Day 4 of ****** server performance bad hit registriation and epic lag

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Souci, Dec 3, 2018.

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  1. Souci

    basically title.

    I know the devs are very busy implamanting shiny new stuff like robots and a new continent but this game is almost unplayable right now!

    There are dozens of threads on reddit and i also postet something in this forum recently. While there is no word about this from offizial site on any communication channel i am not even sure if the ps2 team is aware of this problem. So here again i post with the hope to get this problem fixed asap because player will just stay away.

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  2. JobiWan

    Miller was awful again last night. Poor hit reg and general lag when cloaking, deploying, fire suppression, placing deployables etc.
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  3. Pelainis117

    I remmember this game from first day. Laggy/low performance full of bugs,glitches. After 5 years it looks same. I still got same bugs,glitches also same bad performance and ping( network ping 31. Server ping 233). So fact is that you will never gonna get it on better level. So try enjoy broken game or just try to move on other game. This game developers company is just too low. If it would be bigger there would be planetside 3 already with new era and good performance no bugs glitches or ping. And yes it would have tons of players instead of what they have now.
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  4. f0p5

    at least they added some new loading screens and dont forget santa claus ;)
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  5. f0p5

    this game was good in Performance update 01..few years ago, since then its only goin downfall..
  6. JibbaJabba

    Aye this is real and it's not subjective.

    I record my gameplay (NVidia) and reviewed it several times during play last night. The symtoms are such:

    Low network and server latency (others may have issue, I don't)
    Network ~30ms
    Server ~60ms

    Shots fired at target can be seen landing on the target and the target is flinching with shields flashing.

    Multiple hits are seen and only a fraction of them produce a hit marker (head or body).

    I die in a mutual death with the target.

    Not enough hit markers were seen to account for the target death but it dies anyway.
    Enough non-markered shots landed to kill the target.
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  7. JibbaJabba

    As players I would like an acknowledgement from DBG.
  8. OpolE

  9. SirKnightDave

    You guys want this game maker to acknowledge the complaints... The same ones who are so inconsiderate they do maintenance in the day time instead of at night like ALL other game makers? Based on when they do this, I would bet that lack of caring about customers is not isolated.
    That being said, I am glad it's not just me. I can stick the gun in the enemy's ear and still don't get head shot credit. I can empty a clip in to an enemy, see him flinching and flickering, he turns around does a few side steps and guns me down as I reload. Most of the clip was emptied while his back was turned. After death I see he still has full health and shields. I been thinking it's hackers this whole Then I get people shooting and hitting me when there not even facing me. WHen I receive hits I only hear the last 2 hits then poof dead. No chance at all to react, not even one side step. Then there are the bullets that follow you around corners!
    I have 1 GIG internet speed
    1080 GTX GPU
    4.4mhz 6 core processor (overclocked) My game runs at 90-120 FPS outside of a battle or in a building or room.
    When outside, tons of armor and people on both sides my FPS will drop to 30!!! Normal size battles between 2 squads I get 60-90 fps. So obviously it's not my system or connection causing my issues. This game drags my EXPENSIVE GPU down so much the temp reaches 160+f. I have the GPU fans turned to 100% at all times. My CPU temp doesn't go above 120f Outside of game they both run under 100f After a couple hours of game play my system will crash due to the GPU getting too hot. No other game does this to my system.
    WIll any of this get fixed? I highly doubt it. Because it doesn't do anything to generate revenue and purchases. We just keep playing and spending, so why fix anything?
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  10. OpolE

    SOE mentality brushed off on DBG. Don't expect ANYTHING, EVER
  11. Crash Bandicoot

    It always bugged me that they always do maintenance in the middle of the day and on prime time here in Europe where they have the most populated servers.

    I think that this is a very unprofessional thing to do...
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  12. Souci

    Since i cant record i keep on posting random vids made by other player to show the state of server performance.
    Many people hoped that the latest patch would improve performance just because of the fact that the server had to be restarted, but it didnt.

    Here is a link to the latest reddit thread with an embeded video showing the current state of the game.
  13. XxKingBostonxX

    I'm assuming you're on Miller? Emerald has been decent the last few days.
  14. Ares8

    I would pay 100 dollars for a remastered ps1 game on dx11 or something significant added to the game. ps2 is a fun game, but that doesn't excuse all its issues and inconsistencies. DBG has had plenty of time to fine-tune things and make this game somewhat close to what the fanbase wants and deserves for keeping the game alive. I think we need another option but what game, company or developer could provide that for us?
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  15. AlcyoneSerene

    I have about the same network ping and have always been wondering how other players at different levels of network & server latency experience the game.

    Of course those who benefit probably think it's all skill, or those who exploit it somehow by screwing with their connection will hide the fact, which is cheating and should be banned if there's any way to track this.

    It is both incredibly frustrating and disappointing to try to play this game competitively when it is anything but as a direct result of some players having a monstrous unbeatable advantage of being a full second ahead of you. It doesn't matter if on your end the amount of damage into them should have resulted in a kill or at the least a lot of damage that would have gone beyond just chipping shields when on their machine a full second ago it decided nope you're already dead and all that damage never happened.

    You -cannot- see the player, they just -appear- as soon as they fire that first commissioner headshot around a corner at your character running straight towards them (easy target) cause there's nobody around you and you need to get somewhere as fast as possible (in a straight line).

    In the same way, their player coordinates gets updated on hit detection markers, while the in-between movement does not, with the end result of their appearing to move super fast and almost teleporting side to side.

    Perhaps people don't understand how long 1 second of time is for anything. In racing simulators (ex. assetto corsa), on many minute long tracks (ex. nurburgring), hot laps and track records are compared and set to the 0.0X or even 0.00x of a second. Comparable setups and cars will compete between 1-3 seconds, while the same car will always be much less. This is no different than how infantry engagements take place.

    Those that have such an advantage typically go on 5-7 player kill streaks reliably. Not denying they are exceptionally skilled, I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about the monstrous advantage network shenanigans provide on top of that.

    Poor hit registration needs to be improved. I observe getting infantry kills without firing that last shot that supposedly secured it. I notice my own shield shimmer from incoming damage but my shields receive zero damage. I die around corners to headshot pings that happen consistently by something like a 0.1 sec delay very reliably - clearly on their machine I was dead but the server, just like vehicles' delay blowing up - take that exact time frame to say yep you died back there.

    I get it, there's huge limitations of infrastructure to coordinate gigantic battles with projectiles flying everywhere at super high speed for every single player.

    The significant thing however is server performance does work for the most part, giving at least a sense that many or most duels are fair for who sees the other first, who has the most appropriate gear for the scenario, who landed the shots, etc., but the game never felt this bad before, meaning something has been degrading, and some players consistently have that advantage against everyone else.

    This part needs to be addressed, or new players who experience this nonsense will leave and share what a joke of a 'competitive' system it is, while older thousands of hours in 'vets' I guess hang around until something similar but better is released.

    Also, cloak and overshields sometimes fail to engage. Used to have this problem consistently when binding the key to a mouse button, so long ago swapped it to the same old standard F key. Now F key sometimes decides not to engage your cloak or overshield too. Very clunky to rely on keyboard for a simple task, but now extra clunky to self-check whether it toggled or not as it leaves you dead 1 out of 10 times due to failure of activation. This is new, never happened before, a symptom of server degradation that needs to be investigated. Also motion trackers and vehicle radars are mostly broken.
  16. JibbaJabba

    Just to address the latency aspects of your thoughts:
    I have a couple guys in one of my outfits who are European players on Emerald. They are top tier players, very good. They definitely know how to "client-side" and take advantage of the latency.
    You can see from my connections that doing a solid "client-side" corner peek will net me maybe a tenth of a second advantage. These guys can work it and get closer to twice that. They absolutely benefit from that when they are the aggressor and engaging others.
    BUT... they pointed out something really important. It's a two way street. Yeah they can get the peekers advantage on that one target, but everyone else gets the peekers advantage on them.
    Imagine being surrounded by high ping players. Sure you can work one of them with clientside, but all of them have an advantage over you.
    The other thing that causes them really great suffering is the kill detection. They'll put a full clip into someone and even begin a reload when in reality those first 4 shots did indeed head-dink and the player died. They do not get notification that they got a kill and keep engaging the target. Meanwhile other players are engaging them...
    I can get 3 kills out of a clip that an EU player on emerald can only get one kill from.
    Just something to keep in mind. If you come across one of these guys it's very easy to flip the advantage on them. Just break line of sight, then reinitiate it yourself. You'll get several shots in from behind cover.
  17. Souci

  18. Souci

  19. Souci

  20. AlcyoneSerene

    Emerald gameplay suffering too, not as bad as that though.

    Shots I can see are dead-center not registering is very frustrating, especially on a Saw where each bullet counts and I know those last 2 that hit dead center would have won me the encounter but nope, no hit registration marker.

    Dying to headshot pings behind cover so often that it's clearly not a headshot, just the same bug that affects delayed vehicular explosions. One can sometimes bail out of vehicles with zero HP due to this, who were one-shotted a while ago.

    1vs1 close up with my having zero health taking out the enemy after a 'long drawn out fight', I somehow survive and tank their damage nearly point blank.

    This isn't the planetside2 I used to play just 2 years ago.
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