Deadwalking "Ghost Spawning" Redeploy

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Klypto, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Klypto

    When you redeploy while moving, the server/client will continue to track your momentum despite the fact that you are dead.
    1. Face any direction and sprint while redeploying.
    2. After redeploy, note the distance (m) from the last spawnpoint that you are at (this effect is more noticeable the more spawn points are in your area as you enter/leave range)
    3. Every 10 seconds as the system refreshes your local spawn list, you will notice that your distance from the spawn point will change by the amount that you are "moving" while dead. You will eventual leave range of the spawn point and not be able to spawn there anymore.
    I've exploited this bug thousands of times since near launch over the years to "run" distances between out of range spawn points that normally would not be possible. It's especially effective at overcoming terrain obstacles (since your momentum in "deadland" is not obstructed by collision).

    After been away for 3-4 years I was surprised to find this bug is still in the game today upon my return.
    Users who are unaware of this bug may find the redeploy spawn mechanics confusing as their spawn points will continue to change over time and eventually leave range the longer they remain dead. For instance, as squad who is waiting dead for a sunderer, vehicle or beacon to deploy nearby but are "moving" out of range of it before it deploys.

    If this is to be a formal feature to represent delay to redeploy range options it should be noted otherwise fixed.