Day 2 on Ceres: Looking good!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Earthman, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Earthman

    My experiences on Ceres on Day 1 were pretty damn nice (as a locked thread mentioned before), and I wanted to say that if you're feeling tired of where you're currently at for a number of reasons, Ceres is a pretty nice server.

    The community is relatively quiet, but polite, level-headed, and even the smacktalk has an air of sensibility. It's about dumb stuff individuals do, not "OMG VS NO SKILL" or whatnot.

    Cones of fire are visibly wider. I'm talking looking out from the belly of a Liberator and seeing the AA turrets hitting, but quite a few of the tracer lines streaking around past 200m. I got used to the idea that these things were laser precise back on Connery. Until of course I hopped into one. :rolleyes:

    Snipers miss. Sometimes. They kill me sometimes too! Hell, they hit me in the body, which is an almost alien experience compared to where I come from.

    Whenever a Sunderer blew up, whenever I lost a vehicle, whenever I died, period, it was because "damn, I screwed up, that guy had better positioning, and that was a nice shot".

    My stats are already pretty damn good by my old standards. Which wouldn't matter that much to me if it weren't for the fedora-clad self-declared "logical" people that proclaim from their ivory towers opinions aren't acceptable until you hit some arbitrary accuracy percentage and K/D ratio.

    So, long story short, if you're sick of where you are, give Ceres a try. It's neat. :)
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  2. skyN3T

    What faction you're rolling? I'm assuming TR, but you never know. Im a Ceresian myself that's why I'm curious.

    But rest assured, Ceres got it's little kiddies as well.
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  3. BloodMonarch

    I read your other thread about this and my only real question is ....why is SOE not doing anything about this cheating if its so rampant?
  4. RHINO_Mk.II

    Obligatory "sounds like Ceres is full of bads" post.
  5. Earthman

    Because I left and took with me the one person I know that I introduced to this game that still plays, and that person prefers to play NC, I decided to start my Ceres adventure as NC.

    His luck sucks. He got headshot with a dumbfire rocket while riding a biolab's horizontal jump pad. Thing is, he checked the shooter's stats: that's the only headshot with a dumbfire rocket that person ever landed, and has been around for half a year. :D

    So long and short of it, he's loving it there too. And if there's "kiddies" I'm sure I'll see them sooner or later. Script kiddies too, but so far no sign. But of course according to the self-styled authoritarian elite on Forumside, my experience is invalid until I have a sufficient gun accuracy and K/D ratio. :rolleyes:
  6. Earthman

    I think a large part of it is a culture of denial, both in SOE and in the game community.

    I don't suspect anything too malicious from SOE except exhaustion and budgetary problems. Only a year ago, the talk was about how out of its way SOE was going to go to block, locate, and ban cheaters. And the GM presence was active and seemed to reduce funny stuff for roughly an hour after every visit.

    Then, nothing. And according to some on Forumside, them doing nothing surely means the cheaters stopped or something! :rolleyes:

    And the other part, of course, is the "it doesn't happen, your opinion is invalid, but mine is logical fact when I say less than 1% but don't need sources because muh skill and muh K/D ratio. Mad cuz bad, L2P."

    Considering how night and day it's been between Connery and Ceres so far, yes, I think Connery had quite a few script kiddies and at least a few took it personally to even be accused of their antics. Some were actually good at the game, surely, but happen to be callous dismissive jerks, but that's life.
  7. Commissar Penitus

    I'm running the risk of Forumside wrath by saying this, but I will say it anyway just for clarity: I'm that friend Earthman mentioned, who also jumped ship and went to Ceres.

    I'm liking it here very much so far. I think putting up with script kiddies on Connery made me suprisingly good at handling people that aren't cheating on the new server, even with a new uncerted character. I'm still giddy with joy that shot groups from enemies seem to resemble my own, that I sometimes die to body shots instead of headshots, and when I fire weapons at people I have a very reasonable chance of hitting them.
  8. GhostAvatar

    You know what, I would probably stop making these posts/threads. Because if it is as good as you make it out to be, I am sure the script kiddies will likely crash the fun sooner rather than later.
  9. Earthman

    That may be a very good point.

    I just felt so happy about the change, and wanted a bit of a "see I told you so" catharsis for the "all servers are the same, mad cuz bad, Euros have no skillz, your K/D ratio is too low for you to observe things or make observations" or other crap I've seen in threads recently.

    I mean that, that's worth considering. I wouldn't want one of those artificially boosted "professional gamer" wannabes going to Ceres because there are so many fresh unaugmented lambs to slaughter with MLGskill.exe scripts.
  10. Simferion

    Problem is a bit smarter script-kiddies play NC chars with low/no recoil weapons :)
  11. Earthman

    Well, I'm not doing that. And if it's happening, well damn it, I guess the server isn't perfect.

    I wanted to go TR, as I like their weapons the most, but again I chose NC and wanted to commit to only one new character for the time being. Of course according to one of the fedora-toting "logical" people on Forumside, it is objective fact that I think in certain distorted ways because of my choice of forum icon. :p
  12. skyN3T

    Just wondering... any of you (Earthman, Comissar) has that camera-guided stuff? I had a fun accident with some nc guys defending whatever tower just south of NW warpgate. I was in a lightning and had a blast doodging-shooting the missiles that just kept coming, and avoiding an epic fail C4 attempt.
  13. Simferion

    NC are my greatest love, but I also play TR (my Ceres TR is also my 1st char) and VS. Playing all the factions helps you a lot to discern if someone seems normal or fishy.
    I can say lately my VS and TR chars have met some NC chars with accurate Gauss Saw, while in CQB and strafing.
    Most of fishy players are online (or at least more noticeable) in the very early morning European hours

    Anyway Ceres has a strong NC community. There are the MACS which are one of the strongest outfits.
  14. Shadowyc

    Heeyyyy. I try very hard on Connery to hit people in the head. Or torso. Or legs. Or anything.
    I really should uninstall one of these days. lol
  15. Earthman

    I do have a Phoenix, yes, but the only thing I did with it was a lucky shot on a strafing Scythe when I was caught off guard.

    I don't have C4 unlocked yet... but I did rush a tank that didn't know that to try to fake it out. I died of course to a Viper shelling but it forced it to pull back long enough for the Sunderer to get repaired. :)
  16. GhostAvatar

    At the end of the day, when you're having a blast, why do you care what these "other" people say? Saying all the servers are the same is like saying France and Germany are the same. If they want to remain ignorant, let them. It isn't really going to change your experience.
  17. Earthman

    I noticed back during the world event that Ceres had NC on top for a while, and was one of the few servers that didn't have a one-sided handout to Vanu.

    That was what made me consider Ceres first when I got the anonymous tip via mail here that EU servers had a lot less script/cheat traffic, according to the sales data from the cheater sites themselves.
  18. Zagareth

    Ceres might not ne the most populated server, but it's pretty balanced. And the balance is not restricted to the population at all. I got a toon on Miller and a lot more targets to kill there, but however, I prefer to stay on Ceres. I don't really know why - it's just "feeling and impressions"...

    And don't worry about those bullets on which your name is written... :p it will be personally signed by me :D
  19. Earthman

    I haven't seen you yet, but maybe I'll remember when I think "oh, that sniper there DIDN'T miss!" :p

    (it still weirds me out to see snipers miss sometimes. Its quite rare on Connery, to see a tracer streak by you)
  20. Torok

    We've had quite a few hackers on Ceres aswell in the past week.