Daybreak Games has just joined Enad Global 7

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Liewec123, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. Liewec123

    as the title says DBG was just purchased by a gaming company called Enad Global 7
    Enad also purchased the company who owns Mech Warrior recently.

    i'm curious what (if anything) will change for PS2,

    i'm currently optimistic! Enad Global 7 is a gaming company,
    the current owners "NantWorks" aren't, so that is a good change straight away!
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  2. JustGotSuspended

    me too, I don't know if that will reduce or increase the resources allocated to the team. Also, the development they hinted at in the livestream, was it something they were planning knowing they were being purchased, or is this going to change the plans they had for the future?

    let's hope for the best, I seriously hope it's a company with a proper vision for this franchise!
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  3. InexoraVC

    And prepare for the worst!
  4. pnkdth


    Seriously though, I hope they'll be a positive influence for PS2 as I've barely played the game in a good while now. Like you said, the fact this group focus on gaming means they at least understand the industry. If that's a good/bad thing remains to be seen.
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  5. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Gaming company shmaming company. With a few exceptions the conduct of most of the big studios in the last few years has been execrable. Change could be good but I wouldn't expect it automatically just because of their background.
  6. OneShadowWarrior

    Only time will tell.
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  7. Blam320

    From what I've been able to figure out, Enad Global 7 takes a hands-off approach to game development in their child studios, and instead limits itself to distribution and marketing. In fact much of the success of one of the latest Worms games can be attributed to Enad's marketing push for the game.

    So, if RPG holds up their promise to revamp the NPE, and Enad decides to leverage their marketing expertise to promote their new acquisitions, we could see a hefty resurgence.
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  8. Towie

    Not a bad concept at all - but - they really need to work on the new player game experience first, Retention is key and I can't imagine many genuinely new players at the moment thinking 'hey this is great' (granted - it's better than it was, but still a meat grinder).
  9. JustGotSuspended

    better than it was, yet we had much more pop back then than we have now.

    So I guess your version of better differs with what the majority of potential players want.
  10. Towie again - i'm talking about the new player experience, which is better than it was (in my opinion) but still a long way from what is likely to get someone 'hooked'.

    How many genuinely new players are joining PS2 and staying these days ? I would suggest - not many - if any. In the context of a 'big push to get new players', that is going to be a problem.
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  11. JustGotSuspended

    oh ok, my bad.

    Yeah in terms of new player experience, it didn't matter too much back then because we were all new. But now trying to put noobs against 8 year vets in a game with aged and buggy mechanics is obviously going to be quite shocking for the poor noob that ventured onto auraxis.

    In terms of what you say then, I agree fully, and I've tried pointing this out in many threads. The game is not ready to advertise for new and returning players, because it's practically in the same state in was years ago, with added layers of bugs, unfinished content and highly experienced advanced sweaty tryhards. It's not the most welcoming environment, despite all the tips and tricks the community tries to feed to noobs. There's just way too much for people to wrap their head around.

    I definitely agree, they have to work from the ground up. Without that solid foundation to retain the players, all these new updates are doing is adding more layers of sh*t to what is essentially already a pretty big sh*t sandwich. Extra layers to dig through to get to the bottom bread, and refreshing the stinky mess that scares players - both new and old - away.
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  12. InexoraVC

    RPG: Escalation, outfit wars, shattered wgate !
    Salty vets: yea, yea, hold ma beer ...
    New player: Omg, wtf is this? I'm constantly being ganganged here!!! Uninstall !!!!
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  13. Towie

    Exactly !
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  14. iller

    I'd honestly settle for way less at this point.

    I just hope they're the type of actual gaming company that understands their Developers need to get feedback from every type of player, not just from a few Streamers or people who are their woke Twitter followers

    And if the Developers aren't interested in doing that... then the execs should ask why are they paying those guys in the first place?
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  15. Blam320

    They're fairly active on Reddit, which unlike the official forums has a mixture of feedback from all different parts of the community.
  16. Twin Suns

    meh...just another woke Swedish company. They are the evil Hydra of gaming. Do the research.
  17. Lausk

    Don't be a negative nancy.
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  18. Twin Suns

    Stick it up you're jaxxy, Robbie the robot. ;)
  19. iller

    I would... but the literal BLOTTING OUT OF THE SUN by companies like Tencent & 2K has completely rendered all reading-light to a distant Umbral glimmer

    They used to be... but I've been following the reddit closely the past 2 months and they fell off hard