Dead Outfit after 3 weeks

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  1. Degenatron

    This sounds like poor outfit leadership in my opinion. You failed to lead your small band into conflicts where you would have the greatest chance of success.

    Planetside's greatest flaw is also it's greatest strength: Freedom. Freedom to suceed on your own merit is also freedom to fail on your own merit.

    Frankly, you should have lead your team to join a Zerg and acted as a objective focused team with the goal of securing and holding specific objectives. Instead, you threw your soldiers into one meat grinder after another, and instead of taking personal responsibility for your failure of leadership, you decided to blame SOE allowing you the freedom to fail.

    You can either learn from this failure, or you can take your little band of men and go play something that more strictly confines you and your soldiers so that you inability to lead plays far less of a factor in your winning or losing.
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  2. ronjahn

    1. LoL a 300% increase in TTK? What game are you trying to play.? That certainly wouldn't be PS2 or even remotely a competitive FPS. It would also require reworking every single weapon and tool in the game. Bad suggestion IMO.
    2. No more than two sundies? Enjoy the constant stalemate at every single base ever except for ghost caps and 96+ vs 1-12 "fights."
    3. Armor can't get into most bases, and the majority of bases have been reworked so that armor can't spam the spawn door. It's a shame that you seem to have led your friends and coworkers to hopeless defeats against enemies you didn't stand a chance again.
    4. Last but not least a nerf request to Frags. Flak armor helps, as does a bit of situational awareness of looking for the grenade indicator and running away..

    Anyone else remember the day that Angey Joe brought a bunch of noobs into the game and they got rekt? Well yeah....this sounds awfully similar.

    Even if you had 25 people on the point each time, you guys had the combined experience of probably me personally. A squad of 6-12 skilled players who have been playing together for over a year can and should be able to easily kick you off that point.
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  3. Thrones

    For me, as an smg user, TTD is .5 seconds, while TTK is 1.5-2 seconds, often times the target is facing away from and still manages to turn, spor and kill me in .5 secs. But, just learned to deal with it and chalk it up to lag. What you are seeing is not always what is really happening. Other day at TI alloys I was getting sniper from behind cover. The game is just borked sometimes.

    As far as being farmed.. choose winning fights. There is no reason to fight an even fight. You can 'win' losing fights by farming experience and not going for objectives. 96+ vs 24+? Hang around the fringes and rack up kills.

    Sounds like your outfit were just caduals and would be better served in a Pve shooter or an fpsmoba.

    Sorry for poor english, written on a samsung.
  4. BorgUK1of9

    1. Either increase player hit points by 300 per cent, or lower weapon damage by two thirds. This gives you at least a chance to see where fire is coming from, have the ability to possibly counter it (run into cover, use rocket pack, put up shield etc. ) and not rage quit after spending ages working towards a goal only to be killed in a split second before you can even react to which direction the fire is coming from. - HAD THIS IN PLANETSIDE 1, WE HAD PEOPLE QUITTING BECAUSE YOU COULDNT INSTAGIB. HOWEVER MOST OF US PREFERRED IT.

    2. No more than one Sunderer of any faction in a Hex at one time. Primarily this was to stop zergs at control points when attacking a base, and also make the faction work to protect their Sunderer. At the moment, there's no negative effect to having your Sunderer destroyed, there's usually one or two more around and someone will just replace the destroyed one in a matter of minutes. - AGAIN HAD THIS IN PS1, AN AMS (Sundys were only troop transports) HAD A MASSIVE BLOCK AREA FOR OTHER AMS's IN EXCHANGE THEY HAD AN INVISIBILITY SHIELD THAT WAS LESS EFFECTIVE THE CLOSER YOU GOT.

    3. Do not allow armour of any type inside the walls of a base except for aircraft, either the perimeter walls and especially buildings. Stop the spawn room camping by armour with high splash damage against infantry. - GETTING LIKE A STUCK RECORD, IN PS1 VEHICLES WERE USED TO TAKE THE OUTSIDE OF THE BASE, AFTER THAT YOU HAD TO GET OUT TO TAKE THE BASE, EVEN AIRCRAFT WERE USELESS.

    4. Make Fragmentation Grenades and C4 against Infantry only kill a maximum 2 players in it's explosive range. Many, many times we were in a room doing our best to protect a Control Point, when Grenade after Grenade after Grenade were thrown in and eventually killed us all, with many Grenades getting 4 or 5 of us at once. - NADE SPAM WAS NERFED IN PS1 BECAUSE OF THIS, NEEDS IT IN PS2.

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  5. Auzor

    My thoughts:
    gaming is not for everyone
    FPS are not for everyone
    Online FPS is not for everyone
    Massive-continued-map "open world" online FPS is not for everyone.

    So, yes you got some friends to play PS2 for a while; but how many would have stayed even if the game was in "perfect state"?

    On to the points:

    1) Increase hp by 300%: now infantry can truly take a tank round to the chest.
    lower (infantry?) weapon damage by two thirds:
    let's presume you're bad at aiming like me, and have 20% accuracy.
    You're using a vanu assault rifle (poor you..) with 143 dmg, and shooting at a target beyond 10m.
    8 hits to kill someone if they're not wearing nanoweave, have a heavy shield, or medic self-heal/ use a stim.
    Your mag runs empty before you kill them.

    Defending a point becomes impossible:
    enemies (heavies) can simply run towards you with resist shield and med packs.

    Case in point: the full auto scout rifle has 24 bullets/mag. Beyond 10m, to kill someone, an infiltrator would have to use the entire mag and not miss a single round. Pray to enlightenment/freedom/tyranny that in that time, your chosen target doesn't
    -get behind cover
    -is wearing nanoweave/.. see above
    -puts on a stim

    TTK is already in a difficult balance state between nanoweave, medic, stims etc, where at range you can have someone "in the sights", you riddle him with bullets, hit him at least 5 times and he.. just.. doesn't.. go.. down.
    Against max rank nanoweave at range the 143 dmg weapons need to hit 10 times. Which means, at 30% accuracy, you have maybe enough bullets to kill 1 person at range
    Add more for the carbines, which have more damage dropoff than the AR's and LMG's...

    Tactics become in a sense less important.
    Outflanked someone? Got the drop? In the "surprise" opening, you landed 10 shots on him. Congrats, he is now at 2/3rds of health.
    It becomes in this manner very, very difficult to kill/engage more than 1 player at a time. If you need to pump 30 rounds into someone to make them drop, he should always manage to pump a few right back.
    Fighting when outnumbered seems impossible to me in those circumstances; see earlier, holding a chokepoint doesn't work anymore.

    Random derp (even if it is me) decides to park his sundy at the border of a hex.
    Bang, no-one else can deply a sundy at a usefull location to attack.
    Destroy the 1 deployed sundy, and no enemy can spawn at the hex?
    Sundy's should not be tougher than mbt's to destroy...

    OTOH: that would make squad play and valks and galaxies near mandatory.
    Then again, without mouseyaw, I don't fly. Bad OP!

    Yes and no.
    Vehicles have way, way to easy time getting angles on the spawn areas.
    Many bases are designed with a hill/elevated area right next to them; screaming at tankers "park here and bombard away!"
    The shields around bases are sometimes near-pointless because every sundy and harasser can bring gate-shield-diffusor and drive through them.
    Upgraded and with good driving, you can drive through 2 shields at once o_O
    Inside the base, enemy vehicles can move too freely around; no tank traps, wide-ish roads with unhindered viewing lanes etc;
    and sundy's can actually drive over the things that I'd have thought were roadblocks; tanks can't :rolleyes:

    "many grenades getting 4 or 5 of us at once".
    Well, there's your problem.
    I too sometimes get 4 guys with a frag.
    But, those dudes stack up way, way too much, or they've taken a lot of dmg already.
    Also: flak armor.

    Finally: you started with 23 guys.
    That is 2 squads; those don't need to be in the same room!
    It is a pretty big fight if 1 squad "entrenched" (guarding the entrances, infantry turrets deployed for extra cover, no one next to the door waiting for a shotgun/RL to appear, C4 ready for a max-crash) can't hold the enemy off from an indoor point.
    In a "pretty big fight" 23 guys can make the difference, but not win the fight on their own.
    As it should be.
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  6. libbmaster

    Increase player HP by300%?!

    One sundie per hex?!

    This is insane. Bad post is bad post.
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  7. Whatupwidat

    This game isn't for everyone - some players just won't get past the early stages where it's basically a death simulator.
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  8. HadesR

    TTK is fine IMO

    Tanks etc bombarding onto spawn rooms .. Obviously working as intended now as we have been telling SOE about it since Beta and little has changed , apart from Esamir's walls where they handly put a hill next to them so they can be shot over .. O yeah nothing has changed :p

    Sundy columns ? The game really needs the Resource revamp finishing to help alleviate some of these problems ...
  9. I play by many names

    It always bothered me how you are punished for trying to fight outnumbered in this game. Wouldn't your empire want you to fight? Wouldn't your empire want you to win as the underdog? Wouldn't your empire not want to just give territory to the opposition? Not in this game. They want you to leave the fight immediately and go to where you are already easily steamrolling the opposition. It makes zero sense. Its like every system in the game is designed to reduce the chances of a good fight happening. The spawn system, the lattice, redeployside, it all adds up.
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  10. FieldMarshall

    There is your core problem. They didnt really want to play in the first place.
    Ofc they gave up easily.
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  11. Siilk

    Aaaand this is your problem, right here. Those guys were uninterested in PS2 in the first place, while PS2 takes quite a lot of efforts to master even at the novice level. You seem to be a rather new to PS2 yourself you between your own lack of in-depth knowledge of PS2 skills and strategies and your outfit's unwillingness to learn it, you had no chance to maintain your outfit members' interest.

    PS2 is far from being perfect but the "issues" you mentioned are actually one of the rather balanced parts of it's gameplay.
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  12. Mythologicus

    Huh, grenades are a problem now?

    I thought they were a valid method of clearing rooms of enemies or at least wounding them before entering, which is why, y'know, the military uses them.

    I feel like I should be enlightened as to the proper use of these small thrown explosives.
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  13. FocusLight

    Except back in Hex, people would blatantly ignore any defended location that took some effort to hit, and go attack a less defended base or an empty one instead.

    It also forced an organized defense force to split their numbers up to cover multiple possible bases at once while the attackers could dump their whole force on one base at a time.

    And finally, even with lattice lanes very often zergs will mindlessly push down one leaving others completely exposed. The biggest contributor to zergin today is not the lattice system, it's redeployside letting the more organized multi-platoon zerg-fits dump their 200 guys wherever they please, whenever any defense is needed.

    Nerfing redeployside into the ground and letting people rely on some actual logistics will kill zerging faster, as people can divide their force into smaller teams and hit multiple lanes at once, and the defenders can either A) zerg one base with all their forces at once, or B) divide their own force up a little more to cover more approaches at once.

    Hell, this might bring back a tendency for randoms to utilize taxi-Galaxies to ferry other troops around to hot-spots. Remember that? We might even see Galaxies dumping their passengers at bases then landing somewhere to be used again later because it will be harder to just dump them then pull new ones or re-deploy somewhere instantly after the capture.

    It would also make having dedicated air-wings more important for the overall strategy than "let's pull an air-zerg and bomb this one base into oblivion" now we might even see squads of ESF's move around trying to stop enemy reinforcements from using the fastest routes from WG to the front - direct air-lines.

    Might even see some troop convoys with Caravan Sunderers again, remember those?

    Kill redeployside and suddenly zerging will be much less prevalent because of it's tactical foolishness.
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  14. SerasVic

    Punished ? by what?

    Because you died ? because your godly KDR is going down? Because it's not as fun ?
    If you want to only focus on the objectifs, sometimes fun is just not here.

    And there is MANY ways to fight back a zerg OUTSIDE of your ******* spawnroom.

    To list a few (assuming you have at least a full squad) :

    - Gal drop with Max / HA / engi / medic on capture points
    - Pulling armor from next bases to come and strike in the back the busy farmers (3 MBT + 2 repair sundy and you roll = 12 people)
    - Pulling air to strike the ground zerg (lolpod, hornets, libs)
    - setting a sundy behind / flank the ennemies allowing your empire to strike from another angle instead of dying at spawnroom

    and many more.

    Now, assuming you have a platoon, you can do all of that just alone. If you have only a squad try to do one of it. Those exemples can just turns up a lost fight into a win.
  15. KnightCole

    Lol, the sunderer spam is a result of SoE's glorious new endless vehicle spam resource change. It needs to go back to the way it was and then buff the prices to be double, double cooldowns and all that jazz.....
  16. Prudentia

    no, grenades are used to get information on the number of enemies in a room.
    if you throw a grenade there are none (left)

    i spot a distinct lack of Skywhales.
    it may suprise you, but players who are bad are very likely to die, this does include getting massacred on the way to an objective. if you want them to reach the objective you basicly have 2 way of doing that:
    Beacons and Skywhales
    beacons are the inferior choice due to the difficulties of getting everyone together.
    a skywhale on the other hand allows you to get everyone on point at the same time.

    after all, strength in numbers does only work if you don't get singled out. and i should now, i can single out prey from an ORBS platoon in open fields with a shotgun
  17. STR1D3R109

    If your stuck in the spawn room then go somewhere else, dont get too held up on the idea that Every base is important (well unless its alert but yeah..)

    Do more fun stuff in the squad like have everyone spawn tanks at the base before (some of you as AA) and then drive around ;P
  18. Foxirus

    Let me just stop you right here. Where the hell are you supposed to go? With the current lattice system that funnels all combat into zerg chokepoints, It doesn't matter where you go anymore because every damn connected base is zerg fight. At least when amerish had no lattice you could still choose to go to a slow fight to help train new players.

    The new players do not learn anything in the zergs other than how to be bad meatshields. One day, SOE will learn this and fix the worthless lattice system. One day they will make it to where only important bases like techplants and biolabs are connected via lattice, With everything else a free capable hex.
  19. Joehunk

    I think I can sum up this OP as:
    Short infantry TTK alienated some new players.

    I've seen it happen before many times, and indeed TTK has been a hotly discussed subject since before release. In fact my friends and I have started calling this effect "the hump" that you either get over as a new player, or quit. But short TTK is actually one of the things that drew me *in* as a new player and something I greatly enjoy about the game. I think SOE could maybe invest a little more in trying to get new players over this hump though, through videos etc. because the issue keeps coming up and I too have friends that were alienated by the initial shock of being killed constantly and never came back. I think the design is very enjoyable, it's just new players should be better-prepared for it, and frankly SOE is probably leaving money on the table by not doing it.
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  20. Prudentia

    Northern amerish lattice is still okish, southern amerish is a steaming pile of ****,
    why the **** is the techplant of the NW warpgate so Close to the NW warpgate, but easier to reach to for the southern warpgate? why is it required to have the Bastion or the southern warpgate pushed all the way back just to reach it?
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