DBG - totally on top of the cheats - NOT (as usual)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Towie, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Towie

    Ok so this one really worries me. He is using all sorts of cheats, movement cheat, teleport cheat (remember those ? Geez that was YEARS ago wasn't it ?) - reported him over an hour ago and he's still playing.



    So DBG are banning people for stat padding yet these guys are still getting through and not being picked up with 10+ k/d ?

    Said it several times already and i'll say it again. Glad I cancelled.
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  2. ZDarkShadowsZ

    That guy was teleporting everywhere so bad you could literally see them zipping around on the minimap during the biolab fights.
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  3. PlanetBound

    He probably recorded the session for marketing the cheat package.
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  4. Towie

    I'll bet. It had a lot of functions to it - aimbot (i'd suggest adjustable as he rarely goes for the head), teleport, speed hack. It's not unlike the old Hagsclub cheat.

    So no doubt we will soon have a bunch of 'new' people who are just a bit too good to be believable yet post very innocent looking stats. If they aren't stupid anyway. Much like we've had for a very very long time, sadly.
  5. JobiWan

    There were two TR players last night in the bio-farm who were killing planetmans with one hit knifes from 100m away. Both had 230+ kills in minutes and one went from BR1 to BR11 in about 5 minutes.

    They went away, then others (probably the same with new accounts) came back a few minutes later. Obviously some new cheat has been released.
  6. Liewec123

    It blows my mind that crap like this still happens,
    Pure incompetence on DBGS part.
    Especially teleporting, how hard can it be to make a script to detect someone warping all over the place?!

    Or revamp the report feature, 10+ reports within 5 minutes triggers a deep dive look into theirs stats for that period.
    Three kills with a gun in two seconds? Ban.
    10+KDR? Ban.
    60% Headshot ratio? Ban.

    They can investigate it later and decide if it was a wrongful ban, or people can write a support ticket if it was a wrongful ban,
    The DBG guy can then check out their stats and movements (pretty sure movement logging this is a common GM ability)

    But considering you'd need to get reported atleast twice per minute for five minutes
    I think the actual number of legit people getting banned would be pretty nonexistent.
    but the number of script-kid Aholes would drop massively.
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  7. FLHuk

    It doesn't even need to be a hard ban, just have it as a temp ban till staff can review it.

    Ah but wait a sec, less money, less staff, more cheats....

    So yeah, there's always that reason, right or wrong, as to why we're here.

    If only at the start there had been community based tools and inclusion in policing :/
  8. Towie

    Yes, this is what 'panda' was doing - funny thing is, the killcam showed it off beautifully. There I was - snuggled into a corner - then killed via knife and the killcam now shows him 100m+ away. Nice. Then later while I was still in the spawn room !

    What really really REALLY gets my goat - he played on and off for 6 HOURS, early on he had a k/d of over 14, how can this possibly be missed ? I'd like to think that DBG were taking their time to identify the new cheat. I fear this is just wishful thinking.

    Oh one last thing - due to his cheat assisted 'abilities', he was nigh on impossible to kill. Anyone who did manage to kill him had a very lucky shot indeed (or maybe they too were using a cheat). I prefer to think they were just lucky...
  9. Demigan

    *liewec experiences a lag spike*

    Game: "huh this guy was here first but his packets suddenly say he's over here. BAN". This becomes especially serious when using jump-pads or when using afterburners and your velocity is incredibly high.

    Ofcourse you could have a bit more nuance to such a script and have it ban people who are teleporting x times a minute for 5 minutes. Even so anyone with a laggy connection would be in trouble. A kind of solution would be to make players rubberband whenever lag causes more than a second of lag but it would probably screw aircraft and jumppads too much.

    Also lets not forget how our current anti-cheat works. It records some one cheating, doesnt ban him but follows their actions to see if the anti-cheat can gather enough data and know how the cheat works. Then it can identify others using the same cheat and ban them simultaneously. This makes it harder for cheaters to discover what tripped the system in the first place and simply avoid that trip. It does mean a cheater remains online for some time before anything happens to him.
  10. Liewec123

    and now we have this motherf%%ker, online right now
    warping all over the place knifing people, he had 200 kills at the base fight before i logged out.


    yes ofcourse there would be checks,
    like when it finds someone moving between positions unnaturally fast it can check "have they used a jump pad recently" "were they falling" etc,
    as for people with ridiculous lag, i kinda feel like that is on them, but even so we could add another check "is their ping/connection reasonable" yes? ban.

    these things can be done and DBG aren't doing them.
    ironically i had'nt seen a scriptkid in years until DBG tell us that they've updated their anti-cheat software.
    whatever they are doing they aren't doing a good job.
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  11. Exileant

    :eek: The Kill report is not proof of cheating. If I went back and made a new character and applied the tactics of what I learned over the years, my ratio would look like that too. o_O You have to show videos of the person cheating. Be careful about this.... I would hurry if I were you, as the forum is hot and cold about banning for slander. :confused: They only tolerate videos because that is hard evidence, but at one time, according to the rules, you were not allowed accuse people of cheating here.
  12. JibbaJabba

    I have seen beast players. Top fraction percenters that solo whole squads in their sleep.

    10KDR is **very** impressive but achievable.
    5.2 KPM is also **very** impressive but achievable.
    BUT doing 5.2 KPM with a Carv and having a lowly 6.72% HSR? Nope. Nopity nope pants. Only way to do that is chaining head kills and pumping your Adrenaline implant like a V8.

    You guys have busted my balls enough when I pushback to know I want to see the video before I'll judge.
    In this case, same rule with a twist. I would need to see video before I was convinced this guy was NOT cheating.

    Y'all should open a customer service ticket if this guy is on your server.
  13. Towie

    My mind is actually boggling now.

    He is killing people with the slasher with 1-3 seconds between them in ENORMOUS kill streaks, and he is doing this by teleporting from person to person.

    NOBODY can possibly achieve any of this without cheating. You are suggesting your ratio would look like that ? You're kidding me, right ?

    This is yet another cheating scumbag, simple as that.
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  14. Exileant

    :confused: I kid you not, it is possible to kill people like that. Trust and believe, I have done it. No teleportation necessary nor wanted. o_O All you have to do is position yourself properly and wait for the right moment and you can pull streaks that will make you believe YOU are cheating, because it will not matter what kind of knife you are using. :eek: Again if I knew then what I know now, my ratio would be 10 times what it is.
  15. Demigan

    The guy in question has a KPM that is about 4x yours, and all stats on your character arent indicative that you could do anything remotely like that. We can see you mostly stick to a few weapons and tactics, barely experiment much outside your comfort zone and basically do nothing more than waiting game tactics (hence the low KPM).

    I mean just look at your claim about the knife kills. You have 22 DAYS of use on the Lumine edge and you have 157 kills with it. That amounts to 3 and a half hour PER KILL. and the guy we are talking about is doing multiple knife kills per minute consistently.

    Also can we still see your other characters of awesomeness?
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  16. Towie

    This genuinely did make me laugh out loud - thankyou Demigan.

    I do have a video of Panda - after killing me (in the corner of a room, guarded by a Spitfire that only started shooting when he 'appeared') followed by a deathcam where he teleported to two different spots in the short time the deathcam is active. BUT I believe he is banned now so not really worthwhile.

    So we now have an order of cheat denial peddlers:

    3 Obivanukenobi - crazy stats are not always proof of cheating (but a video is)
    2 JibbaJabba - crazy stats are not always proof of cheating and POTENTIALLY neither is a video (but didn't quite go that far)
    1 Exileant - "I can match that" !

    JibbaJabba - sorry my friend, you've just lost your spot...
  17. JibbaJabba

    He did a 134 kill run with the Carv. 8.38KDR and 5.2KPM. That KPM in particular is nuts but sustained over just 134 kills and not some lifetime I agree that is possible. And to this point I'm with you on this. Somebody who is a chain headshotting machine with a good handful of zombie piles tossed in to help could do this. But then....

    He did it with a 6.72% HSR.


    I know one way you could do this. It's by cheating warping to target after target.

    I can't think of another way but if you have a hypothetical I would curious to know.
  18. Exileant

    o_O The way your characters stats look would not know LoL! I got about a quarter of those kills in a single session. When I knife, I knife, that is all I do. I only have like 3 or 4 quick knife attacks. I would say I have only been on 4 Knife runs that I can remember. Knifing is fun, I have the skill for it, but I just prefer other modes of combat, just as you prefer your Lightning. :confused: I Equip Lumine Edge on every suit I can because I bought it and there is no reason not to have it, even if I am not planning on using it. I like to trigger it at the Warp Gate when people run up and swing at me to show it off too. ;) That is probably where the 22 days is coming from....:D I could show you what I am talking about..... But you just are not worth my time nor effort... :p Maybe if someone else asks nicely, I would, but definitely not you.....

    ;) Also; yes he does. OBVIOUSLY he made a new character. This is an Alternate. Brain Pan.... :eek: USE IT! Which is why I said what I said at the start of the message.... :D Comprehend? :( Probably not....
  19. Exileant

    :D Jibbs, I know it seems hard to believe. Way back when, I would have been right on board with you, but given what I have since learned about tactics in general over these years, even that is veeeery possible given the right conditions. :eek: Almost every last one of the bases provide these instances. :confused: You would not believe I kill most of my distance targets either if I told you. There is no way that I know of to cheat on a P.S.4. other than to rip open your system.... (A HARD NOPE) o_O In fact to me, given the nature of the attack, it seems about right. Open a Private Conversation with me and I will give you an example if you promise not to spill.
  20. JibbaJabba

    Sorry man. 8 KDR, 5 KPM with a 6% HSR?

    I'm not gonna do you like others do me. I'll just agree to disagree instead.

    No thanks on the PM. If you've got some kung-fu to share, share with all. Let the meta flow...