[Suggestion] Daybreak needs to stop listening to bigots

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by dinodude2000, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. dinodude2000

    So, my character RoboticTransCatgirl got renamed, and frankly, this is despicable. What is possibly inappropriate about that character name?
    To quote the naming policy:
    • Vile, profane, rude, homophobic, sexist, or racist names including profanity, sexual preference, sexual innuendo, anatomical references, racial slurs, and homonyms of these words.
    Nothing in my name violates this, and I see people running around in game with r@cist or neo-n@zi dogwhistles in their names all the time. If Daybreak is willing to tolerate racism, but not the existence of trans people, then they are either the worst kind of cowards, or bigots themselves. It only happened because my character got spam reported by a bunch of bigots, and the fact that actions like that work is evidence of a large problem. I want my character name back, and I do not want to buy a name change token.
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  2. GrandAdmiralShadow

    This is honestly pretty low of Daybreak (during pride month even.... o_O)
    how is this name bad in any way? who does this hurt other than people who are trying to hurt others? and even then.... it's a non-offensive name in a video game. There is no reason why people should get offended at this name nor report it for some non-existent issue unless they have some sort of personal problem leading them to be bigoted towards others that are unlike them....
    I hope you get your name back, really shameful move by daybreak

    (this is the second time I've seen a friend renamed for having a harmless name, yes the first person had a name that was LGBT+ related but that didn't violate the naming policy either...)
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  3. JibbaJabba


    You got caught by the automated what-what that flags and renames. You should see my poor buddy that has the letters reich in his name. The rest of the name makes it obvious it has nothing to do with "that" but an algorithm doesn't know this.

    he's had to open several customer service tickets. They fixed him each time. Last time they hard coded some adjustment so he shouldn't get lit.

    If you want to get mad at someone get mad at all the ********* with bad names that necessetated an algorithm to begin with.

    In the meantime, just open a customer support ticket and request it be changed back.
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  4. dinodude2000

    In fairness, reich has some pretty strong negative connotations, but what in my name fired it? Trans? And the character has been around for months now, why did I only get flagged now? If *thats* the bar for renaming a character, then how can you argue that Daybreak aren't transphobic. The reason I suspect it was because I got reported is because today a person, who I suspect was a transphobic ***hole, *literally told me that they were reporting me for my name.* I submitted a ticket, but I'm pretty pissed at Daybreak that this is happening at all.
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  5. JibbaJabba

    Report them back.

    And you're gonna have to get over being mad at daybreak. They are acting with good faith and best intentions.

    Everyone and their mother is offended at everything now. At the same time Everyone is trying to be as offensive and "edgy" as possible *cough* RoboticTransCatGirl *cough*. It's a VAST gray area trying to keep everyone happy. Sometimes **** happens. Just open a support ticket, get it fixed, and let it go.

    You'll get your name back and can call the whole episode a badge of SJW fighting honor.
  6. dinodude2000

    How is the username 'RoboticTransCatgirl' being edgy and offensive? If that counts as edgy and offensive, your bar for what counts as edgy and offensive is probably not in the right place.
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  7. GrandAdmiralShadow

    How is this edgy? genuinely curious. I don't know if you're just offended at the name as well for some reason and calling it edgy to cope or don't understand the issue here....
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  8. AuricStarSand

    It's karma for muting me today. jk. Just saw your name.

    To be fair vanu had a player yelling " trans rights " for few years. They never banned him / her. Maybe was named Transrights too or something.

    everyone has a motto I suppose.
    I miss the " don't shoot I'm vanu " motto guy.
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  9. JibbaJabba

    I didn't think it was edgy simply because it was a failed attempt. And it clearly doesn't meet my bar for offensive if I'm giving them advice on how to get the name back.

    I'm here trying to help them get it fixed.

    Cope with your comprehension.
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  10. Johannes Kaiser

    Hardly an offensive name or a breach of the EULA, if maybe an odd blend of original and unoriginal. Dunno.

    If this was automated, support should indeed get you sorted easily enough. If someone forced the name change on you after getting that name report, then it was probably that person either being overly happy with wielding the banhammer or acting in bad faith. In that case a ticket of your own will likely help as well.
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  11. BlackFox

    I think JibbaJabba was right - probably an algorithm messing up. I could imagine it operating based on expereience and that 98% of names containing such words aren't mentioning them in a positive way

    Reich is a normal word in german though - The "United Kingdom" for example is called "Vereintes Königreich" ( Can also mean rich when used as adjective.)
    --> Just a sidenote
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  12. Johannes Kaiser

    Quite a few other german words are deemed inacceptable by filters in this one and other games. I don't have a list, but I remember coming across weird cases that confused and amused me, after which I forgot about them. So I don't have any examples, as much as I try and recall any, sorry.
  13. JibbaJabba

    Yep, it's something very similar to that. He happens to be a German player and the name is just some benign term. Customer service apologized when it kept happening and got some change to the algorithm arranged. whitelisted him or something, dunno.
  14. 4EMODAN

    The same thing happened with the red October symbol. This sign did not bother anyone for 8 years and suddenly they decided to change it, the tools of the economy offended someone.
  15. Liewec123

    Honestly I'm OK with that one, it was designed to look like the flag of a certain real world regime,
    and that was fine last year when that regime wasn't invading a neighbour and bringing the world to the brink of WW3,
    screw that flag.
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  16. synkrotron

  17. Demigan

    Maybe because there arent enough "fornicateGaystoHell" names to cause the algorithm to take automated action? If I had to guess the algorithm has thresholds. Above X% of insulting/abusive names and its auto-banned, below that % and its put on a manual review list (which is likely to take time). Below a certain % it might not even be flagged anymore unless a player does it.
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  18. synkrotron

    makes sense :)
  19. RabidIBM

    An algorithm wouldn't have taken months to act. Especially in light of a "I'm going to report your name" tell this is undoubtedly bad faith mass reporting. This has been a growing issue in game unfortunately. On Connery there is one outfit in particular pushing it who previously had only been NC but are now cross factioning a lot more. It's morbidly funny how quickly they jump into the victim role when called out on it. I had one just the other night get pissed off about "Freedom of Speech" blah blah when I warned him for dropping an N-bomb in my platoon comms.
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  20. MonnyMoony

    But it's easy to get caught out inadvertently and innocently.

    For example - what if your name was somethings like Andre Ichman - and you concatenated a character name from that.