[Suggestion] Data backups?

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  1. AntDX316

    So as WW3 is very very much approaching.. can the devs please secure our data to some south place like Africa(too)? If NATO/US and Russia gets nuked at least the Planetside 2 data can remain and be the only top game that still works.

    I understand it could be off-topic but, our data needs to be kept forever. : (

    It seems like China would be the super nation left over. Work with the Soltech server people and Xi Jinping to ensure this becomes the top played FPS game in the world after WW3?

    Maybe evac all the DBG/Investors out of Europe to some south place too imo. I don't think Russia is going to do nothing. March 18 is when their stock market will open up and Biden said the moment it will open it will be disbanded and blow up. Russia has been angry at what the United States has been doing to them and what Biden did was ultra savage and incredibly dangerous/idiotic.
  2. UberNoob1337101

    If WW3 kicks off PS2 account data is the least of my worries...
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  3. AntDX316

    I don't think everyone is going to die. If I don't die, have a computer, internet at least I want to play Planetside 2.
  4. Demigan

    If WWIII kicks in most people will be busy with a lot of stuff. Things like clean water, getting enough food for yourself and family, basic medicine, having shelter from the weather.

    The internet would likely be a low priority. Servers will be destroyed or damaged (by your own admission since we would need backups in other countries) electricity sporadic, many lines would be damaged especially in the event of nuclear war which WWIII would likely turn to and the legion of people with the knowledge and expertise necessary to keep everything running every day will likely be dead, wounded, struggling to survive or fired from their job since the demand and economic earning model of the internet wont work for many years until the population has an interest. The barest of things that would be kept up would be survival information, what to do when your house gets hit, how to fight fires, how to clean water, how to grow crops in (community) gardens.

    If you want to look for entertainment, buy some board or card games and a few low-level stuff for outside, like a ball. Things that work even when everything else fails and can help alleviate tension.

    In fact, I would be gathering and printing a lot of this stuff right now. Make a binder or various binders with a variety of levels of survival requirements, ranging from "I'm screwed and trying to survive in nuclear fallout" to "the shops are empty and the economy is screwed, how do I survive". Also because its a smart thing to do even without WWIII on your doorstep: buy some food that has a long shelf life in bulk, like pasta and dry rice. Then store that. Also look into storing a few dozen liters of water to help you get things in order should clean water become hard to come by.
  5. DarkStarAnubis

    Mate where do you live? Putin has just announced that adding an Ukrainian flag to PS2 was a blatant and open act of War against Russia and he will take all the necessary measures to protect the Motherland, including but not being limited to nuke all the PS2 servers and use chemical weapons against the PS2 players, because:

    NC = those are Capitalistic pigs
    TR = those are Fascists pigs
    VS = those are Evil Worshipper pigs

  6. AntDX316

    exactly, that's what I've been saying too way back with guides and such. What if you don't live in the wilderness where you can fish forever or something? Where you are highly dependent upon your local grocery stores getting restocked? Sanitation is going to be insane, not sure how refugee movements handle that kind of capacity. At an amusement park there are lots of bathrooms of course and garbage cans all over that usually always get swapped out.

    How do people do it with lack of water and toilet paper? People are so super not ready.
  7. AntDX316

    They already have the Ukraine flag and the Russian flag I think. I know they have the Ukraine flag because I've seen it on sunderers and someone who was in a TR harasser that came up and killed my VS harasser and an NC harasser when we both were on fire shooting at each other.