DBG ! NO ONE CARES ABOUT ALERTS ANYMORE! change them! or if you dont care either, DELETE THEM

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zizoubaba, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Zizoubaba

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  2. TRspy007

    That went straight to the point lool.

    But fr, I do wish the devs would start focusing on important things like lore and meaningful alerts. But they never read the forums, try reddit maybe if you want a chance to be heard by them
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  3. Zizoubaba

    yeah; I know, I just wanted to vent :/

    Also, sometimes I imagine, like if I were a Dev, or Senor Executive in DBG, while I'm sat on the throne taking a dump, I'd browse through these kind of forums.

    I'm joking, kinda, but at the end of the day, whatever the business, you'd expect people who care about their buisiness to read this kidn of stuff..
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  4. karlooo

    You know what, I'm actually starting to think the PS2 devs aren't even getting paid.
    Paid for what lol?
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  5. TRspy007

    I'm starting to think they get bonus checks for every new bug they add, that's the only thing that makes sense now lol
  6. Blam320

    Threads like this are why the Devs don't read the forums anymore.
  7. Zizoubaba

    if that were true, they wouldn't read Reddit

    logic like yours is what gets crazy and incompetent leaders elected !
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  8. Blam320

    Wow, things got political real quick.

    Baseless assumptions and screaming anger are what get incompetent leaders elected. Being calm and logical is what gets things done.
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    threads like this are what makes me feel more and more like ignoring the OP as he ads nothing to the discussion but "uh devs u don care you suk" over and over .. tired of seeing this bull ...
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  10. TwwIX

    Nobody is going to partake, especially, in a multihour long alert if you're on the losing end. What's the point?

    So i can be "rewarded" with another ******* useless decal?!

    Even if you do win. It's rarely worth it. Rarely do you get anything good like a decent boost or cosmetic at the end. Certs? I can earn certs doing more fun ****. No. It most definitely is going to be a decal unless you were there for the entire alert. Well. Then in that case. You'll get a ****** antenna you can barely ******* identify once you placed it on a vehicle. i.e., the cheapest **** they put on the verkackte and overpriced store.
  11. Zizoubaba

    Yeah, I know, I know you know, we both know everyone knows, but what's the point of you wrote? That I don't know :)
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  12. Zizoubaba

    Baseless assumptions ; hmm nope, sorry, no baseless assumptions.

    screaming anger : yup, sure thing, remind me again what the problem with that one is?

    So basiccally, what you're saying is, I'm right, but because I'm angry about it, because I sound angry in that OP, then that makes me wrong?

    Or are you still copy catting Trump?
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  13. Zizoubaba

    Hey you know, that's ok, you don't have to be ashamed, or shy about it.

    You think chocolate milk feels bad when someone prefers dark chocolate?

    By all means, plz continue to ignore me and post in my threads at the same time, it's fun :)
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  14. Zizoubaba

    And to anyone else, yeah I'm angry, I'm super angry, of course I'm ******* angry..

    There's never been a game like this one, it's a gem, it's unique, it's probably one of the most under rated online games ever and I have no idea why it never took off properly.

    I've played A LOT of MMOs but never for as long as PS2, 6 years.. you hear me? 6 YEARS I've been playing it. Taht's like half the time some of you have even existed..

    Since DBG acquired the game from SEO, it's been downhill all the way, from one bad decision to the other, some good ones, sure, but generally downright lazy incompetent and stupid decisions have broken the game, a game that was so ******* good, so ******* rare and unique, so much fun for so many people, and for free!

    Anyone who used to play when it was SOE pulling the strings will know what I'm talking about, you don't have to be a genius to see what I'm talking about, all the players that have more than a couple years of PS2 see it, but at the end of the day, even if you're a newbie, you should be able to understand this simple logic :

    Alerts (specifically lockdown) are the main content of the game, the main objective oriented content.

    (today) no one cares about them. I've made a million threads proving this but if you play this game it should be obvious to you..

    so ---> either change them or get rid of them

    That's 3 lines. I mean if you don't get that I can't really make it more simple, that's just 3 simple, easy to understand, and short ... lines. Players aren't participating in Alerts anymore. So kill them. Or do something, anything.
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  15. TRspy007

    Getting good or bad reviews isn't a reason to quit reading them. If anything getting bad reviews means the customer service should be working twice as hard to understand if there's actually a reason the person is angry, and solve it in order to reduce the negative commentary.

    By not doing that, more negativity accumulates, sure the devs pretend not to see it, but new (potential) players checking out the forums for directions can get driven away if all they see is an angry vet forum followed by no initiative to reduce tensions by the dev team.

    Communication between devs and community is a huge part of the game's success. Something I can say that SOE actually did pretty decently compared to DBG.
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  16. FateJH

    Quick clarification. Sony Online Entertainment was a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment, a part of Sony USA and Sony Corporation. When Sony ... sold them (to Columbus Nova?), they reconstituted as Daybreak Games Company. The franchises weren't "acquired," they were "retained;" and, the mainline SOE players were also present and still employed when DBG started. Same faces, different name. Even with turnover, the stench of their philosophy lingers.

    More a few veterans also would have a slightly diferent opinion than yours, that the game was already being lead downhill by its nose ring during SOE's time and this is all just a small part of a long trend.
    In my opinion, Alerts were always just supposed to be a "it looks like" glue that held something together periodically while the more important cohesion was developed in the background. That was my justification for supporting their inclusion at first - they would be supportative and temporary. I have no love for them. I'd get rid of them in a heartbeat if only a stabilized gameplay loop that wasn't jarring and combined most of the aspect of the game coherently were to be deployed to Live. That is my Veteran response.
    There's no need to get rid of it unless they plan on changing it. That's not logical, that's business sense. The zombified corpse of the game can linger around forever as long as it gives someone a justifiable reason to do something (and makes money, or fame).

    I no longer care to wait for the proper connective tissue to be developed ...
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  17. Zizoubaba

    Yeah I remember it wasn't as simple as "DBG bought SOE". I mean even now that I read your explanation I still don't really get it lol, but nevermind.

    I really think you're wrong about that, from the start and up until today, Alerts were always intended to be the "end game content", as illustrated with the continent lockdown. It's a "grand finale".

    All this time everyone's been fighting but all of a sudden, the alarm bells are ringing, the timer starts ticking a and not always, usually at prime time, but all the outfits are hustling to help make their faction win.

    When that happens, it's exhilarating, sometimes the score is tied and there's 3 minutes left and there's one base being capped with a 2 minute timer and everyone is rushing there, dropping from gals, screaming in voice chat. THATS when the game is alive, THATS when it means something..

    But at the end of the day, like you said, if you don't care, if no one cares, then get rid of them! Why play football if everyone on your team and the opposing team is sitting down in a corner somewhere playing cards?

    Logical business sense would follow 1 of 2 types of logic (maybe more but these 2 are the main ones) :

    1. Give the players what they want
    2. Make the players want what you want them to want.

    Not doing anything at all, just ignoring things and letting things the way they are, THAT makes no sense.
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  18. FateJH

    Alerts weren't there at the end of formal Beta in December 2012. In fact, they were first introduced rather suddenly when SOE decided to switch gears just prior to GU6 (April 2013), determining that the "evasive Mad Max" style of gameplay that was observed commonly at the time was first acknowledged by the developers as counter productive. The first Alerts were base-types - designed to guide players to specific goals. This meant that a faction would have to capture the majority of a certain type of major facility, e.g., all the Biolabs, on all three continents to win. Winning these Alerts typically just awarded experienceand had nothing to do with locking any of the continents. A more subtle disguise that was unexpected suggests that Alerts were actually a conditioning tool for what would eventually be the Lattice, though that may be my own theory. The Lattice was introduced in GU9 (May 2013).

    Even when the Alerts shifted away from "capture specific bases" and became "capture specific continents," you actually didn't lock the continents. In fact, even "capturing a continent," that is, controlling all of the territory on it except for the Warp Gates and two/four small indomitable hexes, which existed prior to the Alert system, didn't lock continents. You'd get all the territory on it, then an ever varying, but much less, amount of territory on it, and then you'd win experience. And maybe a continent bonus (I admit to not remembering when that was first introduced). That was it. Continent locking, that is, the first time you could deny enemy factions the ability to join a continent, was only introduced in the 26th June 2014 game patch. Rather coincidentally, a "Hossin-like" continent that would eventually become Hossin was also released in that patch, and discussion of an intercontinental lattice was started with the consideration of Battle Islands and what then seemed to be a mock-up of Searhus in May 2014.

    None of these latter points ever actually came to fruition, giving the impression that the players were being sold bicycle wheels without a frame or handlebars. This is what is called "phase one-itus", SOE's ability to drop balls and never pick them up properly, or, if they pick them up, the amount of time that has passed has been so long and the updates so altering that the original meaning of "phase two" is gone. Since it's been introduced, the developers have struggled to find a good longterm application for continent locking that works with other balance safeguards and gameplay standards. They essentially just sat on the one locking model until the introduction of Hives, with only some tinkering here and there, because the biggest complaint came from people who realized how dnagerous uncontestable continent bonuses were. Following the game update timeline and what sort of information was being propagated during that time points a steady finger to the system we consider "current" being just a disconnected series of "it's good enough like this for a while" from the developers, while they forget their promises and hope we forget what we were once promised.
    Counter-argument: despite everything, both before and even after the Battlefront II fiasco, E.A. still persists as a profittable video game publisher and is doing exactly what it has always done, just with varying levels of subterfuge and different rates of introduction.
    Edit: my original comment was "Counter-argument: E.A. still exists," but I felt that might be too flippant.
  19. TwwIX

    Is that supposed to be coherent English?!
  20. Zizoubaba

    is that really a question?!

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