE" or "YOUR SUCH AN *******", that kind of stuff.

    Please allow me to clear something up. Please? Pretty please? No? Oh well, who cares, I'm gona write it anyway.

    End of intro

    You make a base which has a spawn which allows the enemy, my enemy, the mortal enemy, the target and focus of all my efforts, who I am supposed to and who the game intends me to try to kill, destroy and eliminate.

    You provide my enemy with tools such as vehicle spawn, tower turrets and more.

    You provide my enemy with cover so he can camp for ever in zones and as such, totally **** up the pop and therefore how much backup a defending or attacking faction will get for the fight.

    You set up what is known as an "orbital strike" which nukes an area, instantly killing most of the population in that area. (I won't go into how ******** this feature is, or how even more ******** is how players use it).

    But most of all, and let's make this clear, you are my enemy.

    end of part 1.

    What is wrong with you? What is wrong with your mind? That you would think, that you could build such a base and expect me, YOUR ENEMY, to just drive past and ignore it?

    Here's the thing, if most players ignore your base, it isn't because they like you, or they have some kind of respect for your carebear crafting construction attempts, it's only because they don't care or can't be bothered.

    And most of the time, that goes for me too.

    But every now and then, I get a little of your bases, so I destroy them, and if you want to know why, it's because :

    you are the enemy, and what you are doing contributes to hindering my faction and supporting my enemies.
    (that was the role play answer).

    end of part 2.

    It's a pvp game, the very least that you should expect, which is why you have access to tools and weapons and shields, is that it be attacked, don't cry to me in tells whining that I destroyed your beautyful art project.

    You don't like pvp, not my problem.

    end of conclusion

    oh, and happy near year to you too !
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  2. iller

    If you go more than 2 hexes from actual populations/fights ... just to mess with people... guess what,

    You're still being a Toxic / Negative element to the server community and you're also possibly turning away PAYING MEMBERS of the increasingly tiny customer pool (Base components are very expensive, some of them are just flat out best payed for with DBCash).

    You're also likely engaging in Harrassment depending on how you do it which means you deserve Suspensions should you be reported correctly by someone who actually knows what they're doing. And considering your Signature file, I don't think the Devs would even blink when deciding to click that button
  3. Ballto21

    dude if im not mistaken bases contribute to alerts and ****

    even then, there is no reason to not jump a base that is supporting the other faction from a reasonably safe distace

    if anything, thats all the more reason. because unless bases have changed since i last played (they may have) they contribute regardless of where they are

    nuke em

    **** em

    send em back to minecraft
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  4. iller

    Vast majority of Bases... unless they're on the Front lines, do not affect the Battle flow, much less the Points systems or Alert conditions. That was all changed more than a year ago

    Depends if it has an Air-Pad or Router. If it HAS a router, and the router exit isn't placed inside the base itself, then yes you are literally sabotaging your own faction if you just ignore that Router Tower. The quickest solution is usually to rush in as Utility pouch Engineer with C4's solo in a Basilisk Harrasser and just melt the Silo
  5. Ballto21

    **** EM


  6. Scroffel5

    Imagine someone is building an OS or a Flail or the EMP gun thing. Are you telling us that we shouldn't go blow them up, even if they aren't within the first hexes? They do contribute to the battle, whether it being another spawn option for infantry, vehicles, or aircraft, or just some rinky dink distraction, it contributes.

    Killing players multiple times can drive them away, sure, but that is to be expected. You could give the same argument with new players. "We shouldn't spam kill noobs because they could leave!" That is true, but if you were going to leave from an experience you had in the game that had nothing to do with you disliking the game, just the players, I doubt you were going to stick around for Planetside 2 anyways.
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  7. iller

    I don't own the Orbital Array .... and I never will .... at least not until it gets Nerfed anyway. I'm boycotting that POS

    I don't think you understand the actual difference in psychology and feeling of "Punishment". At a Hex base with even small Pops, it's still a Multiplayer Game. "Who's fault it is" is spread around to all involved and there isn't a feeling of Abject social isolation. When you're all alone and you made a significant time investment in to the resources of your Base that's off in Bumf**k egypt, and some bully or pair of a** clowns shows up just to slowly kill you and your structures over and over again ... it's a completely different online experience that's more like a Fighting game or a chess match against total ANONs. The first example is a lot less likely to make someone uninstall and regret any of their purchases
  8. Scroffel5

    As Wii Sports tells me constantly, "That's the game! YOU LOSE!"

    Those bases could be dangerous, and there is no point leaving them until they become indestructible. One part of building your base is defending it. Sure, they do have the likelihood of leaving, but that is them. Personally I would never leave a game just because of a few bad eggs. I am gonna stick through it because for some reason or another, I like the game. Others are just the type of person to give up, and you probably can't change that. We shouldn't say to ourselves, "No, I can't attack that base or else I may hurt their feelings and they will leave." You see the potential and see that it could be dangerous. Yes, they put a lot of time, dedication, and certs into building their base. Yes, they don't want it to blow up. However, when I play Planetside, I don't say to everyone "Don't shoot me because I am almost on the longest kill streak I have ever been on and I just need a few more kills."

    Basically, I am saying we can't sacrifice our team to save one persons experience. It comes down to them being the type of person not to give up.
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  9. Pelojian

    the biggest problem with construction is it takes so long to build even the smallest 1 man base and can be destroyed by a couple of players faster then it takes to build if it isn't garrisoned and guarded by players.

    it doesn't help that AA towers can't do much on their own against ESFs.

    if the cortium cost and build time were reduced but the maintaince cost in cortium was increased i would think it would be less of an issue or hassle if a back line support base was destroyed by griefers.
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  10. Zizoubaba

    I don't care, there is no way anyone can be justified in breaking my circles and calling me toxic for using the game content in its intended way, even if I choose to destory an empty base in the corner of the map where no one ever goes.

    It's like someone shooting me and me sending him or her /tells saying "HEY!! I WASNT READY!! STOP BEING TOXIC" and then explaining to everyone how we need to be like a gentleman and check if the enemy is ready before killing him. Seriously? lol

    Speaking of circles, the way things are going, it's going to be toxic soon, simply to scratch them! lol

    Soon you won't be able to press the V key on your keyboard, followed by the 6 key without people calling you toxic! (oh wait, that's already teh case).
  11. Zizoubaba


    I literally almost fell of my chair hahahahha
  12. Zizoubaba

    the whole point of this thread is to point a finger at that dirty word and shout out loud : ITS NOT GRIEFING !!
  13. LodeTria

    Construct bases are so irrelevent these days I wonder why you're bothering to even attack them.
    The only use they have is router towers, but if they are actually using those the PMB should be as close to the WG as possible anyway.
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  14. Zizoubaba

    Most of the time I'll ignore them (like everyone else). But that isn't to say that I don't have reasons to attack them.

    There's lots of reasons, I'll just pick 2;

    1. If it's in a region owned by my faction connected to enemy faction but that isn't really the focus of the enemy's attention (this often happens on bases like Pale Canyon on Esamir), its presence and/or the presence of the guy(s) who built it can often make a light but persistent pressure as activity and fights attract population. What often happens also is that just because of the spawn, people will spawn, just because they can, and then make their way to the A point making (usually) attacks that aren't a threat but can be a time consuming pain to defend andbecause of how the spawn system works, could quickly escalate and lasts a lot longer as even when the attackers lose their sundies, they can spawn at the construction base.

    2. You often find them in those regions that don't have a base and that you can cap in 60 seconds. Obviously, if you need to cap that region and it's in the way, , then that's a good reason to attack it, but if there is no immediate reason to do so, I might attack it anyway just so I won't have to later when there's more people and we're fighting over the region.

    Bonus; sometimes, I'll just get triggered, for example, if I'm attacking a base and some muppet in a anti vehicle tower in a construction base 20 kilometres away starts shooting and destroys my sundy even though by all other accounts, it was completely safe, or if players from the nearby construction base harrass players from the friendly local base without trying to cap it and doing things like camping where the vehicles spawn.
  15. JibbaJabba

    If it's an enemy base providing support for a nearby battle, sure have at it.
    If it's a router base far behind enemy lines that is supporting forward battles, sure have at it.

    If you see one far behind enemy lines that isn't really altering the outcome of anything. Sure, you can attack it. BUT WHY?

    I'll tell you why.
    Because it's an easy target for you. Someone may have spent an hour gathering the cortium, driving around and building it out. But now you can come along and get some pitiful amount of certs by blowing it up.
    It's just one guy...probably off harvesting cortium and not even around to fight back. And if they show up, they are in an Ant. Easy pickings for a lightning, harasser, MBT, Lib or whatever you're driving.

    Actually facing your enemies in a battle where they can fight back is hard.
    Facing enemies that also have teammates is hard.
    Facing enemies also in battle focused rather than utility focused vehicles is hard.

    So I know why you do it. I ain't mad at ya. You're a pu 55 Y. :D

    It's easier to **** one someone else and knock over their sandcastle than to build one yourself. And that's the kind of guy you are. :D

    edit: And I know why you're here posting this. You know good and well what you are doing. Someone called you out on it and knowing this it kinda stung. So now you want validation from others so you come here to post all your reasons for doing what you are doing so other people can tell you that you are right.

    pu 55 y
  16. JibbaJabba

    You're mistaken.

    They contribute nothing to alerts and haven't since like 2018? (someone correct me)
  17. YellowJacketXV

    So a base takes a good amount of time to establish. Not killer or anything, just a lot of back and forth. You get cash money for building it and if it's in a good spot or has good utilities you get bonus cheque.

    Meanwhile, if it is a solo endeavor, which it usually is, all it takes is a stalker infiltrator with at least two full magazines. That's all you need to pop the spawn unless they have a bus and the fixings. Once I went in with nothing more than stalker and the base was destroyed just because I managed to hack everything of importance. The only reason I attacked the base was because I felt like a covert commando. I even set up a glaive firebase just out of sight using my stealth ANT. I really didn't get that much in terms of reward exp...

    Its effectively PlanetSide 2s version of some guy making a sand castle and another guy coming by to stomp it out.

    Honestly the base only really benefits folk if they have routers nowadays. I hate saying that as I love the construction system. But the simple truth is the only bases worth attacking are OS and router bases. Everything else is just meh.
  18. iPug

    I think the basic frustration with base building comes from the fact that the structures are easily destroyed after putting some effort in mining and thinking out best how to lay out the base. I've built three bases so far and they were torn down pretty quickly. I didn't cry about it. The other frustration is how quickly everybody descends on them. This is why base building should probably be a team effort rather than going it alone.
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  19. Pelojian

    team effort or not, as-is the time investment is too great to actually build a base compared to how fast they can be demolished, whether it be a one man outpost or a team build, construction costs should go down and maintenance costs up, not only can people build bases faster but the higher cortium cost to keep the base operational will make destorying ANTs supplying the base a more important factor in attacking a defended base.
  20. Trigga

    I see a player with no interest in playing the objective (taking enemy terrain) as a waste of a server slot, and if the bases mentioned by the players posting above really are 'no threat' or 'just being built for the fun of building' then theyre not partaking in the objective.
    If destroying their base causes them to log out and leave an empty slot for some who wants to actualy play the game, then great.
    That alone is reason enough to destroy all of them.

    But there are other reasons, e.g. a base built just west of Ti Alloys can protect tanks with skyshields while allowing them to shell the access to A point from the spawns, and also the entire northern slope, without return fire. We had a great time the other night taking out one of those.
    Bases built on the plateau near Eisa Tech usualy have multiple AA and / or AV turrets that cause havok on aircraft and tanks leaving the area. Combined with a skyguard or harrasers protected by skyshields it can make the area almost a no-go.

    Blockers - some bases exist as blockades to flanking routes, they either completely block routes, e.g. the road going north-east from The Palisade to Briggs Laboratories when it drops down between the hills. Or they are positioned so your flank will be discovered and your stealth nullified.

    Bases arnt a main target by any means, but when trying to move around the battlefield undetected and postion vehicles at the best angles for attack, they can be....annoying to say the least.
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