DBG - totally on top of the cheats - NOT (as usual)

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  1. Exileant

    ;) That works just fine as well; as you do not teach everyone everything. Doing so gives up your edge. I rarely teach anyone anything. They do not appreciate the journey of learning it themselves and heck, half of the ungrateful runts will not even give credit to the person who taught them. o_O So no, the Meta Population can kiss my beautifully toned, next-gen spandex-armored booty on the amazing cheek..... So.... :eek: BOTH OF THEM....:p
  2. gunnner10

    That's why I cant bring myself to put money into this game. Cheating seems to be at Epidemic proportions. Especially when the kill cam shows my killer on the other side of a mountain or under the ground
  3. Demigan

    You mean superior in just about every metric?

    So I have to believe that you like to show off a knife in the warpgate, that people in the warpgate slash at you to show it off as well even though the knife can be bought with certs by anyone? It makes no sense, as if someone proudly presents having any 1000 cert weapon.

    You should. Lets do some simple logic: your stats are the average of all your actions. So if you are mind-numbingly awesome right now but have appalling stats on average then the inescapable conclusion has to be that you have been way waaaay below average for most of your playtime to get such stats. Again that is with the assumption that you are awesomeness incarnate.
    People usually dont grow from "cant hit the side of a Vanguard while standing against it" to "awesomeness incarnate I tell you, but I cant show anyone". They'll stick to "I'm so-so now".
    Also if your story is true, then we would be seeing your stats rise every playsession as you are much better than before, which we dont. That means you either acquired your skill recently and suddenly without a slow gradual rise to your level and that 99%of your playsessions were such bad horrorshows that have such a weight on your stats that they dont rise despite your awesomeness. That is extremely hard to believe No0t.

    If you used your brainpan you would have seen I asked for your other characters, not if that guy made a new character.
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  4. JobiWan

    I know sometimes it can be ambiguous if someone is cheating or not. But this is the clearest case of cheating I've seen with no doubt. I have video but I won't post it here because it's against the rules.

    But yell chat was full of comments about these two guys cheating. And when one killed me in the biolab with one hit from a knife, he was about 100m away, through several walls.

    No amount of 'he's just good/I could do that' type comment can convince me otherwise - these two were using hacks and got away with it for hours.
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  5. Towie

    Yes it's the same hack - as soon as I was killed, the deathcam showed him way in the distance with the silhouette showing him stab someone else then a moment later he's teleported and stabbing a third (the cam snaps around quickly but the teleport is so quick he disappears for a moment until the cam angle catches up with him).

    It's almost as if it's looping through the positions of nearby players - it's so quick and he didn't have direct line of site to me.

    Anyway - they're not even trying to be discreet - for whatever reason.

    (AND this proves that the deathcam can have its advantages no matter what your starting opinion !)
  6. Exileant

    :eek::D I could read no further without bursting out with a--

  7. JibbaJabba

    If you have video, open a customer service ticket.

    As far as I know the /report function in game doesn't produce results. A CS ticket with DBG itself (folks who handle more than just planetside) seems to get results.