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  1. Newlife1025

    I need help on dealing with noobs. I had a low level in my boom box harasser, and he sorta didn't know what to do. The first guy started firing at friendlys. Kicked him out. The second guy, I had my Mic in. He started firing at rocks (I don't know why) and I told him to stop doing that. We got into quiet battles so I just sorta patrolled and we picked off stragglers. It was fun, until things got a bit heated. He still fired at rocks even while I was chasing down a flash that I had spotted. Then a harasser came by, and wiped us because he Was looking at the sky. Any advice for dim witted blue berries?
  2. FateJH

    For starters:
    /tell <name> This is your driver. Is your proximity voice chat on?
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  3. Newlife1025

    Thanks, but I'm not sure a guy who doesn't look at the map, would lay attention to the chat
  4. adamts01

    Only use gunners from your friends list. Otherwise you'll most likely have better results going solo.
  5. Campagne

    There's your problem right there.

    To be serious, I'd say there's really nothing one can do to change the behavior of another player. Just try to avoid random gunners that you don't recognize and respect.
  6. EViLMinD

    I refuse a gunseat to anyone who
    1. isn't an engineer
    2. doesn't help with repairs (Won't repair in the Harasser rumble seat. Oh, how that vexes me)
    3. doesn't repair when needed most (not always when in the red)
    4. fails to notice vital targets (Especially if those targets are attacking us... or can be seen easily in the minimap due to my vehicle's proxy/scout radar)
    5. wastes ammo and time on the wrong targets (ex: kobalt/cannister vs tanks, fury vs air)
    Some people think that if you have a free seat, you should let anyone jump in. I say such people need to sthu. Trying to succeed with an idiot gunner is a pain. Not fun. Why I'm happy soloing until a decent candidate comes along.

    So, stick to your guns. It's your vehicle and your time. You aren't obligated to play tour guide of Auraxius to nubs. They can spawn their own vehicle or find another driver who'll let them faff off.

    Warning: Kicking people out will often lead to conflict. Too many times I've had an ejected mate try to c4/rocket/small arms me. My reaction to this unlawful, petty, idiotic and downright treasonous behaviour is always the same. I swap to the gunseat and blast the pos into oblivion. Because F them. Getting kicked is no justification for a gd TK. Even an attempted TK. Such ahats deserve what they get. They asked for it. Fair is fair.

    Gunners who know the basics and are on top of **** will likely get a chance to make a butt-load of kill XP in my ride. I do my best to give em a good run. My experience is vast and I've unlocked/maxed everything. My demands may be high - but the rewards are yuge.

    Am I elitist? Bet your @$$ I am ;)
  7. Biff!

    You are an elitist, but I agree (and act) 100% the same. Every time I do an act of charity, I mostly end up regretting my decision. That being said, I have had some amazing random gunners, but the "Engineer class or no ride" rule is pretty unbreakable and at least a good starting filter...
  8. breeje

    i am a great gunner but a bad driver and i feel the same way
    when i jump in a vehicle i always have a noob driver
    i like harasser play but my outfit members are not interested in harasser play
    so i always have to find a good random driver for when my outfit is not running a squads
  9. HappyStuffin

    1. isn't an engineer [/quote]

    I feel like I'm the only driver who would prefer my gunner to stay in the gunner spot and pay attention to the surroundings while I jump out to repair. I'd rather him spot a c4 fairy or infiltrator who is about about kill me than the bother of us die.
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  10. The Rogue Wolf

    With Harassers this doesn't tend to apply as much, because your best bet is to quickly get out of danger, repair as fast as possible, and then get moving again. Now, for MBTs this is a more applicable strategy.
  11. Tankalishious

    I have three rules.
    1. Entering a vehicle as anything but an engineer is simply rude. Be an engineer.
    2. Be a useful gunner (dont fire ppa at vehicles, dont spam shots around randomly when i use stealth etc)
    3. DO NOT jump ship(bail) if we get into the reds. Be a dedicated gunner! Commit to your original request to be a gunner.
    Brake rule nr 1, fast kick. Jump back in randomly and i will kick you out and have you executed.
    Break rule nr 2, i will explain what you do wrong ONCE in written /tell form. Do it again and i will kick you out and run you over.
    Break rule nr 3 and i will come back (if i survive) and shoot you myself, or if i see you later.
    Im just fed up with ******* in the gunner seats.
  12. AtckAtck

    I feel your pain and I have exactly the same experience so far.

    A lot of players seem to have no clue about what they are doing in this game, don't know anything about the game mechanics and won't hit the side of a barn within 2 m range...

    I can't remember how often I have yelled to:
    - shoot at spotted targets
    - don't shoot at "nothing"
    - stay silent when no enemy is around

    I drive sunderer quite often and it is even worse there.
    They don't defend, they don't repair, they don't use the guns. But if they do, they make no kills, waste ammo by shooting "nothing".
    This makes one really angry if it happens all the time.

    I can also confirm that "kicking out" doesn't set the right signal for most to stop there erratic behavior, instead makes some trying to tk you, damage vehicles.

    Really, there is no helping that kind of player. Just shoot them in the face.
  13. ObiVanuKenobi

    Very simple.

    Shooting at nothing - kick
    Shooting at too long range with a close range weapon - kick
    Randomly shooting at impossible to hit aircraft - kick
    Shooting at base turrets when killing them would be a waste of ammo or they're too far - kick
    Situational awareness of a blindfolded blind man - kick
    Shooting at tanks with an AI weapon that does 0 damage - kick

    Tl;dr shoot at the wrong time/target - kick.
  14. Towie

    Some sort of achievement / badge / whatever acknowledging 'Knowledgeable Gunner' has been mooted for some time, along with the means to restrict the seat to said gunners.

    Until then I use proxy and hope they're listening and understand. I almost exclusively run stealth so they can really blow it for me. Even worse is when I think they understand and carefully hold their fire, only to find that they've taken the opportunity to go AFK :mad:
  15. EViLMinD

    I've been calling for an ENGINEERS ONLY setting for vehicle seating. Blocking all but engineers would be a huge help with curbing the number of deadbeat gunners I get. It would also help to promote the message to new players that vehicles require that extra repair tool. And... there will be less raging idiots out to tk my ride. I'd love that.