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  1. ptick16

    As a paying member, I at first didn't realize that I had to claim (monthly) the Daybreak Cash that I was entitled to. After several months of missing this, I put in a ticket to ask if I could be given the Daybreak Cash for the months I was unaware of how to "claim" it. In short, I was told no. I was a standard "free" player for a few years, then I decided I wanted to help support the developers of this great game. I became a paying member to help keep it going for as long as possible. As a paying member, I should not have to jump through hoops to receive something that was promised to me. I view this nothing short of a rip off. An attempt on your part to keep the promised funds out of paying customers hands for as many months as you can. Why would you do this? For paying customers, Daybreak Cash monthly awards should be automatically credited to that account. I am disappointed with the way that Daybreak handled my situation. Stop ripping off the very people you need to keep this game going. Do the right thing, and take care of your paying customers.
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  2. Fishpoke

    I'm sorry dude that is terrible customer service. It's foolishness like that that just solidifies the direction DBG is heading. Some people live very busy lives and don't have time for that crap, you should have got all your back SC awarded to you... I would have anyways.
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  3. VhynSeven

    Sorry to say that, but I checked the membership page and it clearly says "to claim each month". While they could have make it automatic, they did not hide it. You can check here :
  4. breeje

    ptick16 is wright, why should we have to claim the cash, just add it to our account on the end of the month
    so things like this don't happen
    it would frustrate the hell out of me as a new player
    DBG, get you're stuff together and fix this, be all about the costumer, we pay you're cheque with the memberships
    so you don't starve like you are so eager to say on you're memberships
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  5. Sprant Flere-Imsaho

    I'm in the same boat. I missed it several months when I initially signed up. Live and learn. If the monies just show up in your balance you might only use it to unlock scopes or place bounties on people. It's not automatic because they want you to at least go to the "store" to claim it and hope that some bundle or sale item will catch your eye and get you to buy more fake monies to afford the $20 gold plated gun or whatever.Upselling.
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  6. AmericanEmpire

    trust me, i have lost over 5000 points because of this, all other companies just give you your credits / coins/ gold etc, but these guys want you to click on a button to manually claim your stuff. Its stupid
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  7. infilallday

    Thats stupid alright. Well probably not stupid from their POV. I would have assumed it was automatically deposited as well.
    Thats what happens when you assume.

    To OP, how did you go about asking them for your certs?

    I bought a 5000 cert pack and spent about 1500 of those before logging out and going to bed. The next day i came home from work and only had 300 odd certs left. I was bewildered.
    Lodged a ticket. They sent back a list of things i had bought.
    Thats when i checked and realised my account did have these things unlocked, 2 of which were voice packs. VOICE PACKS!!

    He also bought all the knives. Except the charge blade lmfao

    It dawned on me. I have been letting my 5yr old play as a different character for a different faction. He had been begging me for months to play. Set him up a new character so he wouldnt kill my KDR, not that its very good, i just dont want it to be pathetic lol.
    Yes it was him.
    I was devastated. Basically, i replied to Customer Supports email stating what had happened, told them i understood i didnt have a leg to stand on, told them i was a fool and didnt deserve a refund, i get that, but i asked for something anyway, as a gesture of good will.

    They refunded me the DBC for the last thing that was purchased, 499DBC.

    They rightfully didnt have to do that and i greatly appreciate that they did. Still salty my boy did this but its not his fault lol
    That didnt deter me from letting him play though. He is quite good at video games and can often beat me in his fav, DUCK GAME. So i wont stop him. Just explained to him why it wasnt a good move.

    So DBG arent that bad...
  8. Jbeasty

    Having to manually click the "claim" button to receive your DBC you just bought is as asinine as it gets. Furthermore, if you forget to do such a mundane thing that you shouldn't have to do in any decent video game, you don't get it at all. Now, Deybroke isn't one of the worst offenders in gaming, but this is just another reminder of the sorry state gaming as a whole is in.

    At age 27, I feel like I can say "I remember the good 'ole days" when you bought games on release and expansions and DLC were made AFTERWARDS and were sold as finished content. No season passes, where you buy into it on faith they MIGHT put out something you want/like, or microtransactions and loot boxes trying to drain every cent out of people through RNG.

    Getting OT, but I really do see all the minor things such as having to "claim" your paid for DBC as just another con deriving from said things above.

    Anyways, doom and gloom rant over...

    Sorry to hear about your troubles OP, hopefully they start making people actually want to subscribe, rather than leaving them feeling ripped off.
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  9. DarkStarAnubis

    I lost some certs at the beginning as well, I did not realize I had to log every day to get them.

    I agree it sucks and should be replaced by something simpler (e.g. log once per month to get the entire month certs pack) however to talk about being ripped off is wrong. DBG states clearly you have to log daily to get the certs.
  10. Liewec123

    While it does indeed say "claim" they should still have helped him out,
    We're the people paying their bills after all, a little bit of good faith is always healthy,
    Treating customers like trash is a surefire way to lose them.
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  11. Pacster3

    They somehow manage to annoy their customers with stuff like this all the time. I remember times when people accidentally bought stuff in VR Training cause there was no warning. Or I got grens unlocked that you can't use without the ASP-Skill(no warning there either).
    If they implement crude stuff like that(or forget a warning sign) then it is their fault and you should not even have to ask for the refund cause it should be granted automatically. That's called customer service...
  12. Towie

    I'm definitely with the OP on this one - although i'd generally say that membership needs to give more stuff to attract people into paying, exactly why you have to 'claim' is beyond me and a poor response from DBG on this one.

    I'm a paying member although I have no need as such - I have everything that I want, more DBC than I know what to do with, more certs than sense yet I remain a member because I enjoy the game so much and want it to continue. DBG need to do more for the likes of the OP.
  13. Mr. Thoughtful

    There should be a notification(to say the least), like "Remember to visit the store and claim your 500DBC"
  14. CaptCran

    When I saw the ratings posted on BBB I chose not to contribute to the game. Customer service is a huge thing for me.
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  15. gunnner10

    Haha, I just looked up Daybreak's Better Business Bureau report. They got a D- for customer support. :eek:
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  16. k9delta

    -Let's lose some weight!- said the speaking wallet.
  17. Vamperial

    It's an accounting issue. 4 years ago they wanted to take away the 500 SC and give you a monthly allowance that would expire at the end of the month. Nothing would roll over, you either used it all or you lost it. The players said that was a $hit idea and they opted for this instead. Daybreak handled your situation the best they could. You asked them to reimburse your 500 SC that you didn't claim and they simply couldn't do it. They are not ripping you off. DBC is not an equivalent of a $$$ amount. It's like saying Disney cash is usable outside of a Disney park because you paid real money to obtain it in the first place.

    You are granted 500 DBC within the $15 monthly subscription. The terms of that subscription state you must claim it. It's not hidden and it's not hard to understand. I say this as someone that had a year membership and totally forgot to grab 3 or 4 months worth of SC so I lost out too. But I understand the accounting BS that is associated with creating your own currency for an F2P game.

    Check these thread if you want to know more about what they had planned to do before the community spoke out:
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