Daybreak, advertise the **** out of your game

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by dngray, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. dngray

    You need to allocate some serious funds to an unprecedented marketing campaign to bolster the PlanetSide 2's PC and PS4's player base.

    You have a fine product. The problem is that no one has any clue your game exists. I tell my gamer friends to check it out and they are like "uhh yeah I will check into it.... not".

    The dev team has put too much work into this game for it to fail.
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  2. ShootMeThankYou

    I stumbled upon PS2 by total accident, looking for FTP games on giantbomb I think. Had no idea such game exists.
  3. gigastar

    Well... if your metric includes bottom-tier trash like Digital Homicide products, maybe.

    Regardless, i refuse to acknowledge the game as being in a sound state as long as the resource revamp is left unfinished.
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  4. Killuminati C

    I completely agree and have been saying the same thing off and on on these forums for some time now. And before someone says the obligatory "They're not gonna spend money advertising a 3 year old game", realize that a large percentage of PC gamers still haven't even heard of this game due to poor marketing.

    I even remember a dev posting in a similar thread a while back saying they were advertising on certain sites and were pleased with the amount of attention the game was getting. What sites they were using wasn't shared but I've never seen any myself.

    Hopefully some of the money from the console release will be utilized toward PC advertisement as well and we won't just be left to dwindle slowly as I'm sure we played a financial part in the console releases development.
  5. RadarX Moderator

    That was likely me and a few of the sites in question are Google, Twitter, or Facebook. We do have more advertising plans in the near future but an important delineation I need to reinforce is virtual products use what's called targeted advertising.

    If you have already installed PlanetSide 2 you aren't necessarily going to see the advertising because you aren't who we are aiming at. We see metrics on who clicks, installs, and even how long they stay and play and it's something we are constantly tweaking.
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  6. Killuminati C

    I guess that would explain how I've never seen any Planetside related advertising. I don't use Twitter or Facebook anyway. It still seems like a shame so few people I know have heard about it so hopefully you guys are successful in expanding onto other sites (Youtube could be amazing for this game as a good advertising medium).

    And thanks for the reply!
  7. Ronin Oni

    I have PS2 installed and occasionally see ads (which you've then had to pay for I'm sure)
  8. CorporationUSA

    Isn't there a way to advertise on Steam? If not, there is always the 2.0 patch and re-release that seems to be popular on that service. Or maybe a 1/2 off everything weekend. Just something to get Steam front page exposure.
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  9. Ronin Oni

    1/2 off sale on the Steam Bundles might be a good advertisement for a weekend...

    time it with an ALL players double XP weekend and add that into the advertising.
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  10. Rockit

    Myself and millions like me won't see online ads because we use adblock :eek:
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  11. sebastian oscar post

    i thourt you meant let other companies advertise on planetside!
  12. breeje

    PS2 need to let popular gamers play and review this and post it on YouTube
  13. Obscura

    I think user generated marketing would be the most effective way of getting this game known to more people, the problem is nobody on youtube wants to watch the many 15-45 min long videos of raw uncut gameplay, like alot of players seem to do when they put one up.
  14. Killuminati C

    Do you mean they should actively lobby for said reviews cause I don't think they're discouraging anyone from doing so unless you've heard something I haven't.

    Hell they even paid Angry Joe a while back to re review it and the community shot itself in the foot by both other factions focusing solely on fighting him and his followers who were all new, low BR, and all around unfamiliar with the game for the most part.

    It was a pretty disappointing representation of the game in that context not to mention the community as a whole. I wouldn't expect anyone not to shoot them when they found them in their crosshairs but to seek them out for a measly few extra low risk certs was pretty lame. How you feel about Angry Joe or any other reviewer is besides the point but it probably make them rethink using that strategy in the future (trying to lobby a well known user to make his followers aware, not the review process itself).
  15. Pelojian

    If they are going to pay someone or a group of people to try out PS2 they should do it as secretly as possible it's the only way to get a reviewer group into the game without being unfairly targeted by idiots.
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  16. GoTDirt fromMAG

    Fix most of the broken implementation, then change the client from saying beta, then maybe advertise.

    edit (Thought I was in the PS4 thread, I'd still hold off additional ad pushes until that's a better time)
  17. FocusLight

    Add-block exists.

    Popular YT'ers like Total Biscuit and Angry Joe already played this game earlier and reviewed it early on - would it be possible for DBG to basically pay YT'ers like them to do promotions for PS2 and high-light the changes since the launch-era and the merits of the game?

    Heck if you had the interest you might even contact highly active outfits on different servers and let them record some play-sessions worth of team-play and epic battles to high-light what PS2 has to offer to players.

    Old-school advertizing means are dying out, going through game reviewers on YT etc. is a far more fruitful means to reach more players. Heck AJ and TB between them have 4 million subscribers total, that's 2-4 million people seeing your product advertised again.
  18. Colonelveers12

    I see little side adds on youtube and other sites all the time (though honestly the slogans are a little dumb for me). I only ever saw a single PS2 video ad on youtube (the one that got me hooked on the game coincidentally). All the videos that were made for the start of the game were really cool in my opinion and I hope they do more of those kinds of things, but whatever works for them works I guess.
  19. Septus

    Do a steam free to play weekend! oh wait... charge $0.01 for the game and then have a free to play weekend! Also half off the steam bundles, might as well.

    On facebook avoid side ads as they are notorious for low click through rates. The featured stories that show in timeline are good though. Also a player campaign for posting war stories on social media would be good, they have to share it on their page with a #ps2warstories or something and best ones or random ones get prizes like free DBC or promotional gun code.

    Involving your players in your advertising is always good, they can tell people why they play. You have a very dedicated player base here, whiny, but dedicated. If you have any Search Engine Optimization(SEO) or advertising question feel free to pm me.
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  20. Taemien

    This pretty much.

    Word of Mouth is the best advertising. A friend of mine was playing in Beta and I got into it by getting Alpha Squad. My issue is everyone I know that can run PS2, will play a FPS, are already playing PS2. I'm tapped out as far as getting new peeps to play.

    I do make references to PS2 in other games I play as a means to generate interest. But throwing that CGI trailer, or a shortened version on cable TV would do wonders. Especially Spike, Comedy Central, History Channel, A&E, or others.
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